Home Remedies For Duodenitis

Home Remedies For Duodenitis
Home Remedies For Duodenitis

This article deals with the complications, causes and home remedies of duodenitis. The name might scare you a bit, but it just a medical term for inflammation of the lining of the initial part of the small intestine.

By the time you finish reading this article you will know about duodenitis and also a few home remedies to deal with the situation.

What Is Duodenitis?

What Is Duodenitis
What Is Duodenitis

The duodenum is the closest to the stomach as it is the first part of the small intestine. Being so close to the stomach makes it vulnerable to various acids and enzymes secreted by the stomach.

This causes irritation and harm to the lining of the duodenum and this inflamed condition of the duodenum is known as duodenitis. It can be acute and chronic.

The former comes sudden and lasts shortly, while the latter develops over the years and last for months or years. But both acute and chronic duodenitis are treatable and do not cause any harm in the long run.

Causes Of Duodenitis

Duodenitis is simply the discomfort caused by the inflamed lining of the duodenum. All the conditions that irritate this lining are its prime causes namely:

  • All the factors that increase acid production and acid secretion in the stomach.
  • All the constituents that start this condition by irritating and inflaming the duodenal wall.
  • All the reasons that slow down or restrict the protective mechanisms of the duodenum.
  • Increased use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) as they increase the gastric acidity
  • Another cause of duodenitis is Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection. H.pylori is a bacterium that causes gastritis which increases the gastric acid secretion.
  • Stress is also a cause for duodenitis.
  • Drinking alcohol and long term use of tobacco irritates the stomach and causes this condition.
  • Injuries caused to the stomach or small intestines during a surgery.

Symptoms Of Duodenitis

The symptoms and indications of duodenitis are like gastritis and include:

  • Pain in the abdomen: There can be the slight pain in the upper abdomen which can also range to severe throbbing aching burning pain.
  • One may also feel bloated which is a feeling fullness.
  • You may also suffer from nausea which can be accompanied by vomiting.
  • Excessive gas formation in the body and burping.
  • Your stools may have a dark appearance due to the degraded blood.
  • There can also be indigestion.

Home Remedies For Duodenitis

A few home remedies and change in your lifestyle can treat duodenitis. Some basic things to begin with are:

1. Consume Food High In Fiber

Consume Food High In Fiber
Consume Food High In Fiber

As we already know that fibre helps to speed up the metabolism rate. But in fact, it also helps to cure duodenitis. You should consume food rich in fibre like beans, oats, carrots, lentils, oranges, barley, and soy.

2. Yoghurt


If you eat yoghurt the pain in the abdomen will be reduced greatly. Yoghurt has antibacterial properties which give the intestines a soothing effect. For effective results, you should consume a bowl of yoghurt daily.

3. Lemon


Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic and cleanses the digestive system by flushing out all the bacteria from the system. Consume a glass of lemon juice daily to cure duodenitis.

4. Honey


Honey keeps allergies at bay and not only it is beneficial for the skin, but it also helps to keep the digestive system on track.

The bacteria in the honey are useful and also helpful in treating duodenitis. For treating, duodenitis makes sure to use raw honey. Incorporating honey in your diet can reduce inflammation in the stomach.

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A greatly helps to reduce the risk of duodenitis. You should have Vitamin A in your diet necessarily and a good amount of Vitamin A is present in fruits and vegetables like oranges, watermelon, blackberries, carrot juice, cabbage and peaches.

6. Chamomile/Dandelion Tea

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea

To help heal infections lukewarm chamomile tea and dandelion tea is beneficial. You should consume this twice a day.

7. Butter Milk

Butter Milk
Butter Milk

Buttermilk mixed with black pepper powder or cumin seed is a great way to calm down the digestive system. It helps to soothe the system as the cooling effect of buttermilk helps to get rid of acid in the stomach. Consume this 2-3 times a day.

8. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice

Half a glass of pomegranate juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey helps cure duodenitis. You can take this twice a day. Pomegranate helps as it is a good anti-oxidant.

How Can Diet Help Treat Duodenitis?

The most effective treatment of duodenitis is a change in your diet. Excluding certain spicy and fried foods such as pickles, spices, bakery products and including certain foods such as oats, rice, scrambled eggs and fruits like blackberries, oranges and berries help cure duodenitis.

Alcohol should be avoided. In simple words, avoid all food items that may possibly irritate the stomach and intestine or cause a lot of acid formation in the stomach.

Foods To Eat During Duodenitis

There are certain foods which, if consumed will prevent the problem of duodenitis and help treat it. Following is a list of foods you should eat during duodenitis:

1. Strawberry

Strawberry has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which will improve your bowel movement by reducing the acid formation in the stomach. It is also known to cure inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

2. Lime

Lime is known to have certain flavonoids, which help in maintaining a healthy immune system. Eating flavonoid-rich food like lime will greatly affect duodenitis by helping to digest the food and reducing the acid formation in the stomach.

3. Celery

Celery is abundant in vitamin C and flavonoids, which result in a healthy immune system and digestive system.

4. Purple grape juice

For some reason, purple grape juice is more effective in treating duodenitis than green grapes. Purple grape juice should be consumed on a daily basis if you are suffering from duodenitis because of the presence of antioxidants and antigenotoxic.

Diet For Duodenitis

If you are suffering from duodenitis then immediately cut down all the foods that you think may be causing acidity and irritation in your stomach specially pepper, garlic, chilli powder and caffeine.

If you want to cure duodenitis with a healthy diet plan then include 2-4 servings of fruits in your diet and these fruits should mainly be apples, oranges, pears, grapes, kiwi, berries or banana.

Not to forget along with your diet remember to stay hydrated. Water, mild herbal teas, low-acid juices and non-caffeinated drinks are a few of your options. Starch or bread should make up 6-10 servings of your entire diet. This can be in the form of pasta, rice, dry cereal or white or wheat bread.

When it comes to vegetables avoid eating vegetables which cause the formation of excess gas like garlic, onions, pickled vegetables, hot chillies and green or red bell peppers.

If you want you can include meat in your diet remember to avoid greasy and fried meat as well as seasoned meat like bacon, ham, sausage or cold cuts.

How To Avoid Duodenitis?

The simplest way to avoid or control duodenitis is to simply take measures which control excessive acid formation in the stomach. This means you need to cut down on certain foods you eat or change some habits which include:

  • Avoid spicily and fatty foods.
  • Quit smoking
  • You need to avoid alcohol
  • Try to avoid food with preservatives and this includes processed and canned food items
  • Cut down on caffeine such as beverages like coffee
  • Any food item that causes irritation and gives a burning sensation in the stomach.
  • Do not consume anti-inflammatory drugs.

Duodenitis if treated by following a healthy diet plan and by making certain in your lifestyle can show good results over a short period of time.

But if the pain persists over a long period of time and none of the home remedies seem to work it is advisable to reach for medical help.

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