Statins Don’t Lower Cholesterol But Increase Cancer and Memory Loss Risk


Heart diseases are the normal reasons for death nowadays. Heart diseases and so the death due to these diseases is increasing day by day. Main reason behind these heart diseases is the level of cholesterol in your body.

The level of cholesterol in the body if crosses the limit then the chances of heart diseases can be very high.

So, to save from these heart diseases you are suggested to take statins which are said to lower the level of cholesterol from your body and most of you must be consuming this.

What are Statins and How They Are Linked With Cancer

Statins are the drugs prescribed for lowering the level of cholesterol in the body but this fact is not true as many studies have found that these drugs are not much effective.


According to the research published in journal Vascular Health and Risk Management, the researchers have found these drugs to be effective in only 18% cases and in remaining 72% cases, these drugs are completely ineffective.

Not only ineffective, these drugs are also responsible for a lot of side-effects which are:

Not only have these side-effects, many studies found out that these drugs can cause cancer as well. One study published in journal Current Oncology has stated that the chances of having cancer in elder people can raise to very high if they consume these drugs. The reason behind this is that these drugs weaken the immune system of

The reason behind this is that these drugs weaken the immune system of the complete body due to which your body can easily be attacked by cancer-causing viruses.

Initially, it was believed that  cholesterol is responsible for the heart disease and that’s why these drugs are prescribed if the level of cholesterol in your body is high.

But Dr. Peter found that this was the mistake of the scientists that cholesterol is responsible for heart disease. The main reason behind heart diseases is inflammation.

Actually, when inflammation is caused then cholesterol is sent to cure this, due to this it was misinterpreted that high level of cholesterol is responsible for heart diseases.

So, to save yourself from heart diseases, instead of taking cholesterol-lowering drugs and minimizing the cholesterol intake, your diet should include sources of omega-3 fatty acids and natural saturated fats.

And she also suggested avoiding sources of inflammation-causing fat.

Foods that you should include in your diet are:

And the food items that you should avoid are:

Many of the previous studies are wrong and the pills suggested due to this are also wrong but with time new studies are done and if any change is needed then it is done as early as possible.