How To Get Rid a Swollen Lip Fast

How To Get Rid a Swollen Lip Fast

You can get rid of swollen lip naturally by using home remedies.If you are worried about what can you take for a swollen lip to go down then this is must read the article for you.Discover the causes, symptoms and home remedies to reduce swollen lip fast.

Waking up to the sight of swollen lips can be very frightening. The extent up to which your lips swell is another concern.Swollen lips are commonly called lipedema.  Either one or both your lips enlarge and distend beyond their average size.

Staying with swollen lips, whether or not they are painless or painful, is a stress on its own. Such a medical phenomenon obviously can’t emerge out of the blue!

So, besides the causes of lip swelling, you should note all the variations in the symptoms. This is vital when providing advice on the methods of treatment to use, when to treat it and when you must visit a doctor.

Symptoms Of Swollen Lips

Symptoms Of Swollen Lips

Swollen or “fat” lips can be debilitating and painful. In some cases, people may have difficulty:

Other symptoms that may occur along with lip swelling include:

Causes Of Swollen Lips

Causes Of Swollen Lips

Your lips might suddenly become swollen on just one side or the top lip surface, or it might undergo tissue enlarging. Let us now discuss the probable causes in details:

1. Allergic Reactions

Edema or lip swelling is a common symptom of an allergic reaction. Now the question is, how do these allergens cause lips to swell? It occurs when your lips and mouth comes in close contact with any substance to which you are allergic.

Two things are likely to occur as an immune response. A build-up of fluid or any inflammation takes place within the lip tissue. It happens because your skin offers protection against the potentially harmful effects of the suspected allergen.

The sources of allergens can vary from one person to another. In most cases, allergens that cause upper lip swelling and the lower lip swelling include:

2. Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis happens to be a serious and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It is typically characterized by the swelling of your mouth and throat. Sometimes your upper lip or your bottom lip may swell.

These reactions can be caused by a variety of foods, stinging insects like bees or wasps and other allergens that you inhale. The foods could include shrimp, lobsters, certain dairy products, the white portion of your egg, etc.

When wasp stings, your upper lips might be a result of an anaphylaxis reaction. Besides the swelling of your lips, the other symptoms of anaphylaxis are the incidence of hives.

3. Injury and trauma

Essentially, physical damages are traumas. Certain oral operations, substances introduced or conditions could be described as being traumatic. These include:

i. Oral surgeries and any surgery on your lips with cancer.

ii. Exposed to extreme heat forms like a sunburn.

iii. Certain dental instruments used by dentists

iv. Lip lacerations which include accidents like, being hit by any blunt object or a serious bite.

v. contact dermatitis

4. Illness or Infections

Infections can bring about skin inflammation. Harmful living bacteria are commonly the cause of infections. Some infections on the skin or other illnesses on your body organs disturb their normal functioning, which includes controlling and regulating body tissues.

Cold Sores HSV Infections

Cold sores are usually caused by the herpes viruses HSV. After the prodromal stage, herpes virus triggers the formation of blisters that become red, sore and swollen.

If these fluid-filled blisters burst open, your lips will become prone to bacterial infections. At this stage, you are afflicted with the cold sore. You might experience pain in lips as well.

If you get a recurring infection, the milder symptoms usually prevail. They are chapped lips with small cracks and pimples. In this manner, more and more blood and fluid flow towards the infected area and leads to the retention hence swollen lip.

Sometimes, it so happens that your lips become swollen suddenly out of nowhere! In that case, the causes are slightly different. Let us have a look:

5. Granulomatous cheilitis or Cheilitis Granulomatosa

As a medical condition, Granulomatous cheilitis means a lumpy swelling of your lips. What makes it happen? Cheilitis granulomatosa might be due to Crohn disease, particular allergens, orofacial granulomatosis or some other genetic disorders.

The first symptoms of Cheilitis are marked by a sudden swelling of your upper lip. These symptoms might last up to a few hours after which they go away. Cheilitis is a rare occurrence.

