Health Benefits Of Fenugreek
Health Benefits Of Fenugreek

You all must have come across the seeds called fenugreek seeds. It is also called as Methi seeds.It has lots of health benefits and uses in home remedies.

Fenugreek (Trigonella forum-grade cum), whether in leaves form or seeds form, is frequently used in food preparations like curries, pulses, paranthas and other vegetarian dishes.

It possesses a strong flavor and is slightly bitter in taste. However, what you may not know is that it is an excellent source of many medicinal properties.

It contains protein, fiber, niacin, vitamin C,  potassium, alkaloids and iron.

It also has a compound called diosgenin which has estrogen-like properties, as well as steroidal saponins.

These constituents provide many benefits to fenugreek seeds. It is used as an antidote for most of the skin and hair problems.

Now, let’s have a look on the nutrients present in the fenugreek seeds.

Nutritional Benefits of Methi or Fenugreek seeds

(Source: USDA Nutrient database)

Principle Nutrients per 100g of Fenugreek seeds
Energy 323 Kcal
Carbohydrate 58.35 g
Protein 23g
Fat 6.41g
Dietary Fiber 24.6g
Thiamine 0.322mg
Riboflavin 0.366mg
Niacin 1.640mg
Pyridoxine 0.600mg
Folates 57 µg
Vitamin A 60 IU
Vitamin C 3mg
Sodium 67mg
Potassium 770mg
Calcium 176mg
Magnesium 191mg
Manganese 1.228mg
Copper 1.110mg
Iron 33.53mg
Selenium 6.3 µg
Zinc 2.50mg
Phosphorus 296mg


Now, as you have seen that Fenugreek seeds are rich in nutrients. Below are the benefits of Fenugreek seeds. Read on to know.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds for Skin:

Fenugreek is well known as the Asian beauty secret for achieving beautiful skin. It possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Various studies have also shown that methi seeds act as an effective topical treatment for a variety of skin-related problems.

1. Cure for Skin Inflammation:

Fenugreek is an herbal treatment for skin inflammation. It can also treat abscesses, boils, eczema, muscle pain, gout, and burns.It can relieve local inflammatory pain and swelling when used as a poultice.

It can relieve local inflammatory pain and swelling when used as a poultice.

Grind 1 tablespoon of methi seeds into powder. Mix this powder with warm water then soak a piece of clean cloth in this mixture.Apply this on the affected areas of the body like a poultice.

Apply this on the affected areas of the body like a poultice.

2. Cure for Acne/Blackheads and Wrinkles:

Grind 1 tablespoon of Methi seeds into powder and add some water to it to make a paste. Add honey to this paste and apply this as a face mask to treat acne.

This can efficiently treat cystic acne also. It is also useful against blackheads and wrinkles.

What Fenugreek does is, it draws out accumulated toxins present underneath the epidermis and also tones the outer layers of the skin.

Thus, both external application and ingestion of methi are useful to help you get that desired glow on your skin.

3. Anti-Ageing Remedy:

Fenugreek is a natural anti-ageing remedy. It prevents the formation of free radicals in the body due to the action of UV rays from the sun, repairs the damaged skin cells and regenerates new ones, effectively.

All these together helps to delay the signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and blemishes.

Take two teaspoons of fenugreek paste and add a teaspoon of boiled milk to it. Now add a teaspoon of honey to it.

Mix it well to form a smooth paste and then apply this paste on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. You can use this remedy twice a week to tone your facial skin.

4. Exfoliates Skin:

Fenugreek can be used to prepare a scrub for effective skin exfoliation. It smoothly exfoliates your face to reveal the beautiful skin underneath.

Make a face pack using fenugreek paste, curd, gram flour and fenugreek water.

Apply this pack on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Splash your face with water and scrub in a circular motion.

Rinse it off with cold water and pat it dry.This scrub helps exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cells and making your skin appear healthier and shinier.

This scrub helps exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cells and making your skin appear healthier and shinier.

Rinse it off with cold water and pat it dry. This scrub helps exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cells and making your skin appear healthier and shinier.

