10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga on A Stand Up Paddleboard
10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga on A Stand Up Paddleboard

Yoga is well known for its benefits but practicing yoga on land is getting a little musty.

So, there is a new challenge on Yoga, you now have to do it on a stand-up paddleboard which makes it interesting and it’s quite an adventure too.

You can enjoy Yoga on natural water by floating over it. There is a community called SUP yoga which explains its details and makes it easier to perform Yoga on the paddleboard in certain places. So, here 10 reasons tell you to try Yoga on a Stand up Paddleboard.

Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

1.Better than workout

It is challenging and unstable to balance on the floating water on a paddleboard. So, according to researchers “The workout which is more challenging makes the whole midsection keep balanced and afloat” .So, you just need to practice the balancing and work hard to get a balance on water.

2.Refined Technique

There are some SUP poses like Namaste, downward dog and much more which will help you understand your techniques. Like during downward dog, you just need to have more weight on another side of the paddleboard.


Just keep imagining yourself on floating water along with all the ocean sounds which alleviate the heaviness.

4.Focus on Breath

There is a popular Yoga method called ‘Ocean Breath’ which is meant for breathing. Researchers say that ocean sounds sooth your mind and listening to the sounds of the ocean can help to relax. The sound of ocean and water lapping to a paddleboard also help you to relax which is also another type of Yoga.


According to NIH (National Institute of Health) “Mixing it up also helps to reduce boredom and cut down your risk of injury”. So, we all know that exercise regimens are made for us to be happy.

You can find Yoga a bit difficult to perform but actually, it is fun. There are different types of Yoga, which you can try pout on the paddleboard for fun. Trying Yoga over paddleboard on your toes is a fun exercise.

6.It’s Beautiful

Just imagine you are in the middle of an ocean which is somewhere part of the world, suggested by SUP community. Then you are doing a Headstand pose on floating water over a paddleboard.

So, now you are seeing the most beautiful view that exists in the world. The sky touches the sea, the bluest moment. So, doing Yoga over a paddleboard is a beautiful experience.

7. Teaches Persistence

There are times when everyone falls in life, but there is a moment which triggers you and encourages you to try again, just like if you fall in the water, you have to set back and try again to get on your board.

This is a perfect life lesson for those who quit easily. You may fall in water but it’s a winner’s quality to get up for a second time and to it fearlessly.

8. It’s challenging.

Doing Yoga on land is easily possible, but performing Yoga over floating water is not possible without challenging yourself. There will be no one with you on the board and you just need to perform those risky stunts on constantly moving water.


Jani has explored yoga with Janne Kontala, his life-long teacher and friend. He has been practicing both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga everyday since then and they have become an integral part of his spiritual experience.