24 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Water Weight

24 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Water Weight
24 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Water Weight

Water weight is not the fatty weight gain by you body.You can reduce few extra pounds by get rid of it.Discover how can you lose water weight by using the below mentioned home remedies.

Chances are you’ve been tempted to try to cheat the weight scale at some point, especially on those days when you feel your body or some body parts as puffed and your pants feel a little more tight than usual.

What is Water Wight?

It’s just water weight and not real fatty weight.So who’s going to blame you for subtracting a few extra pounds from your physique to bring your weight down a notch?

To be clear, we’re talking about water weight as “bloating” and not dangerous water gain in the body, which results in malfunctioning of your kidneys or hormones. Bloating is sporadic, usually due to the way we carry our diet and lifestyle, and can be remedied without a trip to the doctor — though the kidneys do play a prime role.

Importance of Losing Water Weight:

Excess and unnecessary water consumption may lead to extreme bloating of the body which may make you feel clumsy and wobbly. And its not even attractive in looks.

Extreme water retention not only affects the physical appearance but bloating of internal organs also harms a person. Hence, reducing water weight is a necessary piece of work.

Reasons For Gaining Water Weight:

Many possible causes exist for retaining water, in which things like a lot of salts, sugar, dehydration, too much alcohol, dieting and women’s monthly cycle includes.

Among other tips, if you are worried about water retention in your body, try to drink more plain water. You need to do a simple thing, i.e. drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day will help degrade sodium and excess fluid from your system. A well-hydrated body is better, healthier and is less likely to retain water.

The fastest way to get your desired figure and look toned up and shed off weight within a shorter period is to lose water weight from the body. As we all are aware of the fact that almost 60% of your weight is because of water, and this makes a few people look puffy, and their body becomes clumsy. A simple and only way to manage the loosed weight is to follow a healthy lifestyle.

For athletes, reducing water weight is the important task, as it will keep their body look fresh, young and slim.

Home Remedies To Lose the Water Weight

Home Remedies To Lose the Water Weight
Home Remedies To Lose the Water Weight

So now let’s head towards what you people are expecting in this article, i.e. how to shed water weight out of their body.

1.Drink More Water:

To reduce water weight in top gear, it is to be kept in mind that one has to drink the humongous amount of water and keep your body hydrated. Reduced water content is not a big issue, and it is extremely simple to gain it back in a matter of 10 days.

2.Cardiac Exercises and Sit-ups

3.Shedding Sweat

4.Heating your Body

5.Increasing Heartbeat

Any exercise that does the above things to you will help you trim down water weight in speed. While performing cardiac exercises like treadmill, walking, etc., you can trim down more water weight overnight.

Hence, it’s recommended to hop on for cardiac exercises in the morning and at night as well, before sleeping, as it pumps up your water weight reduction speed.

6.Body Posture:

While you are on a workout to decrease water weight from the body, watch out your body posture while sitting and standing. Stand straight and keep your spine erect all the time, as it streamlines water flow to every corner of your body.

7.Simple Acupressure:

The four acupressure areas are located at different places, obviously, which are, two finger width just below your belly button, under the large bulge of the patella, at the back inner border of the tibia and inside the talus.

Applying pressure in these regulates water flow to all the body organs while performing the reduction of water from your body.

8.Sleep for Extra 30 Minutes:

Some people sleep for 8 hours in a day whereas some others sleep only for few hours. For any person who wishes to slip off the water weight, sleeping 30 minutes extra or just dozing off while they feel dizzy from work gives them more energy to perform workout which helps the reduce their water weight.

Yes!! the first time, sleeping more and more helps you get slim. Bonus!!!!!!!

Anywho, hop on to the next one….

9.Coriander/ Parsley Tea:

“ Coriander Tea” or “Parsley Tea”,yes, I know, this may sound not so tempting as coffee, obviously, and staying away from coffee may not keep you up, glowing and refreshed or energized all day long; hence, hop on to some superb alternative to caffeine that works as a blockage/ hindrance  to reduce water weight.

Parsley is said to be rich in antioxidant content that can cut down water weight ASAP. Have parsley tea at least three times every day. Parsley tea can keep your system shimmered up and also protects you from the danger of dehydration.

10.Consume more Herbs:

Many herbs are said to be beneficial for everyone to reduce water weight which includes herbs like ginger, garlic, fennel and even parsley which are a great source of antioxidants.

Eating these herbs blows off excess water from your body, and they do not cause dehydration at the same time.

11.Water Loss Supplements:

Yes, I got it, the no pills, no supplement theory but some things are worth trying. There are a lot of water loss supplements one can find in the market. Mostly these supplements are in pills form.

Under the supervision of your fitness trainer, use these water loss supplements that fasten up water weight degradation in your body.

12.Anti-gas Pills:

Anti-gas pills can give a flat tummy!!! Similar to water loss supplements, anti-gas pills also drags out water weight sooner. The anti-gas supplements can increase digestion by popping out the gas bubbles in your digestive system.

They drag out gas from your body which often gives you a bloated, puffy or swollen appearance, and resulting in a flat tummy.

13.Consume Salmon:

When water weight is reduced, skin gets loosened up resulting in wrinkles and freckles starts to creep before they should.

Eat a nice diet full of salmon to counterbalance the water weight reduction process from your body. Salmon not only keeps you hydrated but is also good for your skin.

14.Rose Petal Water:

Another quick remedy is to put rose petals in a pan and cover them with distilled water. Put it on the stove. Simmer it for 15-20 minutes until the color of the petals fades off. Strain the solution.

Drink at least ½ cup on an empty stomach every morning. This remedy brings down the amount of water in your circulatory system by drawing out water from your blood.


Eat 1-2 apples daily without peeling them, to minimize the risk of water weight.

