One Day Period : Meaning,Causes,Home Remedies


Do you have periods only for one day? Does it is creating health problems in your body? So what to do overcome this problem.

Let me tell you. I have some effective natural home remedies for you to overcome this problem.

Why cure one day period? Well, one day period is something which is not normal. And if it continues for several months then it is not a good indication of your health. Because irregular and short periods can lead to severe side effects and diseases. So it’s better to cure it on time.

Now I will tell you about one day period and its causes. Furthermore, I will tell you some home remedies that will help you in curing this problem. So keep reading to know more.

What Is One Day Period?

As you know periods repeat their cycle after every 28-32 days and last for 5-7 days in a normal condition.

But what if you have your periods only for one day and then it is totally gone. This condition is what you actually say one day period.

When you have your periods for only one day it’s something that’s not normal. Moreover, periods of duration 2- 3 days is normal to some extent but not 1 day.

Any girl or women can suffer from this condition at any stage of her life.

Is One Day Period Normal?

Is One Day Period Normal
Is One Day Period Normal

One day period is not normal and many women suffer from this problem. If you are facing this problem then you should consult your doctor.

2-3 days of periods are often normal for some women. But 1 day period is the matter of concern and it’s something that you should not avoid.

Causes Of One Day Period:

Well, there is not one reason for the occurrence of one day period. Many reasons contribute to this problem.

The various reasons for the occurrence of short periods are:


2.Birth Control Pills:

3.Estrogen Changes:

4.Health Problem:


6.Other Possible Causes For 1 Day Period:

Home Remedies For Curing One Day Period

Home Remedies For Curing One Day Period
Home Remedies For Curing One Day Period

To maintain the regularity and duration of your period use the following remedies. These home remedies will help you in maintaining the proper track of your menstrual cycle.



3.Sesame Seeds And Jaggery:

4.Aloe Vera:




8.Carrot Juice:


10.Coriander Seeds:

Exercises To Maintain Regularity Of Your Periods

Exercises To Maintain Regularity Of Your Periods
Exercises To Maintain Regularity Of Your Periods

Exercises help in improving the circulation of your body. Do exercises that target abdomen muscles and increases metabolic rate.

Because these exercises are more effective in regulating your periods and its duration. But there is not any proven study that these exercises are treatment for your 1 day period.

Furthermore, excessive exercising can lead to opposite results. Because excessive exercising is also one of the reasons for shorter periods. So do normal workout daily and that will be more than enough to cure your problem.

1.Aerobic Exercises:


3.Jump Rope:

4.Sit Ups:

5.Crunch And Twist:

Various Risks Involved In Shorter Periods:

Precautions To Take While Using These Remedies:

Hope the above-mentioned information is useful to you.

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