What Yoga Asans Are Safe During Menstrual Periods ?


Menstrual periods that come every month to a lady and only they know how they feel during this time. This feeling varies from person to person.Menstruation is the time when women feel different.

Some women feel totally normal and fully energetic while others feel a lot of mood swing, a lot of pain, irritability etc.

Yoga should be avoided or can be followed during menstrual periods is always a controversial issue. Some say that there is no side-effect of practising yoga at this time and it should be continued while others say that it can be dangerous during the menstrual period and should be avoided.

Some say that there is no side-effect in practising easy asanas of yoga which do not include a lot of body movements or inversions and they can be practised avoiding other asanas. So, the upcoming article will give you the complete detail about whether it is safe to practice yoga during menstrual periods and if yes then which one is safe and which one is not.

Is It Safe To Practice Yoga During Menstrual Periods?

Is It Safe To Practice Yoga During Menstrual Periods
Is It Safe To Practice Yoga During Menstrual Periods

The answer to the question whether it is safe to practice yoga during menstrual periods totally depends on women, those who feel totally fit and fine during menstrual periods can practice yoga while some women start getting wrong emotions and weird thoughts, they should yoga practice at this time. Overall, it depends on you if you feel comfortable then go for it but does not push your body to do anything.

Even those who feel totally comfortable, even they should not push their body to something difficult. They should do their yoga asana at half the frequency with which they normally do. Some of the asanas are totally safe to be practised during menstrual periods but keeping in mind that do not push your body to do anything if your body cannot do it especially in this sensitive time.

Yoga Poses (Asans) That Are Safe During Menstrual Periods

Although it is advisable to avoid asana during first two days of menstrual periods but if you are used to yoga then you can continue it as well. You can easily practice pranayama, yoga Nidra or meditation.

These yoga asanas are totally safe during menstrual periods. You can practice any of this asana that do not include must strain to the body but must remember that do not push your body to anything.

1.To warm up you can practice some preparatory movements like 1 to 12, simple arm, legs and knee movements.

2.You can also go for Surya Namaskar if you not facing heavy bleeding and cramps.

3.Chandra namaskar can also be practised. Even it is said to be preferred as this time you get more calming and rejuvenating feeling.

4.Easy and gentle bends like half forward bend, forward bend and light massage on pelvic region and abdominal helps you to have relief from cramping and heavy bleeding.


5.The Vajrasan series is also very helpful for removing tension from your back and to remove pelvic congestion. That’s why vajra san can be done at the time of menstrual periods but only at the low level. Do not bend much. Just do it lightly.

6.Leg up taking the support of wall is helpful for removing stagnant blood from the legs without lifting your pelvic region. This asana is also helpful to open your pelvic region. Legs can be totally straight or at some comfortable distance. Do the way you are comfortable to do.

7.You can get relief from back pain and pelvic tension by doing marjari asana and vyaghr asan (Tiger Pose)

These both are very helpful but do it slowly.

Some Of The Asans That Should Be Preferred During Menstrual Periods

1.Cobbler’s pose – Baddha Konasana

This pose is also known as butterfly pose and it is basically taught to them who are the beginners of yoga but this is very safe during menstrual periods as during menstruation you feel lower portion to be heavy and you want to give rest to your lower body and this yoga asana includes the sitting posture and sitting posture is the most comfortable one during menstrual periods. This is helpful during periods as it opens up your pelvic region. You can sit in this posture for several minutes.

How to do this asana?
2.Head to knee pose – Janu Sirasana

This also includes the sitting posture and it is also totally safe during the menstrual periods.

How to do this asana?
3.Seated straddle – Upavistha konasana

This asana is also a comfortable one during menstrual periods but do it slowly and only to the extent that is comfortable for you.

How to do this asana?
4.Seated forward bend – Paschimottan asana

This is also a comfortable one during menstrual periods but does not apply much force. Do it lightly.

How to perform this asana?

Pranayama is very beneficial during menstrual periods as it is very helpful in keeping you calm and balancing your emotions which are needed at the time of periods. It also gives the power to face pain with calmness. But take care that while doing this, do not put any strain on your breathing. And pranayama should not include bandhas and kumbakh as these can increase heat in your body. Deep breathing is very beneficial.

So, breathe deeply with calmness. Do whatever and at what extent your body is allowing you to do and what is making you feel better.


But you should avoid right nostril breathing, bellow’s breathing and front brain cleansing as these three increases the amount of heat which leads to increment in the bleeding and with this it also puts more pressure on the abdominal region.

How to use pranayama?
6.Supported bridge pose

Supported bridge pose can also be done during menstrual periods. In this exercise, you need to elevate your hips using your shoulders as a bridge. But remember to avoid the abrupt movements, try to take slow and easy movements.

How to perform supported bridge pose?

Note that you should avoid abrupt movements, you need to slowly move everything.

7.Goddess pose – Suptabaddha konasana

Goddess pose is also very comfortable during menstrual periods but do this until the time you are comfortable in it.

How to perform Goddess Pose?

Vajrasana can also be done at the time of menstrual periods but perform it lightly. You should not bend for much time.

How to perform Vajrasana?
9.Surya namaskar

If you are not facing much bleeding or cramps then you can also go for Surya namaskar or Chandra namaskar.

How to perform Surya or Chandra namaskar?

Meditation is a really a good and calming practice especially at this time as at this time you need to control your emotions, yourself. Om chanting and Om meditation are really helpful at this time. Yoga Nidra is also very beneficial at the time of menstrual periods and that’s why highly recommended.

11.Cleansing practices

Some of the cleansing practices can also be done but many of these should also be avoided as well. those which can be done are Jalneti and dandaneti but you should avoid vaman, lagooshankarprakshalan, kapalbharti, purmashankarprakshalan.

Whether You Should Prefer A Class Or Do It At Home

Many of you used to go to the yoga class. But during menstrual periods you should avoid going to the class as in the class all are given equal counting and you need to do the yoga practices. You are not allowed to force your body to do anything but in the class, you can force yourself to match yourself with others. So, try to do easy yoga practice and at home with proper calmness and slowly.

Yoga Asanas That Should Be Preferred For The Rest Of Month For Balancing The Menstrual Cycle

There are various asanas that are preferred to be done during rest of the month to balance your menstrual periods but remember not to practice these asanas at the time of menstrual periods. These are:

Asana That Should Be Strictly Avoided At The Menstrual Periods

There is various asana that is needed to be strictly avoided during the time of menstruation. – This asana mainly includes the asana related to the inversion. Inversion asana should be strictly avoided. This is because when you do inversions then one type of prana called as apana which flows from naval centre to cervix that is in downward direction gets reversed.

This is usually done for helping in the increment of prana in the body and for helping in awakening the kundalini but when you are menstruating then this procedure does not work as it should do. If you practice this at the time of menstruation then this can lead to the break on the menstruation and other reproductive problems in the near future.

Also, when you do inversions then you are inverting your body which pulls the uterus towards the head. This causes the broad ligaments to be overstretched which lead to a collapse of veins and it leaves arteries to pump blood continuously. So, at the time of menstruation, this can lead to over bleeding. This can also lead to vascular congestion.


Firstly, if you can avoid then avoid yoga asana for at least first two days of menstrual periods. But if you want to do then do according to the information provided. But one thing you should always remain in mind that do only for which your body is comfortable. Do not push your body at all to do anything. Do, gentle and slow asana and do only for small time till the time your body is allowing you to do.