How To Make Homemade Nail Polish Remover At Home

No need to use harsh chemicals as nail polish remover which does more harm than good.You can prepare homemade nail polish remover by using the below mentioned recipes.

Are you very fashionable and want to change your nail colour constantly? Are you worried about getting your nails dried?Now you can frequently apply nail paint without any worries. So, here are the list of remedies and suggestions for you.

What is Nail Polish Remover?

Nail polish remover is an organic solvent used to remove previously applied nail polish from nails. You apply it to your fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates.

There are different types of removers in the market and different brands will have different chemical compositions. But the common ingredients present in nail polish remover are acetone, ethyl acetate or butyl acetate, and  alcohol.But using these products for a long time may give bad impact on your nails.

Acetone is a very powerful solvent and acts in an effective way to remove nail polish. But it takes away a lot of natural oils from the skin. If you use too much of acetone your skin gets dried out.

DIY Homemade Nail Polish Remover

Using nail polish removers of top brands may give you quick results.But as time passes  you see change on your nails. Exposure of your nails to chemicals over a long period of time make your fingernails delicate and brittle.Your nails get dried soon.

So, to make yourself strong in this beauty world always prefer products in a smart way.

You have many advantages by using homemade nail polish remover.If you want to change your nail colour constantly homemade nail polish remover is the best remover as it protects your nails from chemicals,dryness and preserves its shininess.

Homemade nail polish removers are non-acetone polish removers.They have less aggressive solvents like ethyl  acetate and propylene carbonate.Even those which are  named as  natural  or organic still use a solvent,in place of acetone.They add moisturising agents like to reduce the level of  drying effect.

It is best for frequent nail polish removal and women with dry or more sensitive skin and nails.

Homemade Nail Polish Remover Recipes

DIY Homemade Nail Polish Remover Recipes

DIY Homemade Nail Polish Remover Recipes

1. Vinegar and Lemon Juice Nail Polish Remover

  • To make this nail polish remover,consider equal parts of vinegar and lemon juice.
  • Mix them well.
  • After mixing use a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture.
  • Place the cotton ball on your nails for about 10-15 seconds and gently rub over your nail bed
  • As both vinegar and lemon are acidic in nature they cause nail enamel to dissolve with them when the cotton is rubbed.
  • Repeat until all the remnants of nail polish is removed and you are done.
  • If nail polish is hard to come off,then you soak your nails in lukewarm water for about seven minutes before trying to remove it.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

  • Take a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol, squeeze the extra juice from the cotton and rub it over your nails.
  • Repeat this until remnants of nail polish has removed.
  • Rubbing alcohol is effective for nail polish removing. It is a denatured alcoholic solution that contains 80% ethanol and is a very good disinfectant.
  • The best thing is it do not contain the chemicals commonly found in the market.

3. Hot  Water

  • Hot Water is the best and simplest way to remove nail polish.Boil cup of water(boil the water only to the temperature you can tolerate).
  • After boiling dip your nails into it.
  • Hold for 10 minutes and start rubbing nails with cotton.
  • Hot water softens the nail polish and when we rub it,it wipes off with water.

4. Toothpaste

  • Take some toothpaste and apply over your nails.
  • Rub it with cotton immediately.
  • The nail paint gets removed along with your paste.
  • If toothpaste gets dried it may not be that effective.This is a cheaper and easier way and costs nothing.

 5. Perfume

  • Don’t throw your perfume bottles with perfume left in it.You can use that left out perfume as a nail polish remover.
  • Wet the cotton with perfume and rub over your nails.
  • The paint on your nails is removed.
  • These perfumes contain acetone as other commercial nail polish removers.

6. Hair Spray

  • Spray some amount of hair spray over cotton and rub off your nail paint.
  • It takes only a few minutes to remove it as it contains ingredients used for making commercial nail polish remover.

7. New Paint

  • Wondering how does the coating of new nail paint acts as nail polish remover.Yes,actually it does.
  • Apply new paint over the old paint and rub off immediately.The old paint gets removed along with new paint.

8. Vodka

  • Using a strong 80+proof vodka can help remove nail polish.
  • Wet the cotton with vodka and rub over your nails.

9. White vinegar+citrus fruit

  • Pour some vinegar into a small bowl and add juice from your citrus fruits(lemon,lime or orange) and mix them well together.
  • Dip the cotton ball into the bowl and apply it over your nails.

10. Spray Deodorant

  • You can make use of spray deodorant for removing nail polish from your fingernails too.
  • Just spray it over your nails and rub it off using cotton balls until all the paint goes away.

11. Body Spray

  • Just like the spray deodorant, your favourite body spray can also be used to reduce the previous paint from your nails.
  • The application procedure is similar to the previous one and since there is no difference between their properties they work in the same manner.

12.  Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand Sanitizer helps to eliminate old nail paint easily.Squeeze out a little of the product and apply over your nails.
  • Rub them with your fingertips for some time so that they become free from the polish completely.Finally, rinse off your hands with water.

  Advantages of using homemade nail polish remover

  • These removers have an oily consistency and leave nails feeling nourished and healthy.
  • The shininess of your nails is not reduced.
  • No drying of your skin takes place.
  • You can make your own homemade nail polish remover anytime and anywhere in an ease way.
  • This is more useful for the women with dry or more sensitive skin and nails.
  • You can change your nail colour frequently with no worries as it maintains healthy nails.

Disadvantages of  commercial nail polish removers

  • They contain acetone and other chemicals which make your skin dried out.
  • They are harsh and very drying to nails and skin.
  • Frequent use of commercial nail polish removers gives bad impact on your fingernails or toenails.


You have to spend so many bugs for buying these removers and after observing the changes caused by them you tend to spend even more bugs to get back your healthier nails.So choose wisely and give preference to homemade nail polish removers.