How To Get Rid Of Sebaceous Cyst?

How To Get Rid Of Sebaceous Cyst
How To Get Rid Of Sebaceous Cyst

You can get rid of the sebaceous cyst without surgery by using some of the effective natural home remedies.

Due to our unhealthy food habits and pollution, we are facing a lot of problems.

Sebaceous Cyst is a boil or a bump on the skin.It is caused due to the blockage of sweat glands.

What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

The sebaceous glands are actually the sweat glands present in our body. Sebaceous cysts appear as bumps underneath the skin.
They are also known as the epidermoid cyst or keratin cyst.

They are also known as the epidermoid cyst or keratin cyst.

They are non-cancerous, a small protuberance on the skin and are often painless. They are generally round but can be in different sizes either small or large.

They develop suddenly and go away by themselves without any treatment. These cysts develop due to the blockage of the sebaceous glands by the keratin protein.

These sebaceous cysts contain a yellow transparent oily liquid which has a pungent smell.

These cysts normally develop on parts of the body where a lot of sebum production takes place like neck, face, chest or shoulders, but do not emerge on the soles of palm and feet.

In males, sebaceous cysts can be noticed in the areas where there is more hair like scrotum and chest.

In the case of multiple sebaceous cysts, they are also known as steatocystoma multiplex or steatocystomas.

Causes of the Sebaceous Cyst

Causes of the Sebaceous Cyst
Causes of the Sebaceous Cyst

These cysts are caused due to several abnormalities in the body and may occur to the person of any age.

There are various reasons behind the development of sebaceous cyst which are as follows:

  •  Blockage of sebaceous or sweat glands
  •  Increased production of sebum or sweat on the skin
  •  Excessive male hormone (testosterone) production
  •  Skin trauma
  •  Swollen hair follicles
  •  Long exposure to the sun
  •  Regular shaving and waxing
  •  People with acne are more prone to sebaceous cyst

Symptoms of the Sebaceous Cysts

A sebaceous cyst condition is associated with various symptoms which are as follows:

  •  Painless bumps which generally appear under the skin
  •  Redness of the skin
  •  The infected area skin becomes warm
  •  Soreness of the skin
  •  The cyst size may vary from ¼ inches to nearly 2 inches in diameter.
  • The pungent smelling oily material gets developed in the cyst

Home Remedies for Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous cyst, when emerges on the skin, looks very ugly.

They drain out the foul-smelling cheesy liquid. Instead of popping or scratching a cyst, you can try some home remedies, as squeezing a sebaceous cyst may be painful and worsen the infection.

Let us know about the natural remedies to cure a non-painful sebaceous cyst.

Draining the liquid out of the cyst or lancing can be a way to get rid of the sebaceous cyst, but it increases the risk of spread of infection.

Here we have listed some of the home remedies to ease this skin ailment in a natural manner.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most beneficial oils with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is helpful in curing various health problems, such as, cough and cold, acne, warts, headache, toenail fungus, etc.

It is an oil which is known as an anti-microbial agent used for treating sebaceous cyst. Apply some tea tree oil directly on it.

How to use Tea Tree Oil for healing Sebaceous Cyst?

a) For the sebaceous cyst treatment using tea tree oil, you need to apply some oil directly on the sebaceous cyst. .

It will fight against the infecting bacteria and will work as a protecting layer for the sebaceous cyst. It will also help in reducing the recurrence of sebaceous cyst.

You need to apply the oil on the cyst for about two to three times a day till the time the cyst disappears.

b) You can also use diluted tea tree oil.

For this, you need to mix tea tree oil with water in 1:9 ratios.
Apply this diluted tea tree oil directly on the cyst thrice a day for the removal of the sebaceous cyst.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has now been widely accepted as not only a skin-friendly herb but also as a herb that benefits your overall health.

The anti-bacterial, pain relieving and healing properties of aloe vera also come to play when you want to get rid of the cysts.

How to use Aloe Vera for curing Sebaceous Cyst?

a) Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel directly on the cyst for about 3-4 times daily to get relief from the pain and irritation caused due to the cyst as it gives a cooling effect and soothes the skin.

b) Drink Aloe Vera juice daily to prevent skin infections and to remove the impurities from the body. The juice will also cool your body.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil shows effective results when it is used for treating sebaceous cysts.

It not only heals the inflamed cyst actually but also reduces the itching. This oil has anti-bacterial properties because of the presence of a chemical called ricin.

The heat of castor oil and water will help in efficiently curing cyst by shrinking it.

This method can be tried when a sebaceous cyst appears on the face or back. Make sure that it should not be internally consumed.

How to use Castor Oil for healing Sebaceous Cyst?

a) You need to soak a piece of clean cloth in castor oil and then place it directly over the infected cyst.
Now, you need to place a hot water bag on the cloth placed on cyst and compress it for about half an hour.

4. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has an astringent property, and this helps to clean the skin internally.

Witch Hazel has a compound called tannins, this aids to remove excess oil from the skin, it tightens the pores and prevents the blockage of the glands that cause cysts.

