How To Do A Breast Massage For Growth

How To Do A Breast Massage For Growth
How To Do A Breast Massage For Growth

Pissed Off Of Hearing Word ‘Flat’? Got Bored Of Wearing Padded Bras? Want To Look Sexy?

Thinking Whether You Should Choose Surgery For Enlargement Of Breasts!

Then Put A Smile On Your Face, You Have Reached Your Destination As Breast Growth Massage Is The Answer For You.

What Is Breast Growth Massage?

I know most of you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts and you want to enlarge the size of your breasts and you are looking for the best way to grow your breasts.

Obviously, that’s why you have browsed for this topic so this article contains the answer to each and every question in your mind related to breast growth.

You must be knowing some of the ways for enlargement of breasts but for sure you must not be knowing all the ways and which one is best for you.

Methods for enlarging breasts:

1.Breast enlarging pills

Known to be natural but the upcoming article will tell you the reality.

2.Breast growth massage

A very easy, natural and effective way of massage.

3.Breast workout

A natural but a work full of effort.

4. Breast implant surgery

A very known famous and I will say the worst way to treat your breasts.

And I think you must have got the idea after reading above that the best and the most comfortable way of breast enlargement is BREAST GROWTH MASSAGE.

This massage is a type of massage used to increase the size of breasts in a natural way.

It does not involve any chemical treatment with your body.

Breast growth massage is the best and the natural way for the increment of breast size.

How To Do Breast Massage For Enlargement

How To Do Breast Massage For Enlargement
How To Do Breast Massage For Enlargement

There are mainly two techniques for doing the massage.

Those techniques of doing massage are:

A.The Chi Massage

You must have enjoyed many types of massage therapies like head massage therapy, trigger point therapy and a lot more. The chi massage is also one of them. The chi massage is the easiest massage to do for the growth of breast.

It can be done anywhere, anytime like during taking a shower, during watching T.V. or anything else. It will just consume your 10-15 minutes of your daily life and will give you the desired result.

But the most important thing while doing massage is how to do it as growth totally depends on how you perform the massage.

So how you should perform this massage?

The step-by-step procedure of chi massage

1.Massage oil or cream

It is an option for you whether you want to use a massage oil or cream or not. But I will say using this will increase the result but you must use herbal products only. Avoid chemicals as much as you can.

2.Rubbing Hands

If you are using massage oil or cream then keep that on your hands and rub your hands to produce heat or use heat pack to warm the area of the breast so that blood circulation could be increased before starting the massage. If you are not using any massage oil or cream then just rub your hands.

3.Hands placement

Place your hands on your breasts. The right hand should be placed on the right breast and the left hand should be placed on the left breast.

4.Form cups over breasts

Spread fingers over breasts forming cups over breasts but keep nipples out from space in between fingers so that they are not much stimulated during the massage.

5.Move breasts with hands

Move breasts inward in the circular motion forming complete circles. It means each of your breasts will be going in a full circle, start from away and move upwards then move towards each other and then downwards. It means

Left breast should be moved clockwise and

Right breast should be moved anticlockwise.

6.Create cleavage

They should be moved like you are trying to create cleavage. When you will move them in all directions then this will try to move one breast away from other and will try to create cleavage.

7.Repeat 1-2 times a day

Do these rotations around 350 times 1 to 2 times per day.

Things To Remember While Doing The Chi Massage:

  • Sometimes while these rotations you can feel the strain in arms. In that case, use left hand for right breast and right hand for left breast but keep the direction of rotation same.

This will take time as you will do work opposite to your nature. But do with patience you will definitely get the result.

  • Make sure that you are moving complete tissues of breasts while moving breasts not just circling them. Just circling will not give the desired result.
  • Don’t worry if your breasts swell or you feel itchy after doing massage. It happens normally especially during starting days of massage. But there is no point to worry about in this.

B.Skin Brushing or Fat Transfer Massage:

Skin Brushing or Fat Transfer Massage
Skin Brushing or Fat Transfer Massage

This massage is used in the way so that you can transfer the fat from your belly and other parts of the body to your breasts. Parts like upper arms stomach containing extra fats is decreased by transferring these extra fats to breasts doing double work, decreasing extra fat from unwanted places and utilising those fats in breasts.  This type of massage should also be done in a proper way to get the perfect result.

The step-by-step procedure of Skin Brushing or Fat Transfer Massage:

1.Massage Oil or cream

Similar to the previous technique, some massage cream or oil is taken on hands if you want to use. In this type of massage coconut oil is preferred. Coconut oil acts as a moisturiser.

2.Warm your hands

As the previous type of procedure, warm your hands by placing oil or cream on hands and rubbing or use warm water pack to warm the breasts.

3.Placement of hands

Place your hands on your breasts. The right hand should be placed on the right breast and the left hand should be placed on the left breast.