5. Lightens Skin:

Fenugreek can also be used to lighten your complexion. It can also treat under-eye dark circles. Mix fenugreek

Mix fenugreek pastes with a tablespoon of milk and applies it evenly on your skin. Also, apply it on the under eye area. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

This paste improves complexion and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

6. Prevents Sun Damage:

Fenugreek can also help in protecting your skin from the sun damage.

Incorporation of fenugreek in your diet will work wonders in protecting skin against harmful radiation of sun and damage caused by sun exposure.

7. Tones And Cleanses Skin:

Homemade fenugreek toner can nourish your skin. Fenugreek seeds make skin healthy from within. Add a handful of fenugreek seeds to four cups of water.

Simmer this on flame for fifteen minutes. Strain the water and let it cool. Use this water for washing your face twice a day. Regular use of this toner will nourish and cleanse the skin.

8. Treats Blemishes:

Blemishes can be very frustrating at times making the even good face look uglier. Fenugreek is a great remedy to gradually lighten skin blemishes.

Grind one teaspoon of fenugreek to make it powder. Mix it with warm water. Soak a cloth or cotton in this solution. Apply it on your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

Apply this mixture twice daily to reduce blemishes and get a clear and flawless skin.

Fenugreek seeds for Hair:

Methi seeds are very helpful in providing some relief against hair thinning, hair fall and dandruff. It is proven very effective in reversing baldness too.

Ingestion of Fenugreek or its application directly onto the hair in the form of a paste can be the ultimate solution for all your hair-related problems.

Fenugreek seeds have nicotinic acid and some proteins which serve as a great source for hair growth.

It also contains a significant amount of lecithin which hydrates the hair along with making it healthy and active.

It helps in reducing the dryness of the hair. It can also act as a good conditioner for the hair.

1. Hair Loss:

Methi is extremely useful in strengthening the hair from the roots and treating follicular problems.

Fenugreek seeds contain many components that act as a precursor for many hormones that enhance hair growth and helps to rebuild the hair follicles.

What you just need to do is soak methi in water for some time and make a paste out of it.

Apply coconut oil to the hair first followed by the application of the methi paste onto your scalp. Allow the hair to absorb the mask for at least an hour before washing it.

You can also make a paste of powdered methi seeds using coconut oil instead of water. Massage the paste on your hair and you will notice positive results within 2 to 3 weeks.

A paste of methi seeds mixed with coconut milk also helps prevents dandruff, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.

2. Dandruff:

Dandruff is a common hair ailment, and it surfaces especially during the winter months because of the usage of hot water.

But do not worry as there are various treatments and procedures to treat dandruff. One of the most necessary and efficient cure is by using methi seeds.

It has been known to treat dry scalp and dermatitis effectively.

Take two tablespoons of methi seeds and soak them in water overnight. These seeds will get softer by morning. Grind them to make a paste and apply this paste on your scalp.

Leave it for half an hour on your scalp before washing it off. You can also use the paste of softened methi seeds in conjunction with curd.This paste prevents dandruff and any other scalp irritations you might have.

Another treatment involves crushing one table spoon of methi seeds to make it a powder and then mixing it with warm oil.

Apply this mixture on your scalp once it gets cooled. Leave it on for 2 hours. Shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove any traces of the paste.

If you need a quick remedy and don’t have time to soak the seeds overnight, then you can simply make a paste using methi powder and water.

Apply this paste directly on the scalp and wash it off after an hour.

Otherwise, you can also make a paste of powdered methi seeds with apple cider vinegar. Leave it on your scalp for not more than 30 minutes.

3. Conditioning:

Fenugreek seeds contain lecithin which is an emulsifying agent. When the fenugreek seeds are soaked in water, it produces a slippery substance which contributes to the shine of your hair. This characteristic of Methi seeds makes it optimal for using it as a hair conditioner.

This characteristic of Methi seeds makes it optimal for using it as a hair conditioner.

