5 Ways SUP Yoga Can Enrich Your Daily Life

SUP yoga is a yoga-fitness fusion involving the practice of yoga on a paddle board which is floating on water. It helps you enhance your body both physically and mentally.

Amazingly, it can teach you a lesson, strengthen your body and make you a healthier person, all at the same time. So, here are 5 Ways SUP Yoga can enrich your daily life.

Benefits Of Doing Sup Yoga

1.Find peace in busy life

When you are in an ocean doing SUP Yoga, just feel the mesmerizing effect of rising and falling ocean waves and look at the stillness of sunset at the horizon, you feel connected to nature.

Researchers prove that connecting with nature in a gloomy mood can instill inner peace. When it comes to SUP yoga, there are some poses that make you feel as calm and quiet as visiting a pilgrimage.

Savasana and Headstand are everyone’s favorites, floating in water during a quiet sunset in savasana or watching colossal blue and serene yellow everywhere doing headstand gives you enormous peace.

2.Provides encouragement

Waves in the ocean rise and fall so frequently that it’s a part of their routine. Consider the words ups and downs in water of the ocean rather than rise and fall, it now seems so similar to life.

We are always in a hurry, without knowing the rules of life which are hidden in nature, we became anxious, scared and lose control over our own thoughts which become negative.

In such situations its best to get the paddleboard and stay on it with your toe. When you are making difficult transitions you may fall into the water but after that, you lose your fear and will be ready for everything in life.

3.Teaches balancing

SUP Yoga makes or encourages you to engage with the inevitability. You don’t have to fall in water no matter what, by creating the perfect balance on the paddleboard.

Similarly, in life, there is no need to fear, you just need to maintain a perfect balance in life alike moving water which might get a little messy sometimes.

4.Blends with the natural world

While doing SUP Yoga you will find yourself in the most beautiful place you can be. It has both fun and a scary thing to do.

You can watch the dance of leafs in the water, the sunlight shining until an end point of the sea that is far away from you.

Just open your arms and feel the soothing wind in the open sea that blends with your body completely. It is just a natural world.

5.Teaches persistence

Its human tendency to always quit if things are hard to do, ignoring those things we keep on living and get sucked into the routine monotony of life.

SUP Yoga teaches you that life is a risky game we play in which loss is guaranteed but winning is permanent. When you are on a paddleboard, you just need to balance it continuously like living life, you may fall into the water, just like falling in difficult situations in life but again, you need to have faith and get up again, knowing the fact that you may fall, but you are still alive. So, that’s how SUP yoga teaches you to be persistent and to try and try again.