Blackheads in your ear can really be annoying as ear skin is comparatively thinner as compared to a nose.Getting rid of blackheads in the ear is not as easy removing it from your nose.

Why do you get blackhead on your nose and how can you get rid of them.Discover the causes of blackheads in the ear (i.e. on the earlobe, behind ears, inside the ear canal or on ear cartilage) as well as the best ways to get rid of them in this article.

What Causes Blackheads In-Ear

What Causes Blackheads In-Ear

What Causes Blackheads In-Ear

Blackheads formation could mostly be seen in the oily skin as the pores are comparatively prominent than the normal skin type. Thus more sebum and dirt skin get accumulated, and because of continuous contact with open environment it tends to oxidize and turn into black and therefore is easily noticeable

Fine pores, as in normal skin could also be affected by the blockages, but they are quite tiny to be seen by naked eyes. The main reasons which result in blackheads formation are,

  • Dehydration: This one of the causes of those pricky black bumps. If you are dehydrated and not keeping the skin very clean, can directly lead to blackheads in the ears as well as on the face.
  • Blackheads in the ear may be the result of some thyroid problem especially hypothyroidism, the anemia, constipation or indigestion.
  • Improper disintegrated dead skin results in irritation of hair follicles and thus filling it.
  • Many times we indulge in self-medication, ignoring some contents. Sometimes these drugs are rich in lithium and androgens which tends to boom the production of sebum and thus blackheads

The ear canal lining is made up of pores marked by the presence of hair inside the ears. Owing to the fact that a large number of people ignore to clean inside their ear canals as it is required, there is an accumulation of wax and dead skin cells which ultimately lead to many problems one of them being blackheads inside the canal.

Why Do Black Head Form On Ears?

Due to the coveted shape ears form a perfect breeding ground for dirt, oil, and sebum to collect and form blockages and transform into pesky blacks bumps

Sometimes, hormonal imbalance may increase the overall production of sebum and thus the heads.  The changes in the level of hormones are high during the periods of menstruation, pregnancy as well as puberty.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Black Head From Ears

We keep on grasping the straws to remove these stubborn heads, but there is seldom success cause they keep on refilling the very next day.

If we compare a pimple and a blackhead, we see that if a pimple is left for some time, the body takes care of it and within a day or two it is gone without any greetings for at least a month.

It is because, our body sees a pimple as a threat and thus work accordingly but blackheads are just accumulation of dead skin, and surprisingly our body doesn’t even notice it and thus no invasions.

So, here are some enlisted methods which could help you get rid of these stubborn heads quickly. They are passive tagalongs for our body.

Methods To Remove Blackheads From Ear Lobe

Methods To Remove Blackheads From Ear Lobe

1. Blackhead Extractors

It is a thin spatula type structure which could be used to gently pluck away those blackheads, but the shape of the ears are quite quirky, and direct visibility is a knot, self-removal becomes extremely hard and dangerous. It is better to that you take a professionals help.

2. Dermabrasion

Sometimes these blackheads problems in ears become so serious that microdermabrasion is recommended. In this process, the skin is sanded with a rough surface to remove the clogging.

Though it is a fast method and give the immediate result, but it is only advisable to do it for the external of the ear canals.

3. Over Counter Medication

Medicines which are rich in ingredients like, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and resorcinol are very useful in helping and treating the excess of oil which is generated in our body.

It is useful in killing the bacteria and removes the dead skin which is shed. One of the examples containing these ingredients are retinol

  • You have to dab a cotton ball in regional.
  • Use gentle circular motion on the affected area.
  • This helps in preventing dead skin from building up in pores.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ear Blackheads

1. Clean Your Ears

The most neglected yet the most useful and easiest way to remove the blackheads in initial stages is this remedy. Excess if arbitrators in blackheads formation.

  • You have to gently wash your ears every day as you go to take a shower.
  • You have to dry your ears both the inside and outside of ear canal with sifting washcloth
  • Then apply some milk cleanser as it helps you get rid of dirt and dead skin.

2. Exfoliate

Dead skin formation is a continuous procession out the body, and thus it requires repeated cleaning. Gentle exfoliants take away dead skin cells to form a way for the growth of healthy skin.

The salicylic acid used as an ingredient in an exfoliating product is an effective chemical.

3. Open Up The Pores

  • You are supposed to drench a washcloth in warm water
  • Cling it to your ears and leave it there for 5 mins
  • After the washcloth is removed, the pores get opened up.

As the pores will be open, it would then become easy to remove dirt, oil, and blackheads from your ears.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Thus remedy withholds powerful antibacterial properties that will firmly help in disinfecting the pores. Its effect is that it dries out the blackheads in ear without a problem

  • You are supposed to soak cotton in oil.
  • Squeeze out that extra oil and put the cotton ball on the visible blackheads.
  • You have to leave the cotton for its effect
  • Wipe it with damp towel
  • You can repeat this process twice a week for a month.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon is enriched with citric acid which has natural alpha hydroxy acid. It helps in tenderly exfoliating your skin to remove the impurity causing bacteria.

