Detox Your Mind From Negative Emotions

Detox Your Mind

It is said that it is the emotions which make or break a person. We have a myriad of emotions, both positive and negative.

In fact, a person is judged by the kind of emotions he or she expresses or shows. While the positive emotions uplift us, the negative emotions make us weak.

Sometimes it becomes quite necessary to detoxify ourselves from the negative emotions before it completely destroys or breaks us. Below are some of the emotions which you must keep in control before they start controlling you.



Anger is said to be one of the most dangerous emotions to possess. The words which are said in anger are not our words.

It causes destruction in dimensions which we haven’t even thought of or imagined of.

Anger is the cause of many failures. The actions we take when we are under the spell of anger are generally out of our control and later when we regret the actions.

Then it is too late. Having anger under the nose can be a major hindrance to your success and happiness.

Sometimes what happens is instead of showing the anger, we try to suppress it within ourselves and slowly.

This becomes a kind of negativity which constantly makes us depressed and sad and harms our progress.

While both showing and suppressing anger can be bad, what we can do is just let it go. Remember, by getting angry, you are only hurting yourself and not the other party.

What You Can Do?

  • Firstly, give a shape to your anger. Accept the fact that you are getting angry. Don’t judge, just accept it.
  • Don’t feel bad about getting angry, feel good that you have the guts to accept it, and you are trying to deal with the problem.
  • Write about the kind of anger you have and how it makes you feel. Write down how it’s affecting you in your day to day life. Write as many points as possible.
  • Write about how long is it that you are holding this anger and how is it exactly affecting you emotionally and psychologically.
  • Now, write down what you are going to do. It can be anything such as giving it a new perspective, thinking it a little differently. And then just think “Is it really required to hold on to this? How much good it has done to me till now?”
  • Other things which you can do is drinking a glass of water when you’re getting angry, lying flat on the ground, or immediately leaving the area where your anger is building up.



Feeling bad about something, taking the necessary steps to rectify it and then moving on is good.

But contemplating upon the wrong thing which you did and blaming it on yourself, again and again, is bad. 

Regret not only cripples you emotionally but also makes you sad or depressed, and you start to think you are horrible, which is not true. 

We are humans, and it is perfectly normal for us to make mistakes. Just accept, rectify and move on.

Don’t fall into the trap of regret which only pulls you more and more downwards.

 What You Can Do?

  •  What is that you are regretting about? Point it out and identify it by yourself.
  • Then just throw it out of your mind and say to yourself “I have regretted about this more than it deserved. Enough of it.”
  • Forgive yourselves for the things you have done. Nothing can be more satisfying and uplifting than forgiving oneself. After all, we are human, aren’t we?
  • Instead of pondering upon the things which you did wrong repeatedly, concentrate upon what you can do right now to improve the things. Just change your viewpoints, it can work wonders.



Shame arises when a person instead of thinking that he/she did something bad, starts to think that it is bad.

Shame is a kind of emotion which can stop you from becoming a better, strong and matured person right away.

Sometimes, because of shame a person doesn’t do certain things which are quite productive and innovative.

He/she becomes a prisoner of the viewpoints and judgmental reactions of the society and, in turn, loses his/her voice and viewpoints. Shame can snatch away the freedom of thoughts and can make you a weaker person.

What You Can Do?

  • Find out what is the thing you are ashamed of. Is it a thing you should be ashamed or is it what others say? If not, then find your voice and develop viewpoints that you should do it.
  • Write down the things you are ashamed of. If you think it is something bad, then take necessary steps to rectify it.
  • If it’s good, then imagine yourselves breaking free from the prison or the shame which stops you and makes you quit.
  • Again, shift your viewpoints. Try changing the perspective of what makes you feel bad and powerless to something which makes you feel strong and powerful. All it takes is a change, nothing else.



Everyone has been hurt at some point in time or the other. Nobody gets matured or enters into adulthood without getting hurt.

Hurting causes pain which is normal, but when this pain makes you feel powerless, and you constantly feel that you can do nothing about it, that’s the point when you need to take action.  

Can you allow somebody or something to take the power from your hands?

Think about it. It’s important how you exactly react, behave and deal when you get hurt by somebody or something.

What You Can Do?

  • The main thing about detoxification is pointing things out and then removing them. So, what is the thing that has hurt you? And why?
  • Ponder and concentrate upon it. Make a brief description of the whole scenario in your mind. Remember, half of the problems are solved by just defining them.
  • How is it affecting you in your work and relationships? In what all dimensions are affecting you? What are your views about you getting hurt? If possible, note these points down somewhere.
  • How can you regain the power which is lost from your hands? Is it by changing the way you react to the situation? Or just by changing your perspective?
  • Think about it by yourself. There’s nothing marvelous about suffering through pain, what’s great is how quickly you can get out of it.



Sorrow is something which we think is beyond our control.  The circumstances, the hardships which we face in our life, prolonged sorrow in a particular thing can all contribute to sorrow.

But is it really beyond our control?

Or we only think it is?

The first thing which we can do to reduce the amount of sorrow and to add more color and happiness in our life.

Accept whatever has happened to you, and feel happy that in spite of all those hurdles, you are still here to improve yourself, which is actually a great thing.

What You Can Do?

  • The first step involves accepting the fact that you are actually carrying a lot of sorrow which is needed to be dealt upon. Describe the whole sorrow to yourself. Be truthful and speak your heart out.
  • Always remember that your sorrow doesn’t define you. Though that sadness is within you, that is not you. The only thing that you need to do is to leave those burdens behind and start your life afresh.
  • Establish a relationship with your sorrow. Instead of avoiding, what you have done a million times before, this time, observe the sorrow and shower compassion upon it.
  • Do whatever you feel like instead of suppressing it. Express the emotions. Make sorrow your strong point instead of the weak.


When we are discouraged, we start to question everything, our skills, our capabilities, confidence anything that is under the sun.


This, in turn, affects our personality and progress. Discouragement is actually a trap of false thinking.

A thinking which forces to believe in the fact that you are not good enough.

So, instead of asking yourself why you are suffering from discouragement, ask yourself what makes you fall in the trap.

The moment you will realize that it’s nothing but a trap, you are actually out of it.

What You Can Do?

  • What you feel discouraged about exactly? Track them down.
  • What is it that takes all the confidence from you? Is it the discouragement that you’re facing because of your friends or relatives?
  • Or is that your own thoughts are playing with you? Ask these questions to yourself and you will be amazed at the answers you will get.
  • Imagine all the things that you could if you achieve if you just had that courage. Do you still want to hold on to this kind of discouragement?
  • What are you getting in your life by holding onto the negative and unwanted feelings? Think about it.



In some situations and relationships, we may feel completely powerless. It is as if nothing is happening according to our will and the situation or the person controls you in every way.

Although you try to control which is actually temporary, you end up hurting yourself and the belief that you are actually powerless grows stronger and stronger.

The time has now come to do something about it.

What You Can Do?

  • Find out what is that which actually makes you powerless. Is it the person/situation or is it you yourself?
  • Understand that the only person you can actually control or have complete power is you yourself. If you can make this belief strong, nothing, literally nothing can make you feel powerless because you have actually understood the meaning of power.
  • Try to properly define the things which you can do so that you will not feel powerless anymore. Contemplate upon it and try to execute them, you will see the change for yourself.