Health Benefits Of Brahmi Oil

Health Benefits Of Brahmi Oil
Health Benefits Of Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil has many health benefits and used since ages.This oil has brief mention in Ayurveda.

Brahmi oil has been a boon to our race. It is enriched with many biochemical compounds such as Bacopa saponins Herpestine,bacoside, saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, sterols, Betulic acid, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol.

I understand that these names are complicated and hard to remember. But what’s worth remembering is aphrodisiac, memory and health boosting tonic it proves to be.

Here is everything you need to know about this magic oil!

What Is Brahmi Oil?

Brahmi oil is an infusion of the Brahmi herb with any base oil.It has sweet and weakly murky fragrance and is green. This oil is being used since the ancient times for multiple health and beauty purposes. It has powerful medicinal benefits.

There are two herbs which are used for derivation of this oil:

Bacopa Monnieri-

Traditionally, this herb is used for the manufacture of Brahmi oil. It significantly improves cognitive and memory function. You may have also heard about it by different names like Bacopa, Herpestis Monniera, Nirbrahmi, Water hyssop, Herb of Grace, Indian Pennywort, Jal-Brahmi.

Centella Asiatica-

Commonly known as Gotu Kola. It is said that it is helpful in preventing cancer and life extension, but it’s not proved yet.

The primary ingredients of Brahmi Oil are Brahmi herb and base oil. This base oil can be –

Butter Oil-

Ghee, which is found in our regular households,  and was traditionally used by the rishis to extract Brahmi oil.

Sesame Oil-

This oil is specifically mentioned in Ayurveda and is thus, most commonly used to make Brahmi oil. More precisely, it is preferred when we want to deal with VATA Disorders or Mental Stress.

Coconut oil-

It is the second most preferred base for Brahmi oil. Specifically for Hair problems.

You must know that Brahmi needs a base oil because the concentrated Brahmi oil alone is too strong and powerful. It can have adverse effects.

Thus, a base oil is necessary.

It is also manufactured in combination with the herb fruit, Amla. To make Amla – Brahmi oil. It is known for preventing premature greying. And the hair from hair fall.


Ingredients Quantity
Brahmi leaves 1 kg(1 part)
Base oil(Your choice) 10 litre(10 part)
water 8 litres(8 part)


Take Brahmi leaves and add them to a container with water.

Boil the water with the Brahmi leaves in it. Simmer the mixture until 1/4th of the water remains.

Add base oil to the water solution. Keep it at a simmer until the water gets evaporated and only the base oil remains.

Leave the container as is for 24 hrs. Next day, separate the oil from the herbal residues.You can filter the oil using a cotton cloth for fine oil.

For an advanced version of Brahmi oil, you can choose to add other herbal oils to it. I am giving you one of the actual formulae right from the Ayurvedic texts.

Brahmi oil 1 litre
Sandal Oil 80 ml
Sarangi Oil 40 ml
Rose oil 40 ml



Brahmi oil is known to have therapeutic qualities and healing properties. You’ll be surprised to see the following list of properties that the oil possess.

Antimicrobial works against harmful bacterias.

Neuroprotective lowers the chances of neural degeneration.

Anti-Ulcer soothes ulcer.

Carminative-promotes expulsion of gas from the body.

Analgesic– reduction in pain.

Anti asthma-relieves asthma symptoms.

Astringent-shrinks the skin pores and tightens the skin.

Nootropic-increases memory retention.

Antioxidant-high antioxidant content.

Anxiolytic– helps with anxiety.

Sedative-Soothing effect. Can sedate a person.

Antiepileptic-helps with epileptic seizures.

Anti-pyretic-helps to lower fever temperature.

Anti inflammatory-Reduces inflammation intensity.

22 Health Benefits Of Brahmi Oil

22. Fights Dandruff

Let’s face it, from time to time, we suffer from dandruff issues. None of us like those white flaky spots on our shoulders. So to avoid that, Brahmi oil comes in very handy. If you apply the oil to your hair roots regularly, it will replenish the roots with desired moisture and cure your dandruff problems.

21. Fights hair loss

Brahmi oil can be a solution to all your hair issues. Its regular usage replenishes your hair roots and makes the hair follicles stronger with continued use. It provides your hair with antioxidant protection from free radicals.

20. Split ends prevention

I understand that split ends can be very annoying. It’s frustrating to get your hairs trimmed when all you want is long hair. But trust me, once you begin using Brahmi oil, you’ll see that your split ends are fewer and farther between.

Its consistent use provides an extra layer of protection. It will also add that much-desired luster to your hair.

