How To Stop Your Periods Naturally?


Periods are the natural gift to every girl and women. Well, most of the girls and women find it like a curse. Periods are the natural biological phenomenon of your body that repeats its cycle after every 28 – 32 days. And normal period duration is 3- 7 days.

But most of the girls and women don’t like having periods every month. Due to the pain and feeling of discomfort associated with it. In fact, some women want not to have their periods for forever.

Well, it sounds like a dream comes true for most of the women and girls. But you should not look its brighter side only because it has its darker side also.

If you are at the stage of menopause then periods will create some problem. When you have your periods for the first time then it may be annoying you. You may want to stop it. But again it may give you comfort for only 2- 3 months after stopping your periods. And then it will create a lot of problems and severe side effects to your body.

Furthermore, when women are facing problems of heavy bleeding they also want to get rid of periods.At this stage, you should consult to doctor before treating your periods by your own. Because a single meeting with your doctor can change your view for periods. And also doctor will help you better to find the solution of your problem.

I will tell you home remedies that will help you in stopping your periods. These remedies are equally effective for curing heavy bleeding during your periods. Furthermore, I will tell you about the side effects that may occur when you stop your periods.

Why Do You Want to Stop Your Periods?

Well, there are various reasons for which each girl and women want to stop their periods. The reason may differ from person to person. Few of reasons I am discussing with you.

Hence due to these problems many women want to end or stop their periods.

Home Remedies To Stop Your Periods:

Home Remedies To Stop Your Periods
Home Remedies To Stop Your Periods

If you want to stop the heavy bleeding during your periods then you should try these natural home remedies.

Moreover, instead of stopping your periods you can also regulate them by these home remedies. These remedies are equally effective in regulating your heavy periods.

Furthermore, you should consult a doctorr before starting any treatment to stop your periods. Because it will let you know whether it will be safe for you in future or not.


2.Orange Juice:

3.Coriander Seeds:

4.Gooseberry Juice:



7.Areca Nut:

8.Cold Compress:


10.Chamomile Tea:


12.Aloe Vera:

13.Banana Flower:

Benefits Of Stopping Your Periods:

Here I am telling you some benefits of skipping or stopping your periods.

Tips And Tricks:

Side Effects Of Stopping Your Periods:

As I told your periods are the anatural phenomenon of your body. And you know disturbing natural process always creates side effects and same is the case with periods.

I am not scaring you but you should know each aspect of stopping your periods.

Hope the above- mentioned information is useful for you.