Want to learn how to get rid of sorrow. Then follow this ultimately guided meditation script for pain & grief fill the void that has been created.

No one except you can understand the pain and grief of losing someone close to you. It feels like a dagger in the heart.It’s a challenge to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and heal the wounds.

It’s a challenge to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and heal the wounds.

You must have met people who force upon you many myths like

[pull_quote_center]if you ignore the pain it will heal faster “be strong”.if you are not crying it means that you are not guilty about the loss[/pull_quote_center]

All these are mere words. The grief, reactions depends on the person. How much time he will take, that completely depends on him.

Everyone says time is the best healer. Why to trouble time when some other option can cure it. That is meditation. This will help you to cope up with your grief within time and helps you to move on in your life.

This guided meditation will help you to be patient and calm during the loss. It will show you that this is not the end of life. Your pain is insignificant and is only a phase in your life which has an end.

Firstly this meditation will help you to focus on the reasons for the pain and grief and then help you to accept it. Once you are done with the first step, then it will transform the pain and heal it. After this, it will relax and relieve your pain.

The guided meditation script will relax your body and give you inner peace.

Anything which makes you concentrate and focus on the present moment where the reason for your pain and grief lies. That thing only has the power to heal it. This ability is there in meditation which makes you live in the present and face the loss.

Follow the guided meditation script to overcome the pain and grief.

There are so many benefits of meditation. You will be amazed to know how it affects our soul, mind, and body.

So, meditate and lead a healthy life.