4.Formation of cups

Spread fingers over breasts forming cups over breasts but keep nipples out from space in between fingers so that they are not much stimulated during the massage.

5.Shift the fat

Then slide the fat from tummy and upper arms to breasts.

These are the techniques which are mainly used for enlarging breasts doing no side effects. These are 100% natural way for the growth of breasts but should be done in the proper way to get the result. Now obviously you would like to know which creams or oils should be used and which one is better than other.

Creams And Oils That Can Be Used For Massaging

Creams And Oils That Can Be Used For Massaging
Creams And Oils That Can Be Used For Massaging

Massage can be done without using any cream or oil or some cream or oil can also be used for easy movements. These oils or creams are moisturising agents. Oils or creams that can be used are:

  • Pueraria Mirifica Cream
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Olive oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Almond oil

Any of the oil or cream can be used for massaging of breasts. Type of oil does not affect the growth. But try to heat the ointment before using it.

Does This Massage Really Work?

You must be thinking over this whether this will work for the enhancement of breasts. How these normal movements can increase the size of breasts. To get the answer for this you must be knowing what your breasts are made up of.

Your breasts are made up of fatty tissues and adipose fats and these both are stimulated by the movement. So when we move our breasts in a particular motion then actually internal factors are affected which leads to the growth of breasts.

How Massage Helps?

The release of growth hormones is stimulated by breast massage by the way of touching the breasts. When breasts are moved in specific movements then particular hormones are released which are responsible for the growth. These hormones and how they affect the growth is as follows:

1.Prolactin Hormone:

When nipples and breasts are stimulated then this ‘Prolactin Hormone’ is released and this secretion leads to the growth of breast. As this hormone is responsible for the growth of breasts and amount of its secretion determines the size of breasts.

2.Blood Circulation:

oestrogen flows through blood and massage increases blood circulation so more oestrogen reaches breasts which stimulate the breast growth. So more massage leads to better circulation of blood-making oestrogen reach properly to the breasts which lead to the growth of breasts.

Obviously, it is not that the only massage is the way for the growth of breasts but it better for every other breast growth technique.

How Breast Massage Is Best Way For Growth Of Breasts?

Alternatives to breast massage and their reality:

1.Breast Implant Surgery

This is the most known and common method for enlargement of breasts due to the misguiding advice from different people who don’t have complete knowledge of all these.

This is a type of plastic surgery in which original breasts are replaced with duplicate breasts and these breasts are filled with saline water or silicone gel. This implant looks very easy and fast resulting process due to which you people gets attracted towards it. But what is the reality behind it?

Reality Check:

  • This surgery can cause infection.
  • A lot of surgical risks.
  • You may face chronic breast pain.
  • Anaesthesia risks are there.

After reading all these risks I hope you must have understood how easy and effective is the breast growth massage.

2.Breast Enlargement Pills

This is also a very known method of enhancement of breasts. These pills contain ingredients that are specific to manufacturers. These pills have shown result but there are too many side effects of these pills.

Reality Check:

  • Phytoestrogens, a herb is found in these pills which increase the chances of breast cancer.
  • These pills change the composition of blood which is harmful to the body.
  • These pills contain estrogen and this chemical is very harmful to children consuming breast milk.

3.Breast Workout

Breast exercises is also a way for the growth of breast. There are a lot of exercises available for this but you will have to do a lot of effort as it is not easy to do those exercises.

 Reality Check:

  • It is a natural way for the growth of breasts but it is not a cup of tea for everyone as it needs a lot effort much more than the very simple breast massage.

Benefits Of Breast Growth Massage

  • This method is cheap and cost effective.
  • No need to go for surgery or pills which also have harmful effects on health.
  • This massage helps in melting scar tissues.
  • It releases oxytocin which helps to prevent cancer.
  • Massage helps to relax and provide peace of mind.


Do I really need it?

I don’t think so as of till now you must be mentally prepared for trying this massage and I think 50% of you must have tried once. I will say just give it a try. This will definitely work.

I have seen the results in front of my eyes. It is awesome and better than any other surgical method or any pills. Just give it a try. Start it from today and I promise you will be forced to thank me by leaving a comment for this article after seeing the results.



Dr. Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic physician and a Medical Herbalist, based at Harley Street, London.She uses western and eastern herbs and Ayurvedic therapies with her patients. Dr. Ashish consults a lot of couples on their journey of conception, whether its natural conception or via IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

  • Thank you for sharing such in-depth and great information! Some other thoughts…
    To gain maximum benefit and therapeutic effects, breast massage should be practiced daily, as part of a routine – perhaps when fresh out of the shower, since the skin is still somewhat moist and the room may still be steamy, for a smoother massage which may be more easily lubricated
    since there will still be moisture in the air. If you prefer, even several times a day can be a great benefit. It depends on what fits into your schedule. A few minutes at a time should suffice.