How To Get Over A Guy Whom You Still Love
How To Get Over A Guy Whom You Still Love

The feeling of being in love is heavenly. Every Individual, at some point falls in love with someone that they can not be with. None can keep away from this amazing emotion. However it is not necessary that the person you love will love you back equally.                       “If you love someone, set them free”

If you love someone, set them free
If you love someone, set them free

You should forget the past and move on your life. Life has endless opportunity and there more to explore rather than clung to the past.

A saying that you all must have heard. Getting over a breakup is certainly not easy. You miss the way they look, the way they talk, the way they do different things and more.

They take up so much of your life that it is impossible to get over them in a day or two. But, sometimes moving on is the only option left.

Often in such situations, people set foot in the depression zone. They start keeping themselves aloof from the world, grieving. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

You just need to navigate the grieving by treating yourself in a healthy way. Every situation is unique. But I have some strategies for you which will help you feel better. I assure you that something on this list will resonate with you.

Ways To Get Over A Guy Whom You Still Love

Ways To Get Over A Guy Whom You Still Love
Ways To Getting Over A Guy Whom You Still Love

1.Don’t Keep It All Within

The very mistake people make is avoiding the emotions. They believe crying will make them weak. But wait a second, It is not at all so. If you don’t let your emotions come out, they will start killing you deep within.

You need to let your emotions pour out, in whatever way possible. Cry out aloud, scream as much as you want, but don’t keep it all within.

You are miserable initially and bottling up your emotions in such a situation won’t help. To get rid of all the negative feelings, you need to release them. So bid them a good bye!

2.Spend Some Time With Yourself

Spend Some Time With Yourself
Spend Some Time With Yourself

Take some time off from work and spend some time with “yourself”. Or even that is not necessary. Just give yourself some time.

Sit down and think of all what you can do (without him). Initially you might not feel like meeting people.

It’s completely okay. Meeting people will distract your mind. But distraction is not what you need. You need to get over him. For that you have to spend time with “yourself” and introspect.

You need to completely get that person off your mind. It’s YOU who knows what is going on inside you, thus only YOU can understand it the best.

3.Keep Yourself Indulged (Comfort Foods, Music And More)

Keep Yourself Indulged
Keep Yourself Indulged

Listen to your favorite tracks, dance, watch your favourite tv shows. Nobody else can help you heal better than yourself.

Go to the mart and buy yourself a tub of ice cream or your favourite snack and gobble on it. Craving comfort foods while you are not feeling well is common and tend to make you feel better.

But, be careful! Mindful indulgences can be harmful if you start neglecting your health. Consuming a lot of junk food may cause you to gain a few pounds which may turn you more depressed than ever.

Do everything judgmentally and not in excess. Adopt behaviours that are nurturing and not destructive.

4.Best Friends!

Best Friends
Best Friends

There is nothing more comforting than a best friend’s shoulder.  When you are done introspecting and spending time with yourself, it’s time for “best friend’ advice”. Call your friends or invite them over. Talking about your feelings sometimes is the best way to move on.

At times you need the advice of others. They can help you resolve your issues. Or sometimes you need someone to just listen to all your rants. Who can do it better than best friends?

5.Avoid Any Contact With Him

You need to cut off communication with the person who is obsessing you. By calling him, you’re only going to make yourself look weak.

You’ll also give him a chance to play with your emotions all over again. You have to prevent it from happening because that will only break your heart into pieces even more.

So the next time you think about calling him, do something else to keep your mind occupied. You can write a journal, call a close friend, read a book and more!

6.Find A Hobby

Find A Hobby
Find A Hobby

While spending time apart from him you will realise how badly you have been neglecting yourself. You usually compromise on your interests.

Do things that you couldn’t  when you were in a relationship. So, this is the time! Pursue all your interests. Always wanted to learn dance but were too occupied with him? Join dance lessons now!

Don’t forget about sports and exercise, which release natural endorphins and improve mood. Do what you love and you will enjoy. It will keep you occupied and stress-free.

7.Come Out Of The Shell

Come Out Of The Shell
Come Out Of The Shell

Going inside the shell is not a long term solution. I have met people who avoid socialising, going out once they go through such a situation. But that is not a solution. You can’t keep yourself trapped in the little area for a long time. can you?

When you find yourself smiling at a Romantic TV show (not crying) , and don’t feel like gobbling any more chocolate bars, You are ready to go out! You have passed the initial stage of moving on.

It’s time to meet new people! By meeting new people, you realise that there are others who may come to appreciate and love you.

8.Consider The Experience As A Gift

Consider The Experience As A Gift
Consider The Experience As A Gift

Why think all negative?  A little change in your perspective can help you move mountains. Apart from cursing yourself, or him, consider the entire thing to be an experience.

Figure out what all you got to learn from the entire experience.  This will help you avoid the same mistakes in the future. Learn what you can do to become a better you.

So, Loving someone who doesn’t love you back may seem like the end of the world to you. You feel heartbroken and think that you will never get rid of this heartache.

It is true somewhere, however it depends on how you deal with the misery. It depends upon the ways adopted by you to handle this phase.

Our mind keeps wandering, It drifts. You have to bring it back to its major focus. You start giving the complete  importance to the person and forget something very important.

You forget that YOU yourself are the most important person. You will be with Yourself till the day you die. You may find someone who is equally important, but that does not mean you let him hurt you constantly. You have to set them free at some point in order to get rid of the ache.

Making something of your life is in your hands and not somebody’s else’s. So make the most of it and don’t let any emotions keep you from doing so!

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