Aratilis (Kerson Fruit): Discover The Amazing Health Benefits

Aratilis (Kerson Fruit) Discover The Amazing Health Benefits
Aratilis (Kerson Fruit) Discover The Amazing Health Benefits

Aratilis is a first growing tree which has an ample storage of health benefits in each part of its body from bark to fruit.

It produces beautiful small fruits which are edible and deep red.They are known as Aratilis fruits or Kerson fruit.

Aratilis has a tart cherry like flavor, juicy and contains lots of tiny seeds.It has its uniqueness in fruit – Kingdom which is also known as small apples. This little fruit has a diameter of only 1.0 to 1.5 cm but contains numerous health benefits.

The birthplace of Aratilis is Philippines and Mexico. Due to its first growth, it grows even in the weak soil also. It grows in Mexico, India, Indonesia, The Caribbean, South  America, Japan, China, Cuba, Haiti, Philippines and in other places also.

Though it grows in several parts of the world, it has owned several names also. Let’s know some of them.

Aratilis is the Philippino name of this fruit. Some familiar names of Aratilis are Jamaica Cherry, CapulinBlanco, Saresa, Aratiles, Aratalis, etc.

The scientific name of Aratilis is MuntingiaCalabura. But in the Philippines, these are known as mansanitasor manzanitas.

Health Benefits Of Aratilis /Kerson Fruit

As I have mentioned earlier, Kerson Fruit has lots of health benefits and nutritional values from the bark to the leaves. Let’s have a vivid idea about all of them.

1. Fights With Bacteria

Though your body has, it’s own natural way to fight against the foreign bacteria, but sometimes it needs help from some other sources also. Aratilis has the potentiality to fight against these bacterial trespassers inside your body.

Each fruit of Aratilis contains significant antibacterial properties. It is especially useful to treat Staph Infections, S.Epidemidis, P. Vulgaris, K. Rhizophil, C. Diphtheria and some other bacteria too.

2. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Kerson Fruit is very useful in reducing swelling and inflammation in your body. They are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

There are many anti-inflammatory drugs are available, but as a natural anti-inflammatory,  Aratilis is as effective as those drugs. It has properties for the remission of fever also.

3. Gout

Gout is an arthritic pain which is very painful. It can cause an attack of sudden burning pain, stiffness, and swelling in a joint, usually a big toe.

Gout is most common in men and can harm your joints, tendons and other tissues. Aratilis is used over the years to get relief from this pain caused by Gout. By consuming 9 to 12 of the Aratilis fruit daily can give you a great relief from these issues.

4. Helps In The Function Of Brain

The foods which are rich in flavonoids assist in the development and proper function of the brain. Aratilis contains plenty of flavonoids in it.

Regular consumption of Aratilis can provide cognitive benefits, particularly in adults. It is beneficial for them who are suffering from mild cognitive impairment as well as those with neurodegenerative disease.

5. Fights With Cancer

Aratilis contains Cytoxic Flavnoidswhich are very useful to fight against cancer cells. Not only the fruits but the leaves also have great effort to prevent developing cancer cells. They are helpful to avoid certain cancers except for breast cancer. Consume as much you can.

6. Anti Uric Acid

The deep red or the purple colored skin of Aratilis is deeply rich in the powerful antioxidant known as Anthrosyanin which helps to protect you from the creation of excessive uric acid in your body.

You can get the benefit of this antioxidant by making healthy drinks out of Aratilis.

7. Anti-Tumour

Aratilis has the flavonoid component that inhibits the growth of any type of a tumor anywhere in your body. The leaves and the stems also have anti-tumoral properties in them.

8. Anti-nociceptive

Aratilis shows significant anti-nociceptive activity against chemically and thermally induced noxious stimuli.

9. Cytotoxic

The bioactive components present in the leaves and stems of Aratilis are active against one or more panels of your cell lines. They are Chrysin, dihydroxychalcone, galani, and dimethyl.

10.  Anti – Hypotensive Effect

It has been proved that Aratilis produces the Nitric Acid which delayed the hypotensive effect in your body. Activation of Nitric Acid signals the pathway to meditate hypertension.

11. Anti – Gastric

The components found in Aratilis do work against the formation of gas in your stomach. It effects through several mechanisms including anti-secretory, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory activities.

The activities attributed to the flavonoids such as Rutin, Quercitrin, Fisetin, and dihydroquercetin.

12. Anti-diabetic

The 1st scientific report about the benefits of Aratilis in diabetes was published in 2011. It was based on a study conducted by the Indian academic M. Sridhar. Though the Aratilis fruits are very sweet, they help a lot to lower your blood sugar to a large extent.

13. Helps In Abdominal Cramps

The flowers of Aratilis, as well as the fruits, are very helpful to give relief in abdominal cramps during the menstrual cycle in women.

You have to boil the flowers in drinking water and consume the extract after straining it. Munching of fruits gives you great relief too.

14. Fibrous

Aratilis provides plenty of soluble dietary fiber to your body. It helps to ward off cholesterol and fats from your body and helps to smooth bowel system.

15. Gastric Ulcers

When it comes to gastric ulcers, you usually turn to traditional medicines rather than using medications. Aratilis is the best way to deal with this problem. It is assumed that the benefits of this plant in gastro activity are due to its anti-inflammatory purposes.

16. Helpful To Immune System

Aratilis contains high levels of vitamins and minerals which is helpful for those whose immunity power is weak. It is best for those who are anemic.

They contain an outstanding amount of vitamin C which helps to fight against the diseases caused due to a less immunity power such as cold, cough and flues.Consume them abundantly to increase your vitality.

17. Cardiovascular Protection

The leaves of Aratilis contain antioxidants that prevent inflammation which leads to the myocardial infarction.

Pre-treatment with the leaf extracts efficiently brings a significant decrease in cardiac marker enzyme activities.  It protects the leakage of the enzyme from the myocardium.

You can make tea from these leaves to give your body a cardiovascular protection.

18. Anti Headache

Both the fruits and leaves of Aratilis are hugely beneficial to give you instant relief from a headache caused by cold or flue. To get relief, you can consume the fruits in any form, but you have to make a tea from the leaves to get relief.

Contents In Aratilis/Kerson Fruit

Aratilis contains almost all the nutrition in them. Every 100 grams of Aratilis contains

  • Water – 77.8gms
  • Protein –0,384gms
  • Fat – 1.56gms
  • Carbohydrate – 17.9gms
  • Fibre –4.6gms
  • Abu – 1.14gms
  • Calcium –124.6mg
  • Phosphorus – 84mg
  • Iron –1.18mg
  • Carotene – 0.019g
  • Tiamin– 0.065g
  • Riboflavin –0.037g
  • Niacin – 0.554g
  • Vitamin C –80.5mg
  • Energy Level – 380KJ

Where You Can Get Them

You can get the Aratilis fruits fresh in Asian and Latin markets. You can also order them online in the form of liquid medicines, jams, and jellies too.


As we have discussed earlier Aratilis is very helpful for us from its bark of the leaves. It is as healthy as other popular fruits. But still, there have no remarkable studies held on the vast health benefits of Kerson Fruit.

Instead, it is still using in some places for some other purposes. In Brazil, people use the fruits in fishing to attract the fishes. That’s why you can see the trees here along with the river banks.

In Indonesia and Philippines, the fruits are very much loved to eaten by children. The timber of this tree is compact, durable, lightweight and can be used to make furniture. You can use them also as firewood.  The bark used to make ropes. It is one of the best herbs in India and Philippines.


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