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Itching During Pregnancy : Causes,Home Remedies

Itching During Pregnancy Home Remedies
Are you feeling itchy all over your body? Are you unable to understand why’s it happening, and are finding this abnormal? Are you pregnant? Calm down and breathe! This is nothing to worry about. What you are facing is one of the...

Home Remedies For Vaginal itching

Home Remedies For Vaginal itching
Every second woman, regardless of the age, suffers from awkward vaginal itching in daily hours. Itching in the sensitive areas like vagina and vulva could be very uncomfortable. And believe it, this irritation can drive you insane with the...

How To Get Rid of White Patches

How to Get Rid of White Patches
White patches also known as vitiligo occurs due to loss of melanocytes. You can get rid of vitiligo by using simple natural home remedies. You will agree with me on the fact that for every disease there is a cause, and...
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