Masturbation is one of those things that most of you don’t speak about publicly. It is an act of making yourself feel good by exciting the body.

This process includes touching genitals, breast(f), lips etc. Masturbation is carried out with one’s own hand usually without the presence of a partner.

The urge to masturbate vary from one to another. Some people masturbate once a week, other masturbate every day and there are some who masturbate more than 3 times a day.

There is one fact that “Anything you do in excess will have a side effect on you”. Similar is the case of masturbation. Some people become addicted to masturbation to full-fill their sexual desires or some other reasons.

There are a lot of studies going on Whether masturbation is bad or good for health?.

In this article we will help you to know the positive and negative effects of masturbation, How to get rid of frequent masturbation naturally, What causes masturbation addiction and quick tips to get rid of masturbation.

Why Do People Masturbate?

One survey has been made regarding Why people Masturbate. The same question has been asked of thousands of men and women. And the most similar answers have been selected.

  • Just for pleasure
  • For relaxation
  • Nothing to do when alone
  • Bored with sex
  • To earn money by sperm donating(lesser people)

What Chemical Reaction goes When You Masturbate?

According to science, there are a lot of chemical reaction happens good or bad depending on the no. of times you masturbate. Most of these reactions are good for those who masturbate in a limit. On the other hand, these reactions can be negative for addicted masturbater.

Your brain releases internal chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine when you masturbate. These chemicals are natural drugs that keep you healthy. They help you to overcome temporary from stress, insomnia, bad emotions, loneliness and other strains.

Masturbation helps in proper functioning of the immune system. The cortisol level increases when you masturbate which can regulate immune system functioning. Serotonin and dopamine are two chemicals which helps you to get rid of your depression.

What Causes Excessive Masturbation Addiction?

Excessive Masturbation Addiction
Excessive Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation addiction is a common problem among men and women. First of all, masturbation is not a sin or bad but in excess, it may have a negative impact on you.

The causes why people over masturbate may vary from one to other. For most of the people with masturbation addiction, two elements play a key role – endorphins and dopamine. These chemicals are released when you masturbate.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that allows a person to feel pleasure while masturbating. These pleasurable feelings increases and peaks off during climax or ejaculation.

Endorphins are chemicals that released during masturbation which fights depression and stress. After ejaculation, you may feel sleepy because of this chemical.

When you become dependent on these feeling to overcome your stress, depression, tension and other mental problems, you are more prone towards masturbation addiction. People frequently masturbate when they are alone or feel loneliness.

Because they use masturbation to escape the feeling of loneliness. Sometimes people who watch excessive porn movies seem addicted towards over masturbation.

Excessive Masturbation Side Effects

Masturbation in limit is not bad but if you do it in excess, it can have a negative effect. Over masturbation can harm your body mentally and physically.

Its side effects vary from person to person. Because every person has different mental and physical strength.

According to Dr. Anup, over masturbation causes disruption in the endocrine-nervous system, hormonal imbalances and disturb brain patterns. It can hamper your relationships, your life, and even your sexual relations.

You may have heard news about a teenager who died after masturbating 42 times(continuously). Below we have listed out all the side effects of masturbation for both men and women.

1. Fatigue And Weakness

When you masturbate once, your body and mind feel relaxed which is expected. This happens due to the chemicals generated by the body in the process.

But when you start masturbating frequently your body and brain have to work continuously without recovering. This is why some people can feel weakness and fatigue after frequent masturbation or hand practice.

2. Fuzzy Vision And Eye Floaters

Deficiency of nitric oxide, cGMP, and acetylcholine in the eye’s sensory nerves causes a blurry vision and dark spots around the eye. Over masturbation can lead to the reduction of these substances.

If you have masturbation addiction, your face will look dull with dark spots below the eyes. To some extent(lesser) your eye vision is also get affected by the overhand practice.

3. Stress And Mood Swings

Masturbation increases the cortisol level in your body which helps to manage the stress and immune system functioning. But with excessive masturbating(E.M), cortisol level raises to such extent that causes more stress.

On the other hand, over masturbation reduces the testosterone level which ultimately causes a lot of mood swings. Although these mood swings are shorter but can affect your behavior and social life.

4. Lose From Regular Routine

You may have observed it in yourself or in your friend. When you have the urge to masturbate you can disturb your normal routine. You may have given excuses to your friend for not going outside with them.

