Warning: Everything That You Should Know About Ebola

Ebola is all over the news. Within a few days, it is the become biggest outbreak.

The disease has spread to over 6 African countries and has caused massive loss of lives.

The doctors and top health organizations believe that this can lead to a major health catastrophe.

You must be wondering about what Ebola is and how can that lead to a health disaster. So let me do some briefing for you.

Ebola is a particular kind of virus which when comes in contact with humans, can cause ‘certain type’ of infection. This is medically termed as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic disease (EHD).

If we are to describe the nature of this infection, it is highly contagious. The problem becomes acute when we look into its mortality rate which is 90%.

That means out of every 10 patient who are diagnosed with the infection; 9 are likely to die. You may ask.

Is there no cure? Can it be prevented?

Well, the sad fact we still don’t have any cure or vaccine for Ebola and doctors are trying to find the appropriate vaccine for it.

Meanwhile, what we can do is make ourselves familiar with the disease, know about its symptoms and take the precautionary measures as much as we can.

Symptoms Of Ebola:

It can take as many as 15-20 days for the human body to show the initial symptoms after the virus contact.

Also, as many of the symptoms match with the symptoms of other diseases such as viral hemorrhagic fever, cholera, malaria, etc.; it is important to exclude these conditions from the list.

So don’t at all panic just because you got some of the symptoms similar to that of EVD.

Below I briefly give you some of the symptoms of EVD which should be kept in mind.

Initial Symptoms To Look For:

Fever, Muscle and throat pain, Headaches,Weakness,Diarrhea

In the higher stages of the disease, the symptom includes,

Internal & external bleeding in the body, Rash, Trouble in breathing, Vomiting,Nausea,Slower functioning of kidney and liver.

Ebola virus disease

Ebola virus disease

Ebola Video:


How To Prevent Ebola?

The next question what can we do about is?

Well, those outbreaks look dangerous because they took place in such an area where the health infrastructure is underdeveloped.

But it is possible to limit the disease if we can make some of the necessary precautionary measures. Let’s not do what the disease wants.

Then we can together avoid any catastrophe related to Ebola. Let us take some of the very simple steps which can help to keep the disease away from us.

Avoid those areas where the outbreak is taking place right now. Have you a vacation trip to the African continent?

Cancel it immediately. It’s not worth to take such a risk.

If you’re in those areas where the outbreaks are happening, avoid public places as much as possible.

Don’t buy meat from these places because these viruses are found in the animal’s meat.

Also, avoid contact with anybody who is suffering from EVD as Ebola can transfer through blood or bodily fluids such as sweat, mucus, fluids because of sneezing, semen, saliva, vaginal excretions, etc.

Hands are one of the most vulnerable points of the human body because any virus or germ which is on the hands can surely go into the body through food.

That’s why you should wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

If you have to remain in the arena of affected people for some reason, you must use the mask, eye shields, gloves and gown to protect yourself.

Don’t at all touch the remains of the body which are affected by the Ebola virus. The body will be disposed of by the special units which are given special training for the same.

Follow the following instructions carefully to reduce or avoid the effect of this deadly virus.

Remedies For Ebola:

  1. Everyone has a Tulsi plant in their house. Make it a habit of eating 1-2 tulsi leaves daily. This will help you avoid the effect of Ebola virus.
  2. During bath take Luke warm water and add Epsom salt to it.Bath with this water.This is also one measure to save yourself from the Virus.
  3. Also, include lukewarm water with salt in drinking.

If you can follow these simple prevention measures, it’s highly unlikely that you will get affected by the Ebola.

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