Soak the methi seeds in water and leave them overnight. When the seeds become slimy to touch, grind them into a paste.

Apply this paste on your scalp, roots and the whole length of the hair. Don’t let the paste dry completely as it will become cumbersome to wash it off then.Let it remain for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

You can also make an herbal tonic using these seeds. Just boil these seeds and keep them in coconut oil overnight so that it can soak the oil completely.

Strain the oil afterward and massage this on hair thrice a week to get shiny and lustrous hair. It will also help reducing hair fall to a great extent.

4. Reverses Baldness:

One of the most popular uses of fenugreek seeds for hair is a reversal of baldness.Fenugreek contains many components which acts as precursors for many hormones that enhance the hair growth and help in strengthening and rebuilding of hair follicles.

Fenugreek contains many components which acts as precursors for many hormones that enhance the hair growth and help in strengthening and rebuilding of hair follicles.

All you need to do is just mix powdered fenugreek seeds with some coconut oil and massage it into the scalp twice a week to notice new hair growth.

5. Repairs Damaged Hair:

Rinse your hair with the water in which fenugreek seeds were soaked overnight to get that smooth and manageable hair.

6. Prevents Premature Greying:

Fenugreek can also help to prevent premature graying of the hair. Boil some fenugreek seeds with coconut oil and give your hair a hot oil massage with it and then leave it overnight and rinse it off the next morning.

Fenugreek Seeds For Health:

Fenugreek has a long history of treating several health problems. Below are some of the amazing health benefits of methi seeds.

1. Reduces and Balances Cholesterol:

Research has proven that fenugreek seeds help to lower the cholesterol level in the blood flow known as low-density lipoprotein or LDL in short form. It is recommended to take 2 ounces of methi seeds daily to lower cholesterol.

2. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease:

Fenugreek contains a polysaccharide called galactomannan because of which it possesses cardiovascular benefits. Consumption of Fenugreek can lower the possibility of heart attacks to a great extent. As it is rich in potassium, it counter affects the action of sodium and help

Consumption of Fenugreek can lower the risk of heart attacks to a great extent. As it is rich in potassium, it counter effects the action of sodium and helps to control the blood pressure.

3. Controls Diabetes:

Studies have pointed out that fenugreek is beneficial for people affected by Type 2 diabetes. Due to the presence of galactomannan, it helps in decreasing the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the body.

Methi also contains some amino acids which induce the production of insulin by the pancreas thereby reducing the glucose level in the blood.

Hence, it is recommended for people with diabetes to ingest 1000 mg of methi every day to keep their diabetes in control.

4. Cure for Heartburn and Acidity:

Fenugreek also provides a calming effect on the body. It is an efficient remedy for heartburn and acidity.

Fenugreek contains a high amount of mucilage. Therefore, when consumed, it coats the lining of the stomach and intestine thereby soothing digestive inflammation.

All you need to do is just take a teaspoon of methi seeds and gulp it down with some water or juice before you have your meal.

Alternatively, you can also sprinkle the Fenugreek powder onto your food.

5. Aids Digestion:

Methi seeds contain high amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They also contain iron, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates and trace minerals as I have already mentioned in the table before.

It, therefore, acts as an effective treatment for gastritis and indigestion. It also helps in preventing constipation and other digestive problems that are caused by stomach ulcers.

Ayurveda suggests that people suffering from digestive fire or ‘Agni’ would also be able to calm this fire by just using Fenugreek seeds.

Just soak it in water overnight and make a paste out it the next morning. Mix this paste with some grated ginger and take it before your meal.Besides this, these seeds are also known for detoxifying the liver.

Besides this, these seeds are also known for detoxifying the liver.

6. Weight Loss:

Fenugreek seeds are known to promote weight loss by suppressing the appetite. Soak methi seeds overnight and in the morning chew these seeds on an empty stomach.

It contains a natural fiber that swells inside the gut making you feel full thereby helping in weight loss.

7. Remedy for Fever and Sore Throat:

When taken with a teaspoon of lemon and honey, fenugreek is known to help lowering down your body temperature.