19. Scalp Nourishment

Massaging your scalp with Brahmi oil invigorates hair growth. It helps to nourish the scalp by providing nutrients to the hair follicles.

Please note you can also use some other Essential oils for Hair to get rid of all hair problems.

18. Prevents Alopecia

Brahmi oil is a rich source of antioxidants. These  antioxidants provide protection from free radicals. These biochemical compounds are powerful and significantly helps in treating temporary or permanent baldness.

17. Brahmi for fair skin this antioxidant

Rich Ayurvedic herb helps to get rid of toxins from the epithelium layer. This significantly improves skin complexion and at the same time stimulates skin cell regeneration. It is also good for inner skin which lines the digestive tract, which supports the functioning of healthy microbes.

16. Brahmi is used in the treatment of psoriasis, ulceration, abscess and eczema

Deals with mental problems Due to its refreshing effect, you can use it as a mental tonic for improving focus, concentration, and amnesia. The nitric oxide present in it has positive effects on mental clarity and the functioning of the brain.

15. Stress reduction

The cortisol hormone in our body is the main culprit for stress. When the cortisol hormone levels are high, we undergo stress. However, due to the mood elevating and stress busting properties of Brahmi oil, these levels are reduced.

The components of Brahmi oil adapts to stressful conditions, and thus are known as adaptogens.I’ll highly recommend consumption of Brahmi-tulsi tea to cope up in rough times.

14. Memory retention

The part of our brain responsible for intelligence, memory and concentration is called hippocampus. The biochemicals present in Brahmi oil helps to stimulate this part of our brain, thus enhancing thinking power.

Also, for hyperactive children(ADHD), it is very beneficial. What it does is, it replicates the leaf of the brain to the cerebellum, thus helping in memory retention and concentration.

For mental health benefits, Rosemary oil can also be used.

13. Epilepsy cure

Bacopa Monnieri, from ancient times, have been extensively used as a neurological tonic for our cognitive improvement. It can be taken with Vacha(another herb) for curing patients with epilepsy problem.

You’d think how? I’ll tell you.

It releases biochemicals called bacosides A and B. These chemicals improve neurotransmission among cells. They not only repair damaged neurons but also mitigates neurodegeneration.

12. Sexual problems

There are many medicinal and therapeutic uses of Brahmi. You’ll be surprised to know that not only can it cure impotence but also increases sexual drives.

11. Blood circulation

Brahmi oil ensures circulation of blood throughout our body. This, in turn, proves to be good for a healthy liver, lungs and kidney.

10. Other medicinal use

Brahmi oil covers a large section of health issues when it comes to curing. It is extensively used for curing arthritis, lowering cholesterol, dealing with insomnia, memory booster, mental fatigue, IBS, bronchial problems, inflammations, cough, asthma, antidepressant and rheumatism.

9. Natural Sleep Remedy

If you are someone who can’t sleep at night or suffers from chronic insomnia, use of Brahmi oil could sure bring you some relief. It can help you induce sleep by two methods:

Take a warm water bath. In the water being used, add few drops of Brahmi oil.

Massage your scalp with Brahmi oil. Continuous massage for about 10 minutes will help you lose your body and make you feel light and relaxed. Your body will be ready for a sound sleep.

8. Helps with Anxiety

Often because of anxiety, we fail to concentrate during exams or complete a task before deadlines, etc. Brahmi oil can help you instantly to calm your anxiety. What you can do is diffuse the air with Brahmi oil using a vaporizer or an oil burner. Or you can deeply inhale the Brahmi oil to get rid of anxious feelings.

7. Treatment of ulcer Mouth ulcers is very common

When an ulcer breaks out, you can apply a small amount of Brahmi oil on it. The Brahmi oil can provide you with relief. It also protects the ulcer from sting caused by food. It promotes fast healing.

For different teeth problems, clove oil can also be helpful.

6. Most preferred for scalp massage Brahmi oil

Not only helps with hair growth, but also helps to nourish Scalp. It reduces mental exhaustion and stress. It replenishes the scalp with lost moisture and hair lustre. The oil has a certain cooling effect that promotes sleep.

5. Helps with joint pain relief a strongly anti-inflammatory oil

You can apply it to alleviate inflammation and common pain in joints. You can reduce back pain, headache, and pain in other parts of the body. Its analgesic property provides instant relief.

4. Alzheimer’s disease

Although it’s not completely established that Brahmi oil scalp massage can help to cure Alzheimer’s disease, but it sure promises a boost to cognitive functions of an individual.

