Health Benefits Of Elephant Creeper
Health Benefits Of Elephant Creeper

In this article, you will discover one of the ancient vines of India called ‘The Elephant Creeper.’It is also known as Argyreia Nervosa.

Along with the description, you will also come across the benefits and side effects.

Also, I have written about how you may use the vine in various forms.


  • What is Elephant Creeper?
  • Benefits
  • How to use?
  • Side effects
  • Conclusion

What Is Elephant Creeper?

Before I tell you about the benefits of this plant, let me tell you what it is.

Elephant Creeper is a giant climber which grows up to a height of 8-9 meters. It is one of the native vines of India and is well known all across the land. The creeper has big broad leaves that look like the ears of an elephant. Thus, it is named as the elephant creeper.

Apart from this, the plant is also called the wooly morning glory. Because the plant has stout stems which possess wooly white hair on them. It is a very large plant and has white and woody stems.

The bell-shaped flowers are rose to purple in color. The plant bears fruits which are usually round in structure.

Usually, the roots and the leaves of the creeper are used for its various medicinal benefits.

The plant is looked up to because of the various beneficial properties possessed by it. The vine holds constituents like– calcium and potassium, phosphates, tannins and various other minerals. The plant may also hold psychoactive properties.

Now that we know about the plus points let us see what all can they fetch you.

Health Benefits Of Elephant Creeper

The elephant creeper offers many medicinal and therapeutic benefits to mankind. The roots and the leaves offer different advantages. Listed below are some of them:

  • One of the main advantages of the plant is this that it helps to strengthen the sexual activity in the male.It is known as an effective aphrodisiac as it can stimulate the male libido. It is potent to cure sexual inability in men.
  • This creeper also serves as a tonic for your nervous system. It can beat many nervous related disorders like – anxiety and rheumatism. It can also boost your intellect.
  • The plant is also a marvel for your skin. It works as a beautiful emollient, astringent, and healer.You may also treat your wounds and diseases like skin infections and allergies by this plant. The herb can also be used as an anti-ageing loophole.
  • If you have any urination problem, then, you may look up to this herb. It promotes the flow of your urine and keeps you urine system efficient. Thus, we can conclude by calling it a diuretic.To add on top of that, the plant also beats gonorrhea, ulcers, and strangury.
  • The plant also possesses effective digestive properties. It regulates your bowel movements and takes care of your metabolism. Thus, it keeps you in shape by fighting obesity.
  • Accentuates heat production due to metabolism. Thus, it works as a thermogenic.
  • Helps prevention of gas production in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, it can serve as a carminative.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and can fight inflammation in any part of your body.
  • The root of the plant is also recommended by the art of Ayurveda to treat synovitis and syphilis.
  • The plant holds cooling potency and can be used for rejuvenating your entire system.

Many other ailments like arthritis, anemia, bronchitis, piles, diabetes and cardiac debility can also be dealt with by this herb.

How To Use?

Now, you may be looking out for ways to use it. Well, it is easy and does not need a lot of efforts.

  • You may make a paste of the leaves and the roots and apply it on your skin. Make sure you have diluted the paste with natural emollients before application.

Almond or coconut oil can be of good help.

  • You can also extract the juices out of the plant and consume it. Again, see that the juice is adulterated well enough because it can have a strong bitter taste.

Try adding some water or fresh juice to it before you take it.

  • You may dry the roots and make a powder out of it. Mix it well with some fresh raw milk and apply on your skin to treat issues like synovitis.

Side Effects

Though it is an extremely natural remedy for many of your daily issues yet it is not wholly safe. In spite of the numerous beneficial traits it holds, it is not to be forgotten that the plant can also have some downsides.

As the phrase says – “Every coin has two sides,” elephant creeper also possesses few drawbacks.

  • The creeper can end you up having nausea, dizziness, and hallucinations.
  • It can also give a boost to your blood pressure levels. This can lead to many issues like insomnia and sweating.
  • If you are already taking treatment for bipolar disorder or depression, then this plant can bring havoc to you.
  • Pregnant and lactating women must strictly stay away from it. Though there is no relevant proof, that can justify this point. It is always better to be on the safer side.
  • If you have a scheduled surgery in one or two weeks, avoid this drug.


The Elephant creeper is one of the most native vines of India. This creeper is well known for its therapeutic behavior.

It serves to be an excellent medicine for many issues like – nervous, digestive and skin related problems. It is important that you are also aware of the side effects of this creeper before using it in any form.

If used wisely, then it can meet many of your daily issues. What I would personally suggest you is to see a doctor before you plan to add this herb to your life.

Hope, this article benefits you and may you make the most of it.


Dr.M.Gopi Krishna is a renowned professor in the dept. of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya kalpana at Sri Jagadguru Gavisiddheshwara Ayurvedic Medical College & Post Graduate Research Center.He has personally made around 250 Ayurvedic preparations and self dispense in his own clinic for his patients.

  • M R Goplani

    None of the allopathic doctor will ever suggest taking anything like elephant creeper. It is purely on the discretion of user to study and use the plant leaves. I have started using leave juice for relief in my cancerous tumors…

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      M.R Goplani,

      Would like to know you experience after using this elephant trunk leaves.Please respond.
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