Can Sup Help You Burn Stubborn Body Fat
Can Sup Help You Burn Stubborn Body Fat

As per the researchers, stand up paddlers (SUP) help to have lower levels of body fat. It also has been said that they found the lower level of triglycerides in people who perform SUP yoga. So, SUP can burn your body fat significantly.

They also noticed higher levels of HDL which are the beneficial for controlling cholesterol and its numbers are increased by the help of SUP Yoga. So, this is also one of the best ways to stroke your fat away. SUP is the best avenue to get fit and lose fat.

Actually, there are plenty of ways to burn your body fat by paddling. It doesn’t matter how much you eat or how many dark greens you take to burn your fat. You have to do whack at work.

Then you will see the body fat decreasing later. So, I will say that SUP is a great fat burner if used in a proper way and you can avoid heavy workout routines by approaching this.  Here is the guide to use SUP for fat-loss and then explore it in a right way.


Paddle Board Surfing

There is another category of SUP called paddle board surfing. It is one of the best cross training exercises. By doing this you can also improve your surfing skills.

As it will get harder to face the waves, you will burn more and fatter. According to the researchers’ study, where they surfed in high winds and high waves, by doing an hour of paddle surfing, they said, you face unlimited intensive waves for a minute and after collecting all this data they stated that you can burn 623-735 calories by paddle surfing in just an hour.

SUP Racing:

SUP Racing is the best way to fat your burn. There is no chance of slowing down and you will be in full throttle.

Your calories will burn in heavy rates and the intensity of how much fat will burn depends on many factors like stroke intensity, stroke form, a speed of wind and water conditions. So as per the experiment was done at Dana Ocean

The challenge, in a 5 mile SUP Race you can burn an average of 713-1,125 calories. So, you have to try high-intensity SUP Racing in order to burn your fat faster. 

If you required the details, then you have to finish the race in 12’6 class in 5 miles in around 48 minutes where we finished up in around 55 minutes.

This is the record of top race and you have to maintain this in order to burn the same number of calories.

SUP Yoga:

Standup Paddle Boarding is also the best, claiming, meditative and intense workout for the mind and body. You can practice SUP yoga and do several Yoga sequences.

You just have to perform SUP Yoga poses for an hour on a daily basis. This will give you an energetic Yoga flow .Isn’t it intimate to burn fat between 416-540 calories in an hour?, it certainly is.


Jani has explored yoga with Janne Kontala, his life-long teacher and friend. He has been practicing both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga everyday since then and they have become an integral part of his spiritual experience.