Excessive masturbating people try to stay alone just for masturbation without thinking about the daily routine work. This disturbs their social life and daily routine work.

5. Pain In The Lower Back

Too much masturbation can cause you pain in the lower back. It happens due to the reduction in neurochemicals testosterone, oxytocin, DHEA and DHT. Depletion of these chemicals releases a hormone namely prostaglandin E2. Prostaglandin E2 is an inflammatory hormone which is responsible for causing your lower back pain.

6. Premature Ejaculation And Soft Erections (In Men)

Premature ejaculation and soft erections are also common side effects of excessive masturbation. Too much masturbation can damage your nerves through which ejaculation occurs.

In scientific words, over hand-practice can weaken your parasympathetic nerves that control an erection. Some people have also reported that in early ejaculation they don’t feel that much pleasure while ejaculating.

7. Effect On Sexual Life

According to reports, a large number of people who over masturbate have reported a disturbance in their sex life. They feel difficulty in having a normal sex with their partner.

During sex, they used to take a longer time to reach the state of ejaculation. It is reported by some of them that they can not have their penis erection(male) without the help of masturbation.

8. Pain While Urination

People who have developed the habit of over masturbation reported pain while urination. It is caused because of the weakening of urine tube due to excessive masturbation. The urine tube could not handle the pressure while urination which causes irritation and pain. Sometimes you may lose the control over urination and urinate in small-small amount frequently.

9. Sleep Disturbance And Lnsomnia

Hormonal imbalance is the result of chronic masturbation. During masturbation, your body loses some necessary hormones especially melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone which is responsible for your healthy sleep. Over masturbation increases the rate of melatonin depletion in your body. As a result, this becomes one of the factors why you feel difficult to sleep at night.

Chronic insomnia is the ultimate result of excessive masturbation which occurs in two stages. The first stage is a problematic stage in which you will experience tiredness and difficulty in concentrating.

These are the early symptoms of insomnia due to masturbation. The second stage is a severely addictive stage in which you will feel chronic fatigue and difficulty in sleeping. These are the symptoms of full chronic insomnia caused due to chronic masturbation.

10. Penis Shrinkage (In Men)

Beleive or not but its a fact that penis shrinkage is the side effect of over masturbation. According to medical science, there are two reasons for penis shrinkage.
a) Due to fat(plaque) buildup which affects the rate of blood flow.
b) Due to inelastic scar tissue buildup which affects the growth of arteries(in erectile chambers)

So, now the question arises How penis shrinkage is related to over masturbation?. Regular or over masturbation damages various penile tissues and essential growth hormone(HGH). As a result of this damage both fat(plaque) and scar tissue induces causing you penis shrinkage.

Home Remedies For Excessive Masturbation Problem

Masturbation in limit is a healthy practice for relaxation and pleasure. But over masturbation can be very problematic for your health as discussed above. And for this most of you have searched for How to escape from over masturbation problem.

The good news is that most of the side effects of masturbation are reversible. For that, you just need to make small changes in your daily life.

There are many natural ways that can be beneficial in curing your masturbation problems. and follow our simple home remedies.Below we have discussed home remedies for How to get rid of masturbation naturally.

1. Your Will Power

The best remedy for excessive masturbation is your willpower. There is a saying that “Anything can be achieved if you have strong willpower”. You just need to make a strict decision against over masturbation and stick on that. Your one strong decision can save you from severe side effects of over masturbation.

2. Exercise To Avoid Masturbation Addiction


Daily exercise is very beneficial in reducing the frequency of masturbation. For most of you, masturbation is a way of releasing the excess energy that accumulates in you. If you spent this excess energy in physical activities then your urge for masturbation will definitely reduce.

Another benefit of exercising is mental focus and concentration. Regular exercise in the morning helps your mind to stay fresh over the day. Thoughts about masturbation will decrease if your mind is fresh and focused. So you should maintain a daily healthy routine including exercise and proper diet.

3. Avoid Staying Alone

According to report, most of the people masturbate too much because they were alone at home. It is a fact that if you are alone at home your mind will definitely think about masturbation. Therefore staying alone at home can become the cause of excessive masturbation.

