MavCure brings out few exclusive health application for you to monitor your health.Try them out and be-informed about your health conditions.

Dosha Quiz

According to Ayurveda ,we are healthy when there is a balance between 3 fundamental bodily constituents know as Vata,Pitta and Kapha.Use this application to know Dosha influence on your body and take the recommended action to make the balance between them.

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Health Calculator

Are You Healthy?Do you really want to know this?Try these simple application to learn more about BMI,BMR,Calorie Consumption your body required.

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Calorie Calulator

You should know how much calorie your body needed as per your lifestyle.This application will let you know about this.

See Here How Much Calorie You Need
Pregnancy Calculator

Know your date of delivery from this application so that you can better prepare yourself for the special day.

Know When Your Baby Is Comming
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