Amber eyes are one of the most peculiar and uncommon eye colours. The colour amber falls between shades of orange and yellow. So it makes it unique as it is not an individual colour but a mixture of two. These eyes are also termed as wolf eyes.

Let us learn more about this rare eye colour.

What Is The Reason Behind Having Amber Eyes?

What Is The Reason Behind Having Amber Eyes

The circular coloured part of our eyes is iris. Iris can be brown, blue, green, grey, hazel, red, amber. It filters the light and harmful rays reaching the retina and maintains the amount of light reaching it.

There are various factors which determine the colour of our iris like the amount of pigmentation also called as melanin in the iris and the path followed by light after passing through the iris.

What is Iris?

Iris is of two layers. The front layer of the iris is stroma while the back layer is epithelium layer. Epithelium layer has the thickness of two cells while containing black, brown and other coloured pigments. Stroma is made of colourless collagen fibre. It is usually colourless but sometimes brown pigments are found.

Role Of Iris In Determining Eye Color

According to sedan et al., the amount of brown or yellow pigments in epithelium layer and the predominant colour present in iris determines the colour of the iris. The predominant colour is said to be decided by genes.

Every person has inherited characteristics from their parents. These characteristics in cell form are represented by genes. So your genes is a combination of an allele from your mother and allele from your father.

The dominant allele from both can be seen in visual like if your mother has brown eyes and father has blue eyes the dominant colour between them is brown eyes. So the chances of the child that is you having brown eyes are more. But further studies and observations have proved that there are more elements contributing to this.

Thus it can be safely said that the iris can be one of three colours blue, brown, yellow while the amount of pigmentation decides what colour the iris. Due to this, the scale of the colour of iris lists from darkest shades of brown to lightest tints of blue.

So if you have brown eyes it means that the stroma has brown pigments while epithelium has dark brown and black pigments. And if you have amber eyes you have yellow pigments in iris also called as lipochrome which gives the yellow copper tint. This is a rare occurrence with strong gene combination.

There is a dark ring around the iris which is called as gimbal ring. Everyone is born with it and it starts fading in late twenty’s. Usually, amber or brown eyes have dark rings of colour black and make them more beautiful to look at.

How Amber Eyes Different From Brown And Hazel Eyes?

How Amber Eyes Different From Brown And Hazel Eyes

Amber is a shade of brown with yellow pigments which help in distinguishing them from brown eyes.

Usually, amber eyes are confused with hazel eyes. Amber eyes, when seen in sunlight, looks like the colour of hazelnut.

The difference between amber eyes and hazel eyes is that hazel eyes have greenish tones and brown which are due to a pigment called heterochromia while amber eyes have yellow or copper tones but to pigment lipochrome.


Amber eyes are second rarest eye colour after green. Just like people with blue eyes can be found in Northern and Central European region amber eyes are found in Brazil, Asia, and South America.

Though this eye colour is rare among humans it is common among other beings. It is found among animals like wolves, pet cats, canines and birds like pigeons, owls. It can be also found among fishes.

Change In Eye Color

The colour of the iris can not be determined before birth due to undiscovered patterns in genes and also after the birth of the child, the colour of its eyes change due to variation in pigmentation.

The amount of pigmentation in a child increases after birth thus changing the eye colour. Also, there have been instances where individuals eye colour changed according to their moods or due to severe trauma.

In due course person’s life increase in pigmentation can cause a change in eye colour. Thus eye colour can never be certain. Also, there have been studies that have shown that eating certain kind of food for a prolonged period of time can help in changing eye colour for some time. Hypnosis is another method to change eye colour.

Surgery is also an option to get eye colour as amber but it has its own side effects. You can change your eye colour by wearing contact lenses too. It is the safest among all the above-mentioned methods.

Change in eye colour biologically is permanent, but the same can not be expected by doing it externally. So wearing contact lenses can help you have amber eyes whenever you want.

Celebrities With Amber Eyes

There is quite a bunch of actors and actresses with amber eyes. Amanda Righetti, Natalie Portman, Rani Mukherji, Kalki Koechlin are some of the actresses with amber eyes. Frank Oz also has amber eyes. If you observe closely you will notice that Nemo in Finding Nemo and Young Simba in Lion King too have amber eyes.

Misconceptions About People With Amber Eyes

A Common misconception about people with amber eyes is that they are reserved, aloof, and like thinking company. But in reality, they are social animals. They are crowd pleasers and like to be known as one.