How to use Witch Hazel to cure Sebaceous Cyst?

i) You can grind the bark or leaves of witch hazel with water and apply it on the cyst.

ii) You can also use witch hazel cream or gel on the cyst.

5. Lugol’s Iodine

Lugol’s iodine has proved to be an effective remedy to cure sebaceous cyst and is commonly available at various grocery stores.

How to use Lugol’s Iodine for curing the Sebaceous Cyst?

a) Apply this solution on the infected cyst area with the help of a cotton bud. Apply this solution for about twice or thrice a day in order to get best results.

Make sure that you keep your clothes away from this solution to prevent them from quickly getting stained.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a useful and simple remedy for treating sebaceous cyst completely and easily at home.

It is because Apple cider vinegar has strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. It also contains acetic acid that helps in killing the bacterial infection.

Moreover, its antimicrobial qualities make it very suitable as a cleansing agent.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for healing the sebaceous cyst?

i) In order to remove pus from the cyst, you need to apply some natural vinegar on it and then cover it with a piece of bandage or cloth.

The bandage is to be removed after about 3 or 4 days. Usually, a hard layer develops on the cyst.
As you gently remove the hard layer of the skin, pus oozes out. Clean the pus with the help of a dry washcloth and then apply a new bandage on it. You will experience the new skin growing within 2-3 days.

7. Hot Compress

Hot compress is an effective and useful home remedy for treating sebaceous cyst.

Practice hot compress method in order to cure sebaceous cyst because hot compression facilitates the draining out of pus or thick liquid from the cyst and helps in rapid healing of the skin.

This happens because the blood vessels get diluted by the heat, thus improving the transportation of nutrients to the patch.

This leads to increased blood flow there which then washes away any toxins present in the cyst.

Make sure that you apply only a medium hot compress on cyst because excessive heat may generate more infecting bacteria.

8. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a very effective remedy in order to cure sebaceous cysts.

Epsom salt will prevent the cyst infection by fighting with the infection causing bacteria.

How to use Epsom Salt to cure sebaceous cyst?

  • You have to add some Epsom salt in warm water and then have to bath with that water.

9. Black Blood Root Drawing Salve

The Black blood root salve is a natural product. It has no side effects. When applied on the skin, it pulls toxins to the surface of the skin and gradually treats it completely.

How to use Back Blood Root to cure sebaceous cyst?

  • You can apply some drawing salve on the affected region, now cover it with a clean bandage. After two days, remove the bandage. You will find that cyst is cured.

10. Honey

Honey is considered as a healing agent. It is a wound dresser. It can help in treating sebaceous cyst as well.

How honey is used to treat sebaceous cyst?

  • You need to prepare a poultice.
    Put wheatgrass in a blender and blend it. Now add some honey to the paste and mix it.
    Apply it directly on the cyst and cover it with a clean cloth. Leave it for a night. You will surely notice positive results.
  • You can mix 3 tbsp of honey with 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder. And apply this paste over the cyst. This will give it a soothing effect.
  • You can mix one egg white with 1 tbsp of honey and spread it on the affected area.
  • For fast recovery, you need to take one ripe banana, peel and blend it in the blender and add some honey to the paste. Applying this mixture on the cyst would treat sebaceous gland. And Leave it overnight.

11. Turmeric

Turmeric is an excellent herbal remedy for curing cysts. It is an alternative method to treat cyst. It improves digestion and purifies the blood.

Turmeric has a curcumin compound present in it; this helps to fight against bacterial infections.

How to use Turmeric to cure Sebaceous Cyst

a) You can add turmeric powder with water and honey, make a fine paste and apply on the cyst. You will find that cyst is cured in some days

b) You can intake half teaspoon of turmeric powder in one cup of warm milk for 10 days before bed time. This will reduce the irritation and the chances to develop the cyst.

c) You can also make the paste of turmeric, honey and lemon juice. Apply on the cyst to heal it.

d)Make a paste of mint juice and turmeric powder and spread it over the cyst for 20 minutes and then wash.

12. Bee pollen

Bee Pollen is considered as a natural blood purifier and is remarkable against skin problems, like acne, sebaceous cysts, etc.

Bee Pollen consists of bee propolis, pollen, and royal jelly. This helps to treat cysts.

How Bee Pollen helps in treating Sebaceous Cyst?

  • You can consume 1-2 tbsp of bee pollen.
  • You can also take pollen pills or tablets.

13. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is an antibiotic herb; It is actually 99% pure silver. Colloidal Silver reduces inflammation.

It aids in stimulating lymphatic flow and stops infection.

Colloidal silver is also known for boosting the immune system and is effective for healing sebaceous cyst.

How Colloidal Silver helps in treating Sebaceous Cyst?

  • Apply colloidal silver directly
  • You can also use an ointment containing colloidal silver.

14. Potassium Iodide

One of the simplest way to treat sebaceous cyst is to use potassium iodide. It is a simple and infection-free remedy. This helps to heal the infection faster.

How to use Potassium Iodide?

a) You can apply potassium iodide on the sebaceous cyst, 2-3 times a day. It will shrink and gradually cure the cysts.

