Amazing Health Benefits Of Onion Seed Oil

Health Benefits Of Onion Seed Oil
Health Benefits Of Onion Seed Oil

Black onion seed oil has many amazing uses and health benefits.Don’t get confused from the name and it is not derived from an onion.

What is Onion Seed Oil?

The name onion seed may be perplexing as the seed essentially does not belong to the onion family. It is normally known by other names such as black caraway, flitch, blessed seed and black sesame seed, etc.

The Greeks used this oil to delight the headaches, parasitic worms, and toothaches, etc. Also, Egyptian used this seeds in many of their graves to protect the sacred things. Onion seed oil holds of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Onion seed oil is one of the immense oil with anti-inflammatory assets. As we all identify that onions are the vast source of sulfur which arouses hair follicles and aids in endorsing healthy hair growth. Onion seed oil is also magnificent in helping clear acne marks when mixed with the Japanese camellia Kissi oil in the ratio of 1:6.

This oil has got the fever plummeting, pain alleviating and anti-microbial as well as anti-inflammatory assets. Many physicians recommend using onion seed oil for curing various forms of allergies.

  • Botanical name: Allium cepa.
  • Common name: Onion seeds.
  • Uses: It is used as a flavor and is a chief part of the Indian spice palette.

Countries where it is found:

Its subject situate is in South and Southeast Asia. This herb and its seeds have been utilized as spices in the Indian subcontinent from the time when immemorial.

Harvesting Information:

The seeds of the onion plant are yielded when it is totally dried out. This could be essentially seen when the flowering heads or the umbels of onion plants turn brown. When the heads are entirely dehydrated they should be shaken energetically and then seeds are collected.

Chemical Composition:

  • Seeds enclose 1.5% of volatile oil.
  • 5% of the non-volatile oil.
  • Other elements like albumen, sugar, organic acids, glucoside, melanthin, metarbin are also found.
  • Glucoside at hand in it is considered to be toxic in nature.


  • Eliminates the barrier of any part of the body ejects the gasses and strengthens the stomach.
  • It is emmenagogue, lactogogue and a diuretic.
  • It is an anti-helminthic if in use with vinegar and useful when taken with chronic colds.
  • It’s gasping is beneficial in curing a common cold.
  • It is oil effectual with alopecia (hair loss).
  • Boil half a teaspoon of seeds in water and it will be functional for asthma and also lessens the toxic effects of the bee and wasp tingles.
  • Frequent usage of seeds will be obliging for curing the mad dog’s bite.
  • It also benefits towards the sickness like paralysis, facial palsy, migraine, amnesia, and palpitations.
  • It can also be used as an expectorant and antipyretic.
  • The oil regularizes the emissions of the stomach and pancreas and so is considered to be very effective in the curing of Diabetes Mellitus.
  • It can also expel stones from the kidney and bladder too when consumed with honey.
  • When taken along with milk, it will be helpful during jaundice.
  • The grinded form when taken with water will be beneficial for hemorrhoids.
  • When stewed in vinegar and then applied to the tooth and gum will help in reducing its inflammation and pain.
  • The fine powdered form is also efficient for cataracts only when applied at the early stages.
  • Also cures the several skin disorders. Also valuable for earache.

Onion Seed Oil Benefits:

1. Hair Loss:

It possesses such minerals that prevent the hair loss and makes them healthy.You can also use grapeseed oil for hair growth.

How Onion Seed oil helps?

  • The onion seed oil contains the sulfur within it which advances the making of collagen tissues which is essential for the tresses development.
  • It offers expected potency and shine to the tresses.

2. Digestive Disorders:

Onion seed oil helps absorption crisis. If you devour the onion seed oil, it guarantees that your digestive structure is resistant to numerous disorders.

How it helps?

  • Owed to its antimicrobial assets, onion seed oil aids to slay off intestinal parasites.
  • Thus, it helps extravagance diarrhea logically.

3. Cures Fever:

  • It can be used as medicine to cure placid fever.
  • Additional to this, it will also relieve you from body ache.

How it helps?

  • The onion seed oil owing to its antimicrobial and pain-relieving belongings aids in plummeting human fever.

4. Nourishes the Skin:

This oil keeps the skin healthy by thwarting it from various skin disarrays like eczema and psoriasis.

You can give a try to moringa oil to get a flawless skin

How it helps? 

  • Onion seed oil has anti-aging and antioxidant possessions that facilitate maintain the skin fit and shimmering naturally.
  • This oil reduces melanin fabrication in the corpse and thus aids alleviate skin shade naturally.
  • The oil will actually lucid the face from acne and fungus, simply making your skin tone lighter which in turn makes you appear fresh.

5. Heal Wounds:

  • The onion seed oil also assists in healing wounds.

