If you deal with redness on your cheeks, there are many reasons behind this ranging from sunburn to rashes to rosacea.

You need to know what is causing your cheeks to get red. There are medications also available in the market, but why to waste your money when you can easily try these natural home remedies to treat them.

Keep on reading to find out more!!

But before that, let us read a little bit about the reasons for redness on the cheeks.As mentioned above, it could range from rosacea to other skin irritations.

Causes Of Redness On The Cheek


It is a long term skin problem where there is inflammation on the cheeks because of the blood vessels that he enlarged under your skin. People with fair skin are more prone to this problem.

2.Contact Dermatitis

Another reason can be Contact Dermatitis!Now, what is Contact Dermatitis?It is caused when you have sensitivity or allergy from certain materials like dyes or certain products that you use like for cleaning.

If you notice something different on the cheeks when using a particular product, that means it is causing you reactions and giving redness on the cheeks.

3.Rashes or Sunburn or Windburn

Other reasons can be rashes or sunburn or windburn or skin burn from using particular products.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Red Cheeks Naturally


Cucumber Mask To Reduce Redness On Cheek

Cucumber Mask To Reduce Redness On Cheek

Cucumber is great for providing the calming, cooling, and soothing effect. It helps in moisturising the skin and aiding the redness.Keep the slices on your cheeks to remove the redness and repair the cells.


Oatmeal mask to treat rosacea on face
Oatmeal mask to treat rosacea on face

Oats have anti-inflammatory properties to help with the redness. Mix a handful oats with milk, aloe vera gel or honey and make a paste.Apply it to your cheeks and let it dry. Then wash it.

3.Cucumber and Oatmeal mask

As mentioned above, both are great for treating redness and providing the calming, soothing, and cooling effect.

Combine both the ingredients to make a good consistency facial. Apply it on your cheeks and keep it on for about half an hour then wash it off.You can also keep the mixture in the refrigerator for some time to chill it. It adds to the benefits.

4.Ice Cubes

Apply To Ice To Cure Redness On Face
Apply To Ice To Cure Redness On Face

Ice cubes are also a great way of reducing the redness. You can take a piece of an ice cube and gently rub in on your cheeks for some time.

Or you can also take a couple of ice cubes and wrap it in a cloth. Now use this cloth with the ice cubes wrapped into massage on the cheeks to get comfort from the redness.

5.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Mask To Get Rid Of Skin Redness

Aloe Vera Mask To Get Rid Of Skin Redness

Aloe Vera is the most popular plant to be used in treating skin problems.It is widely used in beauty products. It has cleansing and anti-microbial properties.

Cut a small part of the leaf and slit it into two parts. Take out the gel and apply it on the cheeks. You can do this twice a day.

6.Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial for not only the body but also for the skin. Having anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing the redness.

Prepare green tea and allow it to chill. Steep a soft cloth in the tea and squeeze the extra tea from it. Apply this cloth on your cheeks to help with the redness.

7.Coconut oil

Naturally extracted, pure coconut oil acts as a great moisturiser, especially in winters. Its properties help in reducing the redness.

Apply the oil on your cheeks. You can do this twice a day.You can also go for almond oil or olive oil. They also provide relief against redness of the cheeks.


papaya fruit mask to remove redness on skin

papaya fruit mask to remove redness on skin

Vitamins and active properties of this fruit help in curing the redness.Mash a few pieces and apply it on the cheeks. Let it be on for 20 minutes then wash it off.

9.Milk Cream

Milk Cream To Cure Redness On Face
Milk Cream To Cure Redness On Face

Nutrients present in the milk provide nourishment and soothing effect on the redness of skin.Apply cream made from milk on the cheeks and let it dry.Then wash it off. You can also add chilled rose water to the milk cream.


Honey Face Mask To Get Rid Of Redness

Honey Face Mask To Get Rid Of Redness

Honey helps in moisturising the skin and has antiseptic properties. Apply it on your cheeks. Do this daily.

11.Aloe Vera and Cucumber Mask

Combined properties and benefits of both of these ingredients can work like magic for the redness of your cheeks.Mash a piece to cucumber and mix aloe vera gel with it. Mix them well to make a good consistency paste like mask. Apply it on your cheeks. Do this daily.

12.Vitamin C

Application, as well as consumption of Vitamin C, helps in treating the redness. Try to consume eatables rich in vitamin C.

You can also apply vitamin C on your cheeks to reduce the redness. Try lemon or orange juice which is rich in vitamin C.Apply the juice on the cheeks. In the case of burning sensation, immediately wash it off.

Some Tips To Prevent The Redness:


Use a mild, gentle cleanser for washing your face. Do not use any product that might be harsh on the skin especially if you have sensitive skin.

Make sure it has a neutral pH level.


Always wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or over whenever you go out.

It is highly recommended to have a sunscreen on to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Reapply it after 2-4 hours.


If you have rosacea, then it is necessary to take care of your diet. Avoid eating or drinking things which are harmful to the skin.

Do not consume spicy food or alcohol; it will only worsen the problem.


Women wear a variety of makeup on their skin. One of those products can also be the reason for redness.

You might get allergy or reaction using the product. Never buy any local cheaper makeup products.It is necessary to buy good quality makeup products to avoid skin problems.


Stress can also result in giving the redness of the cheeks by increasing the flush.Try meditations and breathing techniques to remain calm.


You can also get redness during windy days. Use a scarf and good moisturiser for the windy days to avoid redness.


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