Consume the mixture of lemon, honey and fenugreek thrice a day to see the result. Also, due to the presence of mucilage it also provides a soothing effect to relieve the pain due to a sore throat.

8. Breast Enlargement:

To all the ladies who wish to enlarge their breast, the easy way to do is by incorporating fenugreek in your diet.

Having up to 3gms of Fenugreek per day will balance your hormones because of its estrogen-like properties.

9. Increases Breast Milk Production:

We all know by now that Fenugreek seeds contain diosgenin. It helps in increasing the production of milk in lactating mothers. This herb also contains Phyto-estrogen which boosts the milk production in lactating mothers.

Several types of research have been known to prove that fenugreek can increase production of milk by over 500% and that too within 72 hours!

Just consume one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds thrice a day. Also, do not forget to stop taking this herb once you’ve achieved the desired level of milk production.

10. Eases Women’s Health Problems:

Fenugreek is a well-known herb for relieving menstrual cramps, hot flashes, discomfort and moodiness due to its calming effect on the hormonal system.

11. Protects Kidney:

Fenugreek helps in the prevention and treatment of painful kidney stones. It lowers the calcification in the kidney and flushes it out through urine.

12. Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms:

The estrogen-like properties of the fenugreek seed are very effective in treating the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, insomnia, and anxiety. Add two teaspoons of fenugreek powder to one glass of water.

You can also add sweetener if required as the herb has a bitter taste. Consume this concoction daily to get rid of the often overlooked menopausal symptoms.You can also drink fenugreek herbal tea thrice a day and get the same results.

13. Prevents Cancer:

Diosgenin, a compound found in fenugreek, is thought to have anti-carcinogenic properties, which may help to deter the cancer cells.

Also, the saponins present in fenugreek seeds inhibit bile salts re-absorption and toxins in the food to protect the colon mucous membranes from cancer.

14. Improves Blood Circulation:

Fenugreek seeds also act as an amazing liver detoxifier. It helps in purification of blood and also prevents clotting of blood. It also benefits people having hypertension.

15. Rich Source Of Antioxidants:

The antioxidants in fenugreek acts as a natural scavenger to destroy the free radicals that are found in the body.

16. Prevents Respiratory Problems:

Fenugreek diffuses mucus from the respiratory tract to treat bronchitis. It also helps in clearing the sinuses thereby assist the people suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Selection and Storage of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is easily available in the market in the seed or powdered form. Always buy seeds which are golden and bright yellow in color.

It should always be stored in an airtight glass container in cool and dry place to keep it fresh for longer time. Old stocks should not be used as it may be infected by the fungal molds.

Side effects of Methi/Fenugreek Seeds

  • Eating methi seeds within limit is safe however its high amount can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, gas and odor in the urine.
  • It may cause nasal blockage, wheezing, facial swelling, allergy and cough in hypersensitive people.
  • It might lower the blood sugar to the extreme level causing hypoglycemia.
  • Eating methi seeds just before delivery might give unusual body odor to the baby.
  • It might cause gastrointestinal bleeding which results in black and tarry stools.
  • It might cause vomiting of blood.
  • It may cause hemorrhagic stroke which means bleeding in the brain. It can result in the numbness in the arms and legs, weakness, and severe headache.

A Word Of Caution:

  • Fenugreek contains mucilaginous fiber which has the potential to interfere with the absorption of medications taken orally. If you’re taking any medication, then eat the fenugreek at least two hours before or after these medicines.
  • Always consult your physician before taking any fenugreek supplement.
  • Children under the age of two should not be given fenugreek in any form as it may cause unconsciousness in them.
  • It is not safe to consume Fenugreek in any kind during pregnancy. Fenugreek is a herb which comes under the family emmenagogues. Emmenagogues is a family of herbs which causes uterine contraction along with stimulation of menstruation thereby causing miscarriage. 

Here in this article, you could see a little precaution fenugreek seeds can do wonders.It benefits not only one aspect of a human being but many ways.

Please share your views and queries with us.We would love to hear from you.


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