3. Enhances alertness

Brahmi herb helps to boost the blood flow to the brain. It is a long-term process whereby the brain gets more blood supply when the scalp is massaged with Brahmi oil regularly. Although the oil induces a calming sensation during the scalp massage, it improves the alertness of the person when needed.

2. Abdominal Massage

Gas pain is quite common. You can massage your abdomen with Brahmi oil to pass intestinal gas and reduce gas pain. It also helps you to alleviate indigestion and an upset stomach.

1. Premature greying of hair

Use of Brahmi oil prevents discoloration and premature greying of hairs. I’ll tell how you can make a potent Brahmi oil with dried amla, fenugreek seeds and fresh Brahmi extract. This will help you to reduce significantly the rate of greying of hairs. Besides, it is a very good hair conditioner.

You will need:

Unrefined sesame oil: 1cup

Brahmi oil: 1/4 cup

Fenugreek seeds: 1 tbsp

Dried Amla: 1 tbsp


Heat Sesame oil in simmer flame. Add fenugreek seeds and dried amla. You’ll see that the dried amla will swell up, as a result of heat and starts floating on the top.

Remove the mixture from the flame. Add Brahmi oil once the mixture is lukewarm. You don’t want to kill the nutrients or aroma of Brahmi oil with excess heat.

Strain the mixture to get the refined oil. Make sure you have not burnt any seeds and dried amla.

Store the oil in glass bottles.

Use this oil for a head massage before hair wash, let it soak for 15 minutes before hair wash.


Brahmi oil contains nutrients from the herb which is used to make it. i.e. either Bacopa or Gotu Kola. You can also make the oil using both the herbs if you wish the oil to contain nutrients from both the herbs.

It also contains the nutrients from the carrier or base oil. The nutrients and fatty acids of the base oil boost the absorption and delivery of certain nutrients from the Brahmi herb. Thus, they work in synergy.

Important compounds found in the Brahmi herb and consequently in the herb infused oil are:

Hersaponin- The reason behind memory boosting property.

Flavones- The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of Brahmi oil can be attributed to this compound.

Cucurbitacin- The reason behind medicinal properties of Brahmi Oil.

D-mannitol- The reason behind stress busting quality of Brahmi Oil.

Alkaloids- The pain relief quality of the Brahmi oil can be attributed to Alkaloids.

Bacosides- All the therapeutic properties of Brahmi oil like brain tonic to enhance memory development, learning, and concentration, relief to patients with anxiety or epileptic disorders, cardiac tonic, digestive aid, and to improve respiratory function in cases of bronchoconstriction, etc. are due to Bacosides.


This oil is mostly used for topical application and not meant for oral consumption. Brahmi oil, if ingested can sometimes result in mild side effects, like and vomiting nausea. If you consume it in large doses, it can be fatal.

Brahmi, the herb, however, can be consumed in the form of capsules, powder, Brahmi extract. The herb Bacopa Monnieri has an LD 50 of 2400 mg/kg. This is a lethal dose.


Brahmi oil should not be used by pregnant women, children and nursing women. Since there is no data about how medications interact with Brahmi oil, a doctor must be consulted with before using it during a treatment period.

You should avoid using it while taking birth control pills.

It should be avoided during estrogen replacement therapy.

Stop it if you are taking phenothiazine. It leads to stomach discomfort.

Due to lack of research, not much is known about the safety of using Brahmi oil. You should remember that Brahmi supplements usually aren’t  tested  and are largely unregulated.  While such risks are common while purchasing any dietary supplement, these risks may be of greater magnitude in the purchase of Ayurvedic products containing a variety of herbs in varying doses.


If you can’t find Brahmi oil or you are allergic to it, I have listed a couple of alternatives so that you can enjoy the same benefits that Brahmi oil has to offer.

Valerian and Kava herbs to help alleviate anxiety and promote healthy sleep.

RhodiolaAshwagandha, and Panax ginseng herbs to shield the body from the negative effects of chronic stress.

Remedies like tea tree oilapple cider vinegar, and Biotin may help treat dandruff.

Amla oil for your all hair relates issues.


You can easily find and purchase Brahmi oil online. You have a variety of brands available under different price ranges.

Also, it is easily available at your nearest medical shops, or shops exclusively for personal care products or even in cosmetic stores.


Dr.M.Gopi Krishna is a renowned professor in the dept. of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya kalpana at Sri Jagadguru Gavisiddheshwara Ayurvedic Medical College & Post Graduate Research Center.He has personally made around 250 Ayurvedic preparations and self dispense in his own clinic for his patients.