Personality Of People Having Amber Eyes

The colour amber represents courage which is seen in abundance in people with it as eye colour. People having amber eyes are usually mistaken to have brown or hazel eyes.

They are mistaken to be reserved but in reality, they are very warm, charming and great conversationalists. They are usually extroverts and like interacting with new people and hanging out with friends.

Like their eye colour, these individuals are unique. They like to experiment and try new things. They are creative, smart, innovative, trustworthy and like being outdoors exploring nature and engaging in activities like trekking and camping.

It always feels good to be around them. Usually, they are social and have a need to fit in. They can be cunning, alluring while they are sexy and appealing.

Makeup Tips Of People Having Amber Eyes

Proper makeup and clothing will help in highlighting amber eyes more.

Applying makeup is an art. Every face has the different skin tone, eye shape, eyebrows along with various other features. Make sure that the products used are suitable for you.

Makeup routine can be broken down into steps which will help in remembering which product is to be used when.Following steps will help in highlighting amber eyes.

Step 1:

Start with cleansing and moisturising the skin. Using makeup with natural products and fewer chemicals is a must. Skin can be sensitive to certain products. Read the ingredients used to make the product to avoid any kind of skin complications.

Step 2:

Apply foundation for an even skin tone and a concealer to hide blemishes or sunburns. Colour of foundation should be one tone lighter than the colour of skin if the skin tone is dark or yellow and vice versa in case of pale skin. Make sure everything is evenly coated on the skin. Use brushes and sponges and blend to achieve it.

Step 3:

Use powder to set the whole look. If face releases oil, powder would help in absorbing it.

Step 4:

Apply eye primer to avoid spreading of eyeliner. In absence of a primer, concealer will suffice. Use an eyeliner on the upper eyelash. You can use gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner according to your convenience. You can try winged, classic bar, thin flicked among many options in the application. Try something you are comfortable with and suits you.

Experiment with the colour of the liner will help in exploring and understanding what suits one better. Since the iris is of amber colour coppery brown, blue and purple will be good.

Step 5:

Apply eyeliner on your lower lash if required. Eye shape plays a major factor in deciding whether to apply liner on lower lash line, upper or both.Use a kohl for best results if you are aiming for lower line.

Step 6:

One can skip step four and five if not happy with eyeliner look. Use a neutral mascara to bring out eye colour. There are many options in colour of mascara but shades of brown and black will help in highlighting amber in the iris.

Step 7:

Eyeshadow in the shades of blue and purple will help in focusing amber in the iris.

Step 8:

In a case of attending a party or an event instead of smokey eyes, bronze and metallic colours will enhance the whole look more. Colour pallet opposite to eye colour enhances the look.For amber, opposite colours would be shades of blue. In the case of taking things a notch up use fake eyelashes from a good company.

Step 9:

Use a neutral mascara on eyebrows and fill it if required.

Step 10:

Add colour to lips with help of lip gloss or lipstick suitable for the event.Peach, plum, pink can be great options.

A neutral look would also suffice in case of wanting to go on minimal makeup. Sticking with neutral mascara on eyelashes and using the same on eyebrows on the clean skin will also help in highlighting amber eyes.

Diseases Associated With Amber Eyes:

There is no disease associated with amber eyes. This eye colour is light which is due to lack of melanin, so when it gets exposed to extremely bright light there are chances of a detached retina. They share common diseases with other light eye colours like blue and green. Other than this diabetes and high blood pressure can cause blurred vision or no vision.

So daily exercise with balanced diet and sleep will help in maintaining both body, mind, and eyes. A regular check up with optometrist along with full body check will help you detect if there is any need for extra care.

Protecting Eyes

Nature is full of wonders. One can never find a completely satisfying explanation for its wonders.Eyes can be counted as one of them. Protecting what is blessed is a must.

i) Yearly check up of eyes and taking proper care of them like wearing sunglasses should be mandatory.

ii) Wear protective glasses when required like during chemical experiments or games like baseball, squash.

iii) Eating green leafy vegetables also helps in maintaining a good vision.

iv) Avoid watching television for more than four hours and adjust the brightness of laptop and other devices to surroundings.


People with amber eyes do not come across our lives regularly as only five percent of the human population have this eye colour.

On being exposed to a certain wavelength of light, they could be mistaken for brown or hazel eyes. They are misunderstood to be introverts but in reality, they are warm and socialising.

Though it is a rare sight among humans it can be usually found among wolves, owls, and other creatures.

The personality of people with this eye colour is found to be vibrant. It is the second rarest eye colour after green due to less number of pigments in them.


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