Simple & Effective Way to Burn Calories For Sexy Body

We think that dieting is the only way that we can get a sexy body. But the fact is, you can do so many other things which will give you the same results.

Dieting is not easy to do, and many people find it tough to continue after more than 10-15 days.

So instead of dieting, below given are some of the activities which you can do every day so as to burn calories for sexy body.


Burns 136 calories in 15 minutes!

It is not always required to go to a court to burn calories. You can simply find a flat surface or wall on which you can hit your ball.

Play alternate backhand and forehand shots and see how many you can play without missing.

Stand a little farther, probably 10 to 25 feet, because it will force you to play harder. Try to hit 70-100 shots at a time to get the optimum result.

Walking Vigorously:



Burns 85 calories in 15 minutes!

Walking fast can help to cut down your calories. But one thing which you should keep in mind, you have to walk fast to get the full benefit. Walking slow will help you in no way.

Make sure that your hands move back and forth instead of side to side while you walk. Your legs, but and core are some of the calorie burning muscles in your body which is targeted here.




Burns 174 calories in 15 minutes!

You must have noticed that many of the Olympic runners actually are quite slim. The reason for this is that your butt, legs, and core are the biggest fat burning muscles of your body.

While you run, keep your arms close to your body and your feet low to the ground to get optimum results. To reduce the impact try to land in the middle of your foot.

Jumping rope:

Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping

Burns 170 calories in 15 minutes!

This is actually one of the favorite training methods of the pro boxers. To get the optimum result, try to use a rope with handles which will reach only to your armpits when you stand in the middle of it.

While you jump, stand upright and keep your feet low to the ground. Keep your legs a little apart from each other. If you don’t have a rope, you can get the same benefits when you do the activity rope-less.




Burns 212 calories in 15 minutes!

It is actually one of the best activities to burn your calories. The best part about skating is you can get the optimum benefit even without giving too much of pressure on your legs and joints.

In skating, your core has to work a lot to keep you balanced. Try to skate in a steady pace. Never forget to wear your helmets, knee and elbow pads and the wrist guards.




Burns 110 calories  in 15 minutes!

You may think that this may not be that effective like the other ones, but have you ever seen dancers? They are so slim and fit.

Dancing can be calorie-burning, dynamic and fun all at the same time. Dance with the beats with high tempos with high rhythms.

Pick up any high rhythm Bollywood music for that matter. Play slow tempos towards the last to cool you down.

By following above simple activities you can burn calories for sexy body.

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