Do Fruit Flies Bite And Are They Dangerous?

Do Fruit Flies Bite And Are They Dangerous

Fruit flies are tiny insects. Most insects are harmful, but the question is do fruit flies bite or sting? Are fruit flies dangerous? Let us see on what these flies are generally capable of doing and analyze the health risks that they pose.

What Are Fruit Flies?

If you’ve been seeing small flies or in and around your kitchen, then these are usually fruit flies. You can see them flying around ripened or spoilt fruits, vegetables, and food items.

Drosophila, or the generally known fruit fly is the genus of small flies belonging to the family Drosophilidae which fly around overripe or rotting food.

Their lifespan is 7-10 days at most. Once they have emerged from their pupae stage, mating occurs around the second day. They are capable of reproducing thousands more leading to an infestation. Their eggs can survive almost anywhere.

What Does These Fruit Flies Do?

Let’s face it, Nobody likes fruit flies as they can be annoying. Not to forget, they give an impression of you as an untidy person.

But, you may also wonder if they are more than a nuisance and if they can actually bite. Also looking at the red spots that may have appeared on the skin after the appearance of fruit flies, the myth that these flies can bite has become widespread.

Do Fruit Flies Bite?Does Fruit Flies Have Teeth?

Although when these flies invade a place, there are risks that come with them, bites and stings from them are not a part of them. Fruit flies cannot bite nor sting a human being or animal. Research shows that their mouth is not well developed and thus cannot bite.

The flies do not have teeth. Here at this point, you may also wonder about how and on what these tiny creatures eat and survive upon. These insects secrete catabolic liquids which help in breaking down their food.

When the process is complete, they take up the food through their mouth opening. Now, the fact that they do not bite doesn’t end the problem here as they pose health risks.

Fruit flies generally prefer foods that are rotten, decaying or just things that are generally not healthy. This can cause them to carry dangerous bacteria that are often found in the trash.

The bacteria from these types of sources can often result in harmful diseases which according to research, is diarrhea and dysentery.

These diseases can result from many sources, but fruit flies are definitely one of the main causes.

Also, you must not confuse fruit flies to biting midgets that can actually bite.  The red spots on the skin after fruit flies have infested an area or have had skin contact do not occur due to bites.

This is because of an allergic reaction to the bacteria that the flies carry, which act as vectors. It leads to the formation of red spots that makes it look like a bite.

Fruit Fly Allergy: Why Does This Happen?

Although studies show that fruit flies do not have teeth, it’s interesting to note that people have reported getting red spots when they have had contact with fruit flies.

If you have ever observed this, you would believe that this whole article might be stating false information that the flies aren’t dangerous.

But, this happens not because of the fly itself, but it’s a different cause; you must have had an allergic reaction to the bacteria that fruit flies carry on their body.

This creates small red dots where the fruit flies may have landed on your skin and seems like that of a fly’s bite.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Allergy (Rashes)?

Now, you don’t have to worry because something as simple as a session of a hot shower and some good scrubbing should suffice.

There’s no such necessity to have an appointment with a doctor; if you are extra paranoid, just dab some apple cider vinegar on the red spots and they should go away. An anti-bacterial cream also works well but is not necessary though.

These flies don’t bite yes, but as we can see, they can cause serious skin irritation.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies?

If you are having a problem with fruit flies, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this and it’s rather easy to free yourself from these pests.

Try to keep your kitchen clean, especially during the hot summers. Also, make sure that you take out your garbage and cover it.

Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly, as it not only removes harmful chemicals but might also remove the small eggs that have been laid into the flesh by these flies.

Use these highly effective tricks that can be done at home, for getting rid of these pesky little flies.

Are The Fruit Flies Dangerous?

In conclusion, the short answer is a NO. Fruit flies do NOT bite people. So in spite of the popular myths, the reality is that you are not going to be bitten by a fruit fly so anyone who asks you this question, you can explain to them what you have just learned.

Yet, before you breathe a sigh of relief, you need to remember that fruit flies pose a much greater risk. Fruit flies can create serious health hazards at your home.

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