How it helps?

  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material goods of onion seed oil facilitate to struggle bacterial or fungal contagions.

6. Help in Breathing:

  • It clears out all the illness from the respiratory zone and facilitates proper breathing.

How it helps?

  • It possesses the aromatic strong healing assets which aids in curing breathing problems like asthma.

7. Cold Healer:

You can apply this oil on your chest during suffering from the cold.You can even draw in its vapor.

How it helps?

  • It possesses the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and strong aromatic causes which help in relieving an individual from cold.
  • It provides respite from cold and sterile snout as well as treats other respiratory sickness counting bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma.

8. Pain Killer:

  • It aids in getting liberated from pains like a toothache, earache, or a headache, etc.

Camphor essential oil can also be used as an immediate pain reliever.

How it helps?

  • Onion seed oil too has pain-relieving assets that facilitate in reducing soreness physically.

9. Soothes the Nerves:

Onion seed oil is in addition valuable in comforting the strained muscles.This oil is also supportive in delighting rheumatism and arthritis.

How it helps?

  • It possesses soothing outcomes on the nerves and aids to get rid of lethargy.

10. Controls Blood Sugar:

  • It upholds the sugar level in the body.

How it helps?

  • It diminishes increasing sugar levels in the blood and assists in mounting insulin substance in the blood.

11. Restrains Cancer:

  • This oil facilitates to avoid and delight cancer unsurprisingly.
  • Onion seed oil has been set up extremely efficient in fighting stomach and colon cancer.

How it helps?

  • Due to existence of photochemical, thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone in onion seed oil, it aids in preventing cancer.
  • These photochemical encompass an aptitude to hinder augmentation of cancerous cells considerably.

12. Aids in Weight Loss:

  • When it comes to battle off fatness and preserve supreme body weight, one may of course choose for onion seed oil.
  • In supplementary it aids in tumbling mass efficiently.

If really keen for a weight loss try fenugreek oil or cinnamon essential oil.

How it helps?

  • It has the capability to limit hunger and thus helps in weight beating physically.
  • It also assists to control cholesterol levels in the blood and incorporation of glucose in the intestine.
  • Hence, habitual utilization of onion seed oil is cooperative in weight slaughter.

13. Earlier Uses of Onion Seed Oil:

  • It was mainly restricted to the dilemma of diarrhea, asthma and dyslipidemia, apart from restraining the unexpected concentration of lipids in the blood.
  • It was also used for increasing respiration and decreasing the blood pressure in individuals.

Other Uses:

  • Due to its widespread application, this oil is considered to be of soaring rank and is extensively used in cosmetics as well as the pharmacy.
  • They are highly appreciated herbs which are used for wide range of culinary as well as therapeutic uses.
  • Onion seed oil is well thought-out as a magic liquid remedy and is widely used for massage.
  • It is also used in making many recipes which add to the flavor and smell in the food.

Side Effects Of Onion Seed Oil:

  • The only ill effect that this seed oil possesses is about the unforeseen skin reactions.
  • In some uncommon cases, it causes dosing.

Onion Seed Recipes- Onion Seed Naan: 


  • 350gm of self-rising flour.
  • 200ml of soda water.
  • ½ tbsp of Nigella (black onion) seeds.
  • 1 tbsp of sunflower oil.
  • 1 tbsp salt.


  • Heat up the soda water in a microwave for a minute.Clean the flour with a fine strainer and place it in a big bowl.
  • Add salt and Nigella seeds to it. Initially, add only half of soda water to the flour and star mixing it, later on, add the remaining soda water slowly to the mixture.Start thumping the flour with your knuckles when soda water gets completely integrated into it.
  • If you feel that the bread is a bit sticky, you can add 1 teaspoon of flour in it.Transfer the dough to another bowl which is lubricated with oil.
  • Cover the construction with a fine wet cloth and keep it in some warm place.After an hour, open the coat and remove the dough outside and start meshing it for 2 minutes.
  • Again pack it in the bowl and cover it with the cloth.After another one hour, preheat the microwave at 230-degree centigrade.Extend a line of the baking sheet in the microwave along with the kitchen foil.
  • Spin the dough similar to a long thick sausage and cut it into 4 equal pieces.Scorch it for about 8 minutes and put butter on the rich golden brown part of the Naan and serve it hot.

So you can have the full advantage of this natural herbal oil as it holds the least almost the null side effects!


Dr Shekhar Annambhotla,is an Ayurvedic specialist who was trained in India and has been practicing and teaching ayurveda worldwide since 1988. DrShekhar believe that due to the open nature of Ayurveda and its timeless principles, it is a boon to those of us living in the modern, stressful world. Shekhar’s mission is to educate and help people live healthier lives with ayurveda.