  • You have to make a mixture of lemon and milk with some water
  • Then soak cotton balls in them and squeeze out the extra mixture to make it saturated
  • You have to put it on the affected blackheads area and leave it to dry naturally
  • Then wash it with lukewarm water.

You can repeat this process twice a week for your desired result.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical helps in clear out any infection that you could have in your ear.

  • Tilt your head to the side and pour a cap full of hydrogen peroxide into your ear
  • Let it stay there for about two minutes.

After this, you can grab q-tip and dab it in some peroxide and  rub it on your blackheads

7. Baking Soda

Thus magic ingredient could be used in many of the remedies and is a boon for mankind.

  • Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a small bowl
  •  Add 1/2cup of water with the baking soda
  • Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds to get the paste
  • Let sit for about ten minutes
  • Wipe it with lukewarm water

8. Egg whites

One of the cheapest and most effective remedy and could be easily used as the mask. All you have to do is put some facial tissue on the egg white until it fully coated.

Apply these tissues on your face. It acts as a mask, thus leaving it for some time until dry and they remove it. The next thing you observe is a clear skin with fewer blackheads.

9. Sugar

This is the simplest form of scrub one can apply for a face, especially for a blackhead removal.All that you require doing is to cleanse the face and then scrub it using the sugar.

You can also add some teaspoon of a lemon juice to your scrub and form a paste; it will help to clear all the excess oils in the skin, and thus reducing the formation of blackheads.

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can do wonders to the skin when taken orally, and apparently, external usage can also get rid of blackheads quite efficiently.

  • Crush some tomatoes and squeeze the juice out of it
  • Then you have to apply it on the face.
  • Leave it overnight, and then watch the blackheads disappear as you clean off the following morning

11. Honey and Cinnamon

 You have to mix two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of the cinnamon.

  • Apply this paste gently all over the face, and then allow it to dry for 30 mins.
  • You have to rinse it overnight using cold water. Then apply some moisturizer for complete action

12. Apple cider vinegar

  • One of the natural remedies which people often mention is apple cider vinegar method. Its usage is also very similar to the hydrogen peroxide method
  • You have to pour some apple of the cider vinegar in the ear and let it be there for a while.
  • Leave it there for two minutes for its work and them remove it
  • Remove any excess liquid present in the ear with the help of a soft cloth.
  • You need to do the process about twice a day pretty much every other single day.

13. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is very important for the skin and has been seen to work over acne, whiteheads and the blackheads in the ear.

  • You have to make a mixture of oatmeal with honey. Honey is recommended for its antibiotic properties.
  • Add at least two spoonfuls of this mixture into the ear’s and let it sit in there for about 30 minutes.

14. Turmeric

This yellow wonder powder has been persistent in providing benefits to humankind, especially related to skincare stuff, then how can it lay back in removing the black heads.

  • You are supposed to make a thick paste of turmeric either with some mint juice or sandalwood powder with rose water or milk. Even coriander leaves could also be used for making a paste.
  • Then apply it on your affected area and leave it for 15 mins.
  • Remove it with the help of lukewarm water

You can repeat this procedure twice in the week for the desired result.

15. Fenugreek leaves

The fenugreek plant is not only a catalyst used in making tasty food but also a cheat code to get flawless skin. Its sure shot result of removing blackheads especially for long-term effect is commendable

  • You have to crush some fenugreek leaves with fresh water to makes a pasty mixture.
  • Apply it on the affected area and leave it there for 15mins
  • After it dries, remove it with lukewarm water.

16. Potatoes

Potatoes juice acts as a very useful skin treatment product as it is rich in vitamin A, B, C, potassium, calcium and much more.

You just have to cut potatoes into tiny pieces and squeeze it so that its juice could be extracted and apply it on the affected area. Let it dry and then remove it with lukewarm water.

Though the above-mentioned remedies are helpful, as the saying goes “Prevention is better than the cure” here is a list of some do’s and don’ts of ear cleanliness which could help you prevent those blackheads.

Do’s n Don’ts

1. Don’t let dirt enter your hairs and always try to avoid putting unclean fingers inside your ears.

2. Always clean your earphones and mobile phones as even they are one of the primary reasons of blackheads and acne in ears.

3. Opening the pores with the help of steam or warm clothes helps in easy removal of blackheads

4. Try to use oil-free products like lotions, sunscreen to avoid accumulation of oil and dirt.

5. To treat blackheads especially if they are in the ear canal, you should consider asking a dermatologist or doctor which can help them remove it.

6. Be careful with your hair care products as they could be one of the big reasons behind those blackheads.

7. Hats do make ladies look graceful, and men machos, but not cleaning them might give you those pesky heads.

8. Try to avoid smoking and heavy alcoholic drinks as they are never advised for the healthy body.

9. It is advisable only to use oil-free makeup foundations and lotions and remove it before going to the bed

10. Intake of the balanced diet is highly recommended for the diet rich in beta- caratone food can prove useful.

11. If you are applying direct food materials like potato or lemon, it is advised to rinse them off before the application so that no chemicals or any other harmful material is retained in it.


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