To save yourself from over masturbation, avoid staying alone at home. Try to utilize the alone time for other useful work. If you indulge your mind in other tasks thought about frequent masturbation will vanish.

Go for a walk or meet some friend but leave the house if you have an excessive masturbating problem. It is difficult to control the urge to masturbate when you are alone. So, avoid staying alone and use the bedroom for sleep not just for masturbation.

4. Relax From Stress

It is observed that people under a lot of stress masturbate to feel good. Stress is a negative energy that people suppress by masturbating. But after some time this energy or stress again overpower your mind. And the cycle of masturbation repeats causing you excessive masturbation problem.

There are many natural ways to release your stress. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing and massage are some of the best home remedies for relaxation. These activities not only keep you away from masturbation but also induce freshness in your mind.

5. Eat Healthy Diet

Eat healthy diet
Eat healthy diet

Probably you may not know that your diet plays an important role in your sex life. Try to avoid dairy products, sweets, alcohol, and caffeine while making your diet plan. These products include that element which increases your urge for masturbation.

Your healthy diet must include peanutssunflower seeds, soybean, vegetables, and fruits. Always drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and fresh. Consumption of these products helps you to reduce the urge for masturbation. On the other hand, these products are beneficial in maintaining your healthy body.

6. Avoid Porn To Avoid Masturbation Addiction

Most of the youngster indulge in excessive masturbating because of easy availability of pornography. Try to avoid watching pornography all the time. Get rid of all the CDs, videos, magazines, photos etc related to pornography. Even avoid watching any adult seducing content on tv if you are very sensitive towards masturbation.

It is an advice for parents to keep checking their children’s room and computer for any adult content. Because teenage is the time when children need to be more focus on their career not on pornography.

7. Milk With Saffron

Milk and saffron
Milk and saffron

Consumption of milk with saffron can greatly reduce the side effects of masturbation. Ingredients in milk and saffron also include essential proteins and vitamins that controls your sexual life and masturbation urges. This remedy is more effective if you consume it before sleeping.

8. Ginger – Honey Mixture

Ginger honey mixture
Ginger honey mixture

Ginger is known for its antioxidant and antiviral properties. Consumption of ginger and honey mixture is very beneficial in reducing the side effects of over masturbating such as physical and mental exhaustion. Try to include ginger and honey in your daily diet plan. You can also directly chew small pieces of ginger frequently throughout the day.

FAQ’s Related to Masturbation

Q – Is Masturbation A Common Behavior?

Solution: Yes, masturbation is very common and normal phenomenon for human beings. In addition, it is good for your mental and physical stability.

Q – Is Masturbation Harmful?

Solution: No, masturbation is not a harmful act. But sometimes excessive masturbation can lead to mental and physical health issues.

Q – Does Over Masturbation Affects Both mMen & Women?

Solution: Too much masturbation is harmful to both men and women.

Q – Is It Healthy For A Man To Masturbate Daily?

Solution: There is no fixed number of times you should masturbate for a healthy life. For some people daily masturbation can be healthy and for other, it could be excessive masturbation problem.

Q – Can Masturbation Replace sex For Men?

Solution: It is not true for every man but some people may lose interest in sex due to over masturbation.

Q – Can Masturbation Reduces Your Sperm Count?

Solution: The answer is No, masturbation has nothing to do with your sperm count. As sperm keeps producing in your body continuously. Though the amount of sperm reduces if you masturbate frequently.

Q – Can Masturbation Helps You Lose Weight?

Solution: Yes but very less. As masturbation is also a type of exercise. But it doesn’t mean that you should masturbate frequently to lose more weight. Because over masturbation can cause you other health issues.

Q – Does Masturbation Affect Bodybuilding?

Solution: No, masturbation does not affect your bodybuilding muscle building. Although over masturbation can cause your other health issues.


Masturbation is a normal, healthy and natural way of exploring the pleasure of self-love. You should not have guilt, shame or fear while or after masturbating. Though there are chances of masturbation addiction. It has many benefits for healthy mind and body.

You should consider it as a gift of God and use it in proper and control manner. Don’t indulge in overusing it. You should visit doctors if above remedies don’t help you to avoid excessive masturbation and its effects.

Hope you have got enough information about masturbation. If you have any question regarding this, please comment it below in comment section. Your question will be answered by a proper medical staff.

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