Discover more about nutmeg nutrition facts, health benefits to enrich your diet.Nutmeg is spice predominantly found in Indonesia.

Ever wondered if there could have been a magical potion that could erase all or, at least, some of the health issues you or your dear ones’ face each day?

Did you ever go out looking for that magic in your daily market area in the face of herb? Or, did you browse the internet for days and still didn’t manage to find a sign of it?

Well, if that is so then this article is here to help you. Today, we will talk about nutmeg that can challenge many of your daily life issues and also help you overcome them.

Nutmeg is a brown colored oval seed that is used as a spice worldwide. It is used widely as a flavoring agent and also possesses several medicinal benefits.

However, nutmeg consumption in excess levels is proven to lead you to various disorders.

In this article, you will discover the various utilities, usages, and drawbacks of the spectacular spice – The Nutmeg.


  • What Is nutmeg?
  • Health And Medicinal Benefits
  • Usages
  • Side Effects
  • Precautions
  • Dosages

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What Is Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is the seed found in the fruits of the species of trees from Myristica genus. It is roughly oval shaped like an egg and is one of the two spices contributed by the tree.

Another is the mace. This is the only tropical tree which possesses two different spices. The mace is the lacy membrane around the seed and the seed within, which is brown in color, is the nutmeg.

It is usually available throughout the year and has a spicy sweet flavor for which it is used widely for various culinary usages.

Apart from that, the nutmeg is also used for various commercial purposes. Some of them are – for extracting essential oils and butter and oleoresins (a mixture of different oils and resin).

Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Nutmeg

Apart from various culinary, the nutmeg contributes vastly in the field of medicinal utilities. The nutmeg is enriched with the goodness of nature and offers many health benefits to mankind.

You can see the various health benefits that this priceless seed avails in the list below:

  • Insomnia

In your day to day life, you may suffer from various ailments that can give you sleepless nights. Yes. Sleepless nights are disturbing.

You try to soothe your mind by getting some sleep, and you end up tossing sides. And this eventually gives you a bad mood throughout the next day. Insomnia should never be neglected as it can be one of the key points which can disturb your health and immunity.

Nutmeg is known for its extremely beneficial properties against insomnia by increasing the natural serotonin value in your body.

Now, serotonin is the neurotransmitter which induces sleep. It is also rich in myristin – a compound that inhibits the stress enzymes secretion, which takes care of your sleep by fighting tension and fatigue.

  • Against skin problems

Do you hate to look into the mirror? Do you feel upset looking at your skin? Do you have an acne prone or wrinkled skin which is full of blemishes?

If any of the questions has a positive answer, then nutmeg is your solution. Nutmeg holds antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that enable you to have a smooth and clear skin.

The nutmeg promotes hydration of your skin, thus, giving you a supple skin. It also fades away marks left by acne or boils. It is also known to fight eczema by removing the scaly patches. You are ought not to miss this wonder spice if you are looking for that flawless skin.

  • Helps in digestion

A healthy digestive system is a key to a happy life. While most adults face ill digestive issues like acidity or indigestion, little kids often face a lack of appetite.

If you face any of these then here nutmeg comes to your rescue. Nutmeg is traditionally known to take care of your digestive system. It improves digestion and thus, enhances your appetite.

It is rich in fibre and thus can take care of your upset stomach by fighting diarrhoea and comfort your constipation problems.

The use of nutmeg can also treat various other issues like flatulence and bloat. It also relieves you stomach aches by eliminating the intestinal gasses.

  • Against oral issues

Bad breath and tooth or gum ache can ruin your entire day, leaving you disheartened and blue. The growth of unwanted bacteria in your mouth brings about these issues.

When talked about oral health, the nutmeg has been proven to be the king of all spices. Nutmeg comprises of antibacterial properties which make it an effective remedy for fighting gum or a toothache and foul breath. It can help you against dental plaque and cavity.

  • Tonic for brain

Above everything, everyone desires a healthy functioning brain. The brain is the most important organ of the body. Isn’t it?

In spite of how much ever healthy and fit may your body be, you will never feel so if you don’t have a sound brain. Problems like stress and fatigue can be a prime cause of feeling sick.

The nutmeg can help you at this. Nutmeg is proven to stimulate your brain which eases mental stress, depression, and anxiety.

Also, it is rich in myristicin. Now, myristicin inhibits the action of an enzyme that leads to Alzheimer’s disease

  • Blood and bone health

The nutmeg is a boon for your blood health. It is helpful for stabilizing the organs of your body due to its high mineral content.

It does so by taking care of your blood health. Nutmeg comprises of potassium, which is a vasodilator. This vasodilator helps in relaxing your blood vessels resulting in diminishing the blood pressure and strain on your cardiovascular system.

It smoothens the absorption of nutrients through the life-giving fluid – blood. Nutmeg comprises of iron which deals with the iron deficiency in your blood thus, protecting you from anaemia.

This magical spice is also good for your bones. The calcium in nutmeg can help you obtain healthy and strong bones. It is known for boosting the repair and growth of the bones, thus, prevents osteoporosis.

  • Detoxification

Our body is prone to foreign bodies that enter into our system due to various ailments like pollution, stress, addictions or similar various other everyday happenings.

It is extremely important to detoxify your body so as to keep yourself safe and in good shape. If not, then these issues can develop toxins in your body which in turn can turn fatal. These toxins usually are seen to develop in the liver and kidney.

