Health Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye

Health Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye

Vegetable Hair dye is an excellent substitute for the chemical hair dyes that you are using right now. Vegetable hair dyes are completely natural and they do not contain any chemicals which can harm your tresses.

Normal hair dyes that you use daily for coloring your hairs contain a lot of chemicals, they do your work temporarily but permanently they are harming your tresses.

So, go for vegetable hair dyes. Vegetable hair dyes contain completely natural ingredients like flowers, leaves, fruits, minerals, root, stems, barks etc. They do not contain any of the chemicals like peroxide, parabens, ammonia which are contained in normal chemical hair dyes.

Tresses are like life especially for girls or women and for preparing them for college, for parties or for attending marriages, you love to experiment with them.

Colouring them is favorite for everyone. But all these experiments affect the quality of your tresses which force you to opt for various cosmetic products which provide shine to your tresses for some time but actually they are destroying them.

You know this very well but still, you use those products because you have no other option than this. But have you ever thought of vegetable hair dye?

Yes, vegetable hair dye is something that will provide the needed shine and glow to your hairs and with this, vegetable hair dye has negligible side-effects as it is completely natural.

Why not Natural products?

There is no need to explain whether they are safe to be used or not because natural things can never harm you. Then why don’t you use vegetable hair dyes for your hairs which are completely natural?

Types Of Vegetable Hair Dye

There are various types of Vegetable Hair Dyes like:

i) Fruit hair dye

ii) Flower hair dye

iii) Root hair dye

iv) Mineral hair dye

v) Bark hair dye

vi) Stem hair dye

These hair dyes are made up of the materials after which they are named. You can choose the one that you like the most and which suits your hairs the most.

All of them are completely natural and safe.

What Are The Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye?

What Are The Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye

There are a lot of benefits of natural vegetable hair dye. You just need to go through them once. After reading them you will be automatically convinced to use them.

Various benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye are:

1. Damage Free

Vegetable hair dye is completely natural and natural products can never harm you. So, obviously, vegetable hair dye is completely free from damage.

This dye does not contain any of the chemicals which usually damage your hairs. This is the most important benefit of vegetable hair dye as the most disturbing concern of normal hair dye is the damage of the tresses.

2. Retention Of The Structure Of Hair

Chemicals contained in the normal hair dyes usually damage the structure of hair which leads to damaging of tresses but vegetable hair dye is completely natural and it does not change the structure of your hairs and your hairs will remain as beautiful as they were.

3. Conditioning Of Hair

The ingredients contained in the vegetable hair dye are really nice for your tresses. The ingredients present in it conditions your hair. They make them silky, soft and strong. In no time, you will be in love with your hairs.

4. Completely Safe During Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant usually need to first check the chemicals present in the normal dye. They must not be harmful to the unborn baby but vegetable hair dye only contains the natural products which are completely safe for the unborn baby.

So, you have no need to check for all this before using. This vegetable dye is completely safe to be used during pregnancy.

5. Temporary

Hair coloring dyes are used to color your hairs and most of you like to change this color from time to time. So, this is a benefit for those that vegetable hair dye just needs 8 to 10 shampoo washes for the removal of color.

So, you can change the color of your tresses in 20 to 25 days and can color it with a different color vegetable hair dye which is completely safe to be used.

6. Completely Suitable For All Types Of Hairs

Vegetable hair dye is completely suitable for all types of hairs. Usually, women who use hair dyes, they first try a lot of products to test which color is suitable for their tresses but vegetable hair dye being completely natural is suitable for all types of tresses.

7. No Need To Check Allergy

Some persons are allergic to some chemicals. So, when you use normal hair dyes present in a market then you also need to check that the dye that you are using must not contain any chemical to whom you are allergic. But vegetable hair dye is completely natural and no one needs to check any allergy.

How To Make Vegetable Hair Dye At Home?

Various ingredients that are involved in vegetable hair dye that is responsible for these many benefits of vegetable hair dye are as follows:

1. Amla

Amla is a natural ingredient that not only conditions your tresses but also prevents hair from falling and prevent hair greying before time.

2. Coffee

Coffee provides color to your hair and protects your hair from UVA and UVB rays.

3. Manjistha

Manjistha is helpful in darkening your hairs and prevention of your hair from falling and dandruff.

4. Indigo

Indigo is very helpful in making the color of your hair dark. It usually gives dark brown or black shade to your tresses.

5. Mehendi

The importance of Mehendi is not unknown to you. Mehendi is really very helpful for conditioning your hair, strengthen them. It is also helpful in tightening your hair follicles. Mehendi enhances the hair structure of your tresses and makes them shiny, soft and silky.

6. Chamomile

It is preferred in hair dyes as it provides a yellowish hue to your tresses.

7. Bhangra

Bhangra is helpful in moisturizing and nourishing your hair. It provides multivitamins to your tresses which lead to the stronger tresses. It also adds luster to your tresses and is also helpful in protecting your hair from dandruff.

8. Brahmi

It provides nutrients to your tresses which lead to a proper growth to your tresses. It helps your tresses to keep the color for the longest time.

9. Shikakai

It is very helpful in cleaning your scalp and for the promotion of the growth of hair. It is also helpful in getting rid of dandruff.

10. Khair

It is helpful in nourishing your tresses as it is a very powerful antioxidant.

Harmful Effects Of Chemical Hair Dye

Harmful Effects Of Chemical Hair Dye

There are various harmful effects of chemical hair dye due to which you have the need to switch your normal dyes to vegetable hair dyes.

Various harmful effects of vegetable hair dyes are as follows:

Problems Case By Chemical Hair Dyes

i) Hair loss

ii) Swelling of the face

iii) Skin burning

iv) Itchy skin

v) Respiratory problem

These are the various problems that can be caused by chemical hair dyes. So, you need to switch your hair dye from chemical to vegetable hair dye that is completely natural and safe.


Vegetable hair dye is a very nice replacement for other chemical hair dyes. It is completely successful in fulfilling your all needs and with that, it does not give any side-effect.

So, you must go for a replacement from chemical dyes to a completely chemical free, a very natural and very safe hair dye. You just need to try it once, next time you will definitely go for the same.

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