How Can I Stop Yawning All The Time ?

How Can I Stop Yawning All The Time
How Can I Stop Yawning All The Time

Do you create embarrassing situations for yourself by yawning all the time? Do you yawn so frequently that it appears as an unpleasant gesture? If yes, then this article will take you out of these embarrassing situations.

What Is Yawning?

Never thought of it? Don’t worry, because many of us don’t bother to think about it. Yawning is basically an involuntary action, taking place usually when you feel tired.

Yawning is considered good for the health. But, excessive yawning at inappropriate times may be very embarrassing for you as well as others. Yawning is a way in which you can keep your mind alert and awake.

What Causes Yawning?

There are many myths associated with causes of yawning. Here are some reasons why we yawn.

  • Yawning is known to increase oxygen levels in the blood. So, it is one of the ways of a body to recover the levels of oxygen in blood when they are low.
  • It is a sign that you are tired or you need sleep. If you haven’t had enough sleep at night, due to several reasons like brain abnormalities, work stress etc. then you tend to feel tired and sleepy in the day, resulting in frequent yawning.
  • If you have a busy schedule, your muscles need relaxation and yawning is a method to relax muscles.
  • Medical treatments used to treat depression or anxiety tend to make you feel tired, thus resulting in excessive yawning.

These are some of the causes of yawning. But, remember yawning frequently is not as normal as it seems to be. It may be a sign of serious disorder in your body.

How Is Excessive Yawning A Symptom?

Yawning is normal, but excessive yawning can be dangerous to health. It is considered a symptom for many of the diseases, which are listed below:

  • Sleep Disorders

Yawning is usually caused due to lack of sleep. Some of the sleep disorders are insomnia, sleep apnea, excessive sleepiness during the day and narcolepsy.

  • Psychiatric Conditions

Major brain abnormalities like anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD have excessive yawning as a symptom because yawning is caused due to lack of oxygen levels in the blood to the brain.

  • Neurological Disorders

The disorders like the brain tumour, epilepsy and vasovagal reflex also have to yawn as the symptom.

  • Respiratory Disorders

As respiratory disorders are caused due to short of breath or other breathing problems, yawning is a major symptom considered for a diagnosis of it. Some of them are hyperventilation.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart-related diseases are caused due to lack of oxygen levels in the blood. Therefore, these diseases like heart attack are characterised by excessive yawning.

How To Get Rid Of Excessive Yawning?

It is known that yawning in public can be embarrassing for you! Here are some tips to reduce excessive yawning to save you from embarrassment:

1.Breathe Deeply

Scientifically, it is proven that you yawn because there is lack of oxygen in lungs. So, one way of reducing the excessive yawning is breathe deeply and exhale through mouth. Also, while you breathe, be sure that you inhale maximum air in lower abdomen and chest, rather than your chest.

2.Cool Beverages

Having few sips of cold beverages can help you suppress a yawn. Try drinking cold water. Soda and aerated drinks also suppress yawn but they cause other discomforts like gas. You can also try washing your face with cold water or placing a cold compress on your forehead to reduce the frequency of yawning.

3.Diaphragm Breathing

It is a practice used to increase the overall oxygen flow in the body. As the levels of oxygen go up, you automatically get rid of yawning. Here are steps to perform diaphragm breathing:

Place one hand on stomach and other on chest. Now, take a deep breath such that your lower hand rises and the other one. Hold on 3-4 seconds and exhale.

4.Work On A Schedule

Try keeping a fixed routine of the day. This will help your body getting used to it so that you feel sleepy at night and energized in the day.

5.Walk Throughout The Day

If you have a job sitting in front of the computer, which is the case nowadays, it can be boring. Therefore, try walking small distances in between your walk to keep you fresh. Also, try to get some fresh air once a while to keep your mind alert.

6.Cool  Surroundings

Try being in cooler surroundings because it is often observed that we yawn when in warm temperatures.

7.Try Coughing Or Sneezing

If all these ways of avoiding yawning frequently fail, then try stimulating a sneeze or cough.

8.Short Nap

If you are really tired and yawning because of it, then having a short nap between your work will help you feel refreshed. Also, you can work with a new energy.

These are some ways in which you can prevent yourself from yawning and avoid embarrassing situations.

Remember that yawning is not a bad thing, but can get you into problem if it happens at wrong time. So, be careful and try these simple ways to stop from all these embarrassment.

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