How Peeing Sitting Down Can Help Your Sex Life?

Could Peeing Sitting Down Help Your Sex Life
Could Peeing Sitting Down Help Your Sex Life

This must have caught your attention! Right?Yes, of course.

You must be thinking,how can peeing sitting down improves or affect sex life.

Normally, women or girls used to pee by sitting down as their organs are designed in such a way that peeing while standing will be very messy for them but not for men.

They pee while standing, and they prefer to do that. But this is not a good habit. Standing while peeing has a lot of harmful effects related to hygiene and on our body.

Harmful Effects Of Peeing While Standing

There are a lot of harmful effects if you remain in standing position while peeing which are:

  • Peeing while standing splatter giving a bad smell all over. When you remain in standing then, of course, pee will spread over various portions, and this creates a very bad smell.
  • It is also very unhygienic. Obviously, urine contains waste material, and collection of waste give birth to germs. So, this is a lot unhygienic for you.
  • And peeing while standing does not make proper pressure over the bladder and you can’t make it empty. In comparison, when you sit then you apply pressure on your bladder and the complete urine comes out of it.

How Does Peeing Sitting Down Help Improve Sex Life?

There are a lot of advantages of peeing while sitting but it helps your sex life is the most attractive advantage and yes, it is very true.

You still must not be believing it, but there is a fact behind this which completely proves that peeing sitting down improves your sex life, makes it better and longer.

When you stand for peeing making wee with your legs, a host of discreet muscles in the pelvis and spine get activated which does not allow proper urination and when urine does not evacuate completely, it leads to prostate problems, and this normally leads to less and less sex over time. With time, you are not able to be comfortable in sex.

But if you pee while sitting then your bladder empties properly, decreasing the chances of the prostate problem and helping you with more and more sex as you will remain fit without any prostate problems leading to a longer sex life.

The Conclusion

So, by now you must be mentally prepared for peeing by sitting down, and this is the proper way to pee. It also solves a lot more problems related to hygiene especially.

And of course, it gives you a lot more time for sex by not giving rise to prostrate problems. So  men never pee while standing if you want to have a better sex life.

Dr. Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic physician and a Medical Herbalist, based at Harley Street, London.She uses western and eastern herbs and Ayurvedic therapies with her patients. Dr. Ashish consults a lot of couples on their journey of conception, whether its natural conception or via IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).