The nutmeg helps in maintaining the health of your liver and kidneys by preventing the generation of toxins. This helps in boosting your body on whole as detoxifying these organs leads to the healthy functioning of the body.

Nutmeg can also help in various liver disorders and can also dissolve kidney stones.

  • Against pain

The nutmeg holds natural pain relieving properties. Thus, it can help you against any body aches without taking much time and is also not harmful like the conventional painkillers.

It can also help you against pain due to cuts, burns, wounds, strains, inflammation and also arthritis. It can also help you against sore muscles and joints.

Nutmeg is known worldwide as a powerful sedative due to its pain healing characteristics.

  • Boosts immunity

Above all, nutmeg can take care of your immune system by supplying all the goodness possessed by it. It can enhance your immunity due to the presence of various minerals and vitamins present in it which contributes to its antioxidant action.

  • As an aphrodisiac

Do you happen to suffer from a low libido?

Nutmeg is known to work as a natural aphrodisiac as it hikes the libido performance in your body by imitating the effect of serotonin.

Now, you already read that serotonin helps in relaxing your body by inducing sleep. Thus, nutmeg is proven to be a wonderful aphrodisiac.

  • Nutmeg can also help combat asthma and may benefit your heart due to the presence of eugenol.


You just discovered the various health benefits of the essential spice – nutmeg. Now, let us shift the focus towards the various usages of this magical seed in our daily lives.

  • In food items

Nutmeg can be used in various dishes

–    It can be used in many dishes for to add flavor due to the presence of the slightly sweet taste

–    It can be added to soups or meat dishes and also desserts such as pie

–    It can either be used for seasoning food with sugar syrup or those which are coated with sugar.

–    Dried nutmeg can also be added as a topping.

–    It can also be boiled to extract the juice out of it.

–    Pickles, jams, and chutneys are also made out of these spice

–    People also use if for smoking purposes.

–    It can also be sprinkled on top of some drink

–    It can be clubbed with sugar syrup and crystallized to make candies.

–    Nutmeg butter is also derived, which can be used in place of cocoa butter.

  • In medicines

–    Small quantities of powdered nutmeg are added to medicines that are used for infants.

–    In painkillers and sedatives.

–    In exfoliators and face washes and face masks.

–    In toothpastes

–    In cough syrups

–    Essential oil to cure stress and nervous disorders

–    In medicines that are used to cure-related digestive issues.

–    As a powerful abortifacient – a drug that causes abortions.

Side Effects

I’m quite sure that you are well known about the fact that everything in nature comes with two duals.

You must have heard – “A coin always has two faces,” right?

Well, anything and everything that benefits you may not be beneficial for someone else or you too wholly. You already are aware of all the health and medicinal benefits of nutmeg.

Now, let us throw some light on the side-effects of the magic spice. Though in small doses it does not produce any major issues when taken in larger amounts, it can lead to psychoactive effects. You can see few of them listed below:

–    Convulsions.

–    Lack of concentration.

–    Palpitations.

–    Nausea.

–    Headaches.

–    Dizziness.

–    Memory disturbances.

–    Visual distortions.

–    Body pain.

–    Acts as a deliriant – gives hallucinations.

–    The excessive dosage of nutmeg can also lead you to dehydration and allergies.

–    In pregnant ladies, nutmeg can act like poison as it can turn fatal for the fetus. Even if one is lactating then the consumption of nutmeg is a no-no.


Though an episode of fatal myristicin poisonings is very rare, yet, it is advised that you take proper care while using this spice. You by now are well aware of all the side effects that nutmeg can lead you to.

Thus, it is also advised that you know about all that needs to be avoided and done so as to help yourself with any health related problem in near future.

  • Individuals with psychiatric conditions should avoid the spice to be taken in excessive quantities as this may lead to being a major problem.
  • While lactating, it can be taken in very small doses. However, it must be avoided during pregnancy due to its abortifacient property.
  • Consumption of nutmeg in an excessive amount can complicate your system. Thus, it should be consumed in smaller quantities.
  • Nutmeg can also give you allergies and skin reactions. Thus, it is advised that you go a thorough check before using it. Also, keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
  • It is advised that you have a good talk with your doctor before you add the nutmeg to your daily regime.
  • Airtight containers can be used to preserve its goodness and aroma. Keep it away from direct access to sunlight in a considerably cool place. However, it is not to be refrigerated.


Now that you know almost everything about the nutmeg, there is just a small thing that you should wisely deal with – the proper dosage.

Well, there are no such no studies which can prove the accurate therapeutic dosing. The dose of nutmeg may depend on various factors like your age, health, or many other conditions. You may,

  • Drink a glass of warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg powder before going to bed to fight insomnia.
  • Use a paste of nutmeg powder plus milk on your skin to decrease redness or dullness.
  • Use it as a scrub by adding nutmeg powder and orange lentil powder. It can help you remove blackheads.
  • Put some drops of the nutmeg essential oil on cotton and dab on the affected areas to get rid of oral problems.

Dr.M.Gopi Krishna is a renowned professor in the dept. of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya kalpana at Sri Jagadguru Gavisiddheshwara Ayurvedic Medical College & Post Graduate Research Center.He has personally made around 250 Ayurvedic preparations and self dispense in his own clinic for his patients.