How To Prepare Ginger Juice & Health Benefits Of Using It


Ginger Juice has many health benefits and preparing it is simple.Learn how to make it and discover the health benefits of using it.

You might have thought that thought that making ginger juice can be complicated. You can have doubts regarding how to prepare it.

It’s quite easy, quick and straightforward. Do not worry here is the complete procedure for preparation of ginger juice.

To start with, you need things like:

  1. Fresh Ginger
  2. Grater or a Juicer
  3. Cheese Cloth
  4. Bowl to collect the juice

There are two ways you can extract the ginger juice. It can be using the grater or a juicer.

How To Make Ginger Juice:

Using Grater:

Ginger Juice By Using Grater
Ginger Juice By Using Grater

Take some ginger and rinse it thoroughly. Now start peeling off the skin. As it is the fresh ginger peeling will be quite easy. You can even peel it with a teaspoon. It is not compulsory to peel. It’s your choice.

Take the pieces of ginger and grate them using the grater with the smallest holes. Grater should be set on board. This will make your work easy and comfortable.

Collect all the grated ginger and place it at the centre of the cheesecloth. Wrap up the cheesecloth properly.

Now squeeze the ginger in the cloth or you can also twist the cheese cloth till ginger juice starts coming out.

Squeeze or twist it harder to extract more and more juice. Make sure you have a bowl handy for collecting the juice.

Once you are sure that maximum juice from the ginger pieces has been extracted the, then you can open up the cheesecloth to remove the dried grated ginger.


The juice collected in the bowl is the ginger juice that you want.

Nothing goes waste here. Even the dried grated ginger obtained can also be used for making dishes, tea or any personal use.

This dried ginger obtained will not be as strong as ginger because you have extracted the juice out of it. But still, the essence remains.

Using Juicer:

Ginger Juice Using Mixer
Ginger Juice Using Mixer

The process remains the same. Here you put the ginger pieces with the little amount of water in the juicer. Blend it for few minutes.

Once you are done, open the juicer and put everything on the cheese cloth. Squeeze and twist the useful correctly so that the ginger juice can be collected.

A bowl should be kept under the cheesecloth to collect the juice.

Dried and grated ginger that remains after extracting the juice can be reused as discussed earlier.

The ginger juice can be a bit spicy if you are not used to it. You can add a little sugar or even honey to have it.


Thus, ginger juice is ready.

Here is the list of benefits of this juice in your day to day life. This juice will help you get rid of many health ailments.

10 Benefits of Ginger Juice:

Ginger Juice Health Benefits Infographics:

Ginger Juice Health Benefits Infographics
Ginger Juice Health Benefits Infographics

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