6. Allergy to food additives, drugs or medicines

Some addictive and junk foods and extracts are a source of allergy. It usually happens to most young children. For instance, Annatto is one such extract that is used as a spice and also a dye. Allergy caused by Annatto is an extreme reaction by your body’s immunity system.

There are a few specific symptoms of this. But the symptoms are also dependent on the on the severity of the reactions, so there are many varied symptoms.

The most common ones are:

The food allergies that trigger swelling of your lips is:

7. Angioedema

Angioedema is yet another possible cause for the swelling of your upper lip. If you wake up to find the sides of your lips swollen and numb do not panic!

The main causes for Angioedema are sometimes unknown. Exposure to certain physical and environmental conditions are linked to it.

Some of which are, the pH level of the water, amount of sunlight you are exposed to or the temperature of the environment.


If you suspect Angioedema take note of the following symptoms.

a. Sudden swelling of the skin on your lips and eyes. Welts may also develop in some cases.

b. Itchy and painful welts that turn pale when irritated.

c. Chemosis that is, the swelling of the lining of eyes.

d. Abdominal cramps.

This swelling is somewhat linked to hives. The only noticeable difference is that Angioedema occurs under your skin of the lips, as opposed to hives which are caused on the surface of your skin.

8. Cosmetic items

An amalgamation of chemicals and dyes and unexpected animal products constitute your makeup. Change your lipsticks, or your chap-stick frequently. You can try other facial cleansers and moisturizers.

To be safe, you can always perform a patch test before actually buying the product.  You must avoid using perfume and other perfumed cosmetics. Remember to wash off your make up before sleeping.

9. OAS

This is another potential cause of your lips swelling. This is known as Oral Allergy Syndrome or OAS. This usually occurs in those allergic to pollens.  It is a result of a cross-reaction between specific food items and pollens. The most widespread is the Birch pollen.

Individuals who experience OAS has concluded that it happens the most due to raw foods. Well-cooked food does not cause such reactions. But there is one exception to this. They are nuts! The best way out is to avoid all kinds of nuts.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Swollen Lips

Learning how to treat your swollen lips naturally is beneficial. It is because of their applicability home. Another reason is that they are ideal when the swelling is very embarrassing.

1. Warm Compress Your Lips

Warm Compress Your Lips

2. Turmeric Powder Ointment To Reduce Swollen Lips

Turmeric Powder Ointment To Reduce Swollen Lips

3. Black Tea Soak To Heal Swollen Lips

Black Tea Soak To Heal Swollen Lips

4. Aloe Vera Gel To Cure Swollen Lips

Aloe Vera Gel To Cure Swollen Lips

5. Honey To Reduce Swollen Lips

Honey To Reduce Swollen Lips

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

7. Baking Soda To Heal Swollen Lips

Baking Soda To Heal Swollen Lips

8. Oranges

9. Ice Cubes

10. Salt

11. Tea Tree Oil To Heal Swollen Lips

Tea Tree Oil To Heal Swollen Lips

12. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

13. Warm Sand

Treatment For Swollen Lips

Treating your swollen lip is possible! You should visit a dermatologist if you suspect it is a kind of an allergy, a medical condition or trauma. The healing process becomes easier if the source of the allergy is identified.

Swelling linked to a cold sore infection may lack the cure. You need to combine home remedies along with medical treatments for eliminating the other infections from causing symptoms.

1. Treatment Using Adrenaline

2. Antihistamines

3. Anti-inflammatory Medicines – Corticosteroids & Non-steroids


A wide variety of mild to serious disorders and diseases can lead to lip swelling. We saw that swelling results from infections, trauma, inflammation, or malignancy (cancer).

To help your doctor diagnose the cause of lip swelling, you must answer simple questions related to the symptoms. Things like:

The complications that are associated with swollen lips are progressive, and they vary depending on the cause. If you fail to seek treatment, the swelling can result in subsequent complications and permanent damage.

You must always consult your doctor if you experience any persistent swelling, discoloration, or any other unusual symptom. Once the fundamental cause is diagnosed, a treatment plan can be made specifically for you to help you  reduce any complications like: