25 Amazing Home Remedies To Get Rid of Laryngitis

25 Amazing Home Remedies To Get Rid of Laryngitis
25 Amazing Home Remedies To Get Rid of Laryngitis

Laryngitis has more serious effects than a general sore throat. It lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. If it persists even after this time, then consult a doctor as it could be a voice disorder disease.

High fever, difficulty in swallowing food and throwing out blood while coughing are some of the symptoms of chronic laryngitis. There is a tremendous pain in the larynx which does not allow us to speak properly.

Instead of directly going to a doctor it I better to carry out the home remedies and if pain persists consult a doctor.

What is Laryngitis?

It causes loss of voice or makes the voice extremely weak. It is caused due to inflammation of the voice box (larynx). It is more common in men than in women.

It is of two types- acute and chronic. If it persists for less than two weeks then its acute otherwise it is chronic.

Causes of Laryngitis:

  • Cold, excessive yelling, smoking and respiratory infections are some of the common causes of laryngitis.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to laryngitis.
  • It may be a consequence of bacterial and fungal infections, or diseases like pneumonia.
  • Viral infections like cold also cause laryngitis. Vocal strain and acid reflux are some of the other causes of laryngitis.
  • Parasitic infections and sinus problems can also cause laryngitis.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Laryngitis:


It reduces the swelling of the larynx region and causes relief. As the swelling starts decreasing, laryngitis starts getting cured.

How to use?

Add turmeric powder to milk and consume it twice daily to get rid of the disease permanently.


Do mouthwash as many times as possible to get rid of laryngitis. Doing frequent mouthwash kills the bacteria.

3.Mixed Juice:

Combine grape, orange and cranberry juice and drink it every day. You can also add ginger. These provide fast relief to the larynx and helps in curing.


It helps in reducing the swelling of the throat and is easier to consume.

How to use?

Mix with hot water and consume it thrice daily.

5.Green Tea:

Green tea is very useful in providing energy and speeding up the metabolism process in the body. It helps in reducing the infections causing laryngitis.

6.Apple Cider Vinegar:

It contains acidic properties which help in getting over the infection. It is an effective way to treat the disease permanently.

How to use?

Consume apple cider vinegar mixed with honey for twice every day. Hot water can be added to the mixture.

7.Salt Water Gargle:

Gargle with lukewarm water many times a day to get rid of laryngitis. Take the water as inside as possible so that it touches larynx and cause healing.

8.Chamomile, Sage, and Pepper:

Gargle with any of these herbs to get rid of laryngitis.

How to use?

Add leaves of any 1 of the above herbs into water and gargle with it.


It has anti-microbial properties which kill bacteria and fungi.

How to use?

Mix it with honey to form a paste. Consume it with water twice every day. It can also be consumed after cooking it in heated ghee.


It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to get rid of laryngitis.

How to use?

Add cinnamon with honey in boiling water and consume twice daily.


It contains antioxidants and has antiseptic properties to get rid of laryngitis.

How to use?

Add clove oil to honey and consume daily.


It has antibacterial properties which help in curing laryngitis quickly.

How to use?

Consume 5-6 spoons of honey daily for clearing the blockage in the throat.


It comforts the swelled throat.

How to use?

Prepare tea and add marshmallow to it and drink it.


It is easier to consume and helps to reduce the swelling.

15.Lemon juice:

It is used to gargle. It has acidic properties which fight the bacterial infections and kills them.

How to use?

Mix honey, water and juice and gargle daily to kill the bacteria.

16.Licorice root:

It is used to do gargle and provide relief thereby reducing the swelling.

How to use?

Prepare tea and add it or mix it with warm water and gargle.

17.Steam inhalation:

It removes the blockage in the throat and soothes the larynx. This provides a sense of relaxation in the larynx.

How to use?

Add salt and eucalyptus oil to boiling water and take a steam in and out to get rid of laryngitis.

18.Onion Syrup:

It helps in reducing the pain and soothes larynx.

How to use?

Add chopped onions to water. Add honey to it and consume it daily twice.

19.Aloe Vera:

It makes the skin soft and enhances the texture. It provides a glow to the skin and removes the cellulite.

How to use?

Apply aloe vera extract directly on the body. Aloe vera creams are also available nowadays.


It has anti-microbial properties. It kills the bacteria and fungi which cause infections.

How to use?

Mix its water and boil it for some time. Then add honey to it and consume it daily. It can also be added to tea.

21.Anise Seeds:

It soothes larynx and relieves the pain.

How to use?

Mix it with water and boil. Drink it daily or apply it on the chest and neck for relief.


It soothes larynx and relieves the pain. It is mixed with tea.

23.Mullein, Slippery Elm:

Both are mixed in tea to moisten the throat and reduce the swelling. As the swelling decreases, the disease starts getting cured.

23.Herbal infusion:

It contains antioxidants and kills the bacteria.

How to use?

Mix licorice root with coltsfoot leaves, mullein and marshmallow leaves. Add water to it. Consume it. It will be extremely bitter. Add sugar accordingly to male it sweet.

24.Humid atmosphere:

It helps to cure the infection by keeping the throat moist. Use a humidifier to make the room humid.

25.Hydrogen peroxide:

Gargle with hydrogen peroxide. It kills all the germs and bacteria and helps in curing laryngitis. 


  1. Drink as much water as possible daily (minimum 3-4 liters).
  2. Speak less.
  3. Consume more juice.
  4. Avoid smoking.
  5. Breathe moist air.
  6. Quit drinking and smoking.


  1. Avoid consuming junk and fried foods.
  2. Avoid smoking and drinking.
  3. Don’t yell or shout.
  4. Don’t eat ice-cream and chocolate.


To get rid of laryngitis try these home remedies, it cost very less.Try and eat as much healthy food, reduce stress and do the workout.


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