16.Herbal tea:

Why stick to milk when you can easily switch to a better and refreshing option of herbal tea?

Since milk slackens the process of water weight devaluation, hopping to herbal tea like green tea, lemon tea, herbal grass tea and loads more will deterge your body and supports you to cut down your water weight.

17.Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a natal, typical and common diuretic and it keeps the potassium level of the body up to the mark.

Potassium loss during water weight elimination may have a calamitous effect on your kidney apparently.

But intake of two spoons of apple cider vinegar daily you can get plentiful potassium to keep yourself fresh and healthy without water weight.

Apple cider may not taste good to many so another thing to consume it can be adding tow spoon full of apple cider vinegar to a glass full of slightly warm water and drink after waking up every morning while you are the empty stomach.

18.Munch Carrots:

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Carrots upgrade your metabolism and help in trimming your weight. This gives you humungous energy to work out without getting buzzed off a go, while you are in the process to lose water weight.

19.Cabbage Juice:

Cabbage! Juice? Not so good to read.

Cabbage juice might not be included in your list of tempting drinks, but you wish to lose that extra water bulge, so add a little bit of curd to it with a pinch of black pepper and drink in the morning eliminate water weight sooner.

Cabbage juice is filling and keeps your tummy full and energize your body as well. Cabbage contains properties and minerals that can reduce the gain of water weight in the body. It cut back and manage the ongoing of water absorption. It also heals the bulging of organs.


Tomato contains abundant iron, calcium and vitamin C. Having tomato regularly is said to be a very effective and simple remedy to lose water weight.

Mint + Lemon + Cucumber

Mix 2 teaspoons of mint juice, ½ cup of lemon juice and 3 cups of cucumber juice. This thing pony up to water weight loss and also maintain the pH level of the body and tighten up the digestive system.


Eat watermelon or gulp up it’s juice, both works fantastically in eliminating water weight expeditiously. Besides, watermelon is also an fantabulous source of vitamin A, B, C and magnesium which gives your skin a super radiant look.

22.Reduce Physical & Emotional Stress:

People usually undermine the importance of critical psychological and emotional factors in their weight losing strategy. Did you know that one’s body weight is affected even by daily worries?

If you find this thing new and unfamiliar, then you might not have heard of a hormone called cortisol!

It is a stress-induced hormone that makes your body store a large amount of fat – and water with it – within your body tissues. Both physical and emotional forms of stress such as extreme level of exercise or emotional turmoil can increase your cortisol levels.

Therefore, you can try to:

  • Watch a Comedy Movie
  • Meditate
  • Read a Lovely Book
  • Eat foods that contain probiotics

Some foods contain probiotics naturally and may help to eliminate gas, puffiness or abdominal distention. These good bacteria help regulate your GI system and may decline side effects common with constipation.

Keeping your GI system managing and healthy any constipation can help eliminate stuffiness, stomach crick, and abdominal distention.

Foods that contain probiotics include yogurt, miso, kefir, kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut and pickles.

If you dislike these foods, you can also try taking a probiotic supplement daily.

23.Drink a glass of Cranberry Juice Daily:

Studies have shown this is a natural, very mild diuretic. Be alert of drinking too much of as it might result in a lot of extra sugar calories in your diet. Stick to sugar-free juice or 100% juice.

Intake of a cup of 100% juice is acceptable. You can also switch to take cranberry supplements.

24.Track Your Cycle:

In women, hormonal changes often cause bloating starts seven to ten days before the menstruation. Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone during that part of the cycle cause the body to gather store fluid.

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle will allow you to plan ahead to make ups and downs in your diet to reduce the water weight gain.

Nearly 90% of menopausal women will gain weight from a shift in hormones; though, part of this weight is just due to water retention and bloating from decreased progesterone levels.

If you notice you typically undergo some mild water retention and bloating around the schedule of your cycle, you can start manipulating your diet and lifestyle to help minimize those side effects.

You may want to consider medications and doctor’s consultancy to help reduce these symptoms. Many PMS medications have a mild diuretic to help minimize puffiness and fluid storage.


  • While you are starting with your cardiac exercise session, just get zipped in thermal wear or sweatshirt. This will make you sweat more in less time leading to a large amount of efficient water weight loss that too without a huge amount of efforts.
  • Consumption of highly fibrous food can help in shedding off water weight as fiber absorbs water.
  • Carbohydrates rich food increase your water weight instantly. Hence, an absolute no to carbs as they require heavy amount of water in your body. Moreover, food rich in carbs gets digested fast, leading you to go for overeating.
  • Caffeine is your enemy as it can increase your water consumption and they also possess water in your body for the lengthy period .If you sleep after consuming drinks containing caffeine, it will make you look bloated and fluffy.
  • Less salt, no processed food and keep the canned food way too far and other items that are rich in salt. More salt consumption results in more water retention in your body for the lengthy period.
  • Besides setting limits for consumption of salt, sugar should also be avoided. Walking in the beach sand (if you reside closer to a beach) is a great way to shed off that clumsy water weight in a zoom from your body. Walk smoothly and casually on beach sand for 50 minutes daily.


  • Do not gear up to the process of starting shedding your water weight, instead, give your body a time of at least two weeks. Do not hurry up about it.
  • There is a limit to which one should lose water weight a day. One should not exceed and lose more than three percent of water weight at a time. It may result dangerous for one’s health.
  • Some people avoid drinking water when they want to cut down water weight fast out of their body. This is a myth, and it may also lead to water scarcity in your body and urinal infection and even skin infections as water works a lot to make your skin gorgeous. So, drink ample water.
  • While using diuretics for eliminating water weight, one should remember that high or regular doses can lead to puffiness and may dehydrate you.
  • If you are under any medication or suffering from cardiac disease or diabetes, then it is not suggested to cut down water weight fast.

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