15. Dandelion and Viola

Dandelion and viola help in fighting against the bacteria that cause cysts. It helps in removing toxins from the body.

How to use Dandelion and Viola for curing Cyst?

  • For treating the sebaceous cyst, take one bag of dandelion and viola herb mix. Boil it in four cups of water for about 45 minutes. Drink this, multiple times a day.
    For best results, drink the herbal solution for 15 days.
  • You can also wash the cyst with the above herbal solution to heal the infection.

16. Clay Tablet

Sebaceous cyst, acne, stomach ache, etc. are some of the problems that can arise due to improper digestion.

To get rid of the impurities from the digestive system, you should take clay tablets.

You will get a positive result after having clay tablets. After a few days, the cyst shrinks and disappears, without any infection.

17. Sandalwood and Rose Water

Sandalwood mixed with rose water helps to soothe the skin. It decreases the itching effect and cools the patch.

How to use the Sandalwood and Rose Water for the cyst?

  • Sandalwood should be mixed with rose water and applied to the skin, let it dry for a while and clean it.
    This will soothe the patch.

18. Potato

Potato has Vitamin C, so it acts as an antioxidant.
This aids in preventing the infection.

How to use Potato for Cyst?

  • You can apply potato juice on the cysts, leave this for a night.
    This helps in decreasing the size of the cysts.
  • You can also apply the potato slice on the cyst.

19. Anti-Fungal Creams

Anti-fungal creams also work great on severe cysts. It helps in reducing inflammation and itching.

How to use the cream?

  • Apply some anti-fungal cream directly on the infected area and cover it with a clean cloth.

20. Cabbage

It is an effective and an easy, natural remedy for curing sebaceous cyst.

Usage Instructions

  • We need to boil some cabbage leaves in a bowl of water and then apply it over the area infected by the cyst. Furthermore, cover it with a clean and dry washcloth.

21. Milk

It is also an easy method to get rid of the cyst.

How to use milk for Cyst?

  • First of all, we need to soak a tea bag in some milk and then keep it over the place where cyst develops for a night.
    You can also wrap a cloth around the cyst to avoid it from moving.In the morning, remove the cloth and apply it regularly.
    This will cause the sebaceous cyst to reduce in size and will heal soon.

22. Baking Soda

It is another home made remedy for curing the cyst.

How to apply this?

  • Start with mixing some baking soda, salt and water together to form a smooth paste. Then, you spread this paste on the cyst area.

23. Lime Powder

This technique may lead to some irritation and make you uncomfortable, but this is definitely an effective remedy for treating inflammation.

How to use this remedy?

Initially, mix some lime powder with water so as to make a smooth paste and apply directly over the cyst.

23. Echinacea

In this method, you need to steep some Echinacea leaves in a cup full of water for about 10 minutes and then strain the mixture.

After that let it cool and then sip this tea for around 2-3 times daily. It will definitely increase the white blood cells in the body and will boost the immune system resulting in reducing the infection caused because of the sebaceous cyst.

24. Guava Leaves

To go for this method you first need to boil some guava leaves in a bowl of water for about 15 minutes and then strain it.

Then, you need to use the solution for washing the cyst. This will quickly heal the cyst, and will reduce the itching and inflammation.

Homeopathic Remedies for Sebaceous Cyst

Homeopathic remedies are as effective remedies to cure cyst. Some of the important homeopathic remedies for sebaceous cyst are:-

  •  Baryta Carbonica
  •  Calcarea Carbonica
  •  Graphites
  •  Silicea
  •  Nitric acid
  •  Agaricus Muscarius
  •  Ammonium Carbonicum
  •  Bromium
  •  Kali Carbonicum
  •  Kali Bromium
  •  Sabina
  •  Mezereum
  •  Spongia Tosta
  •  Conium
  •  Hepar Sulphuris
  •  Sulphur
  •  Thuja occidentalis

Preventive Steps

Sebaceous Cyst is harmless, but it can be prevented.

There are different remedies that can prevent the sebaceous cyst-

  •  Drink about 2 liters of waters daily. It helps in draining out the waste from the body.
  •  Include a variety of fruits in your diet.
  •  Consume green leafy vegetable. Take a nutritious diet.
  •  Consume natural herbs like garlic, turmeric, aloe vera juice.
  •  If the cysts occur, please do not scratch and puncture the patch.
  •  Wash the patch with an anti-bacterial soap.
  •  Use the anti-fungal cream on the patch.
  •  Use the oil-free products.
  •  Consult the doctor, if the problem persists.

Side- effects

If a sebaceous cyst occurs, then avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Avoid scratching the cyst it may increase the infection. Reduce the consumption of spicy and salted food.


So, when we have read about the sebaceous cyst. It is important to note that we need to take a nutritious diet that can keep our body healthy. It is advisable to drink lots of water and fresh juices. If the problem arises, follow the remedies and consult a doctor.


Dr.Suresh is an Ayurvedic specialist on Neurological disorders who is travelling all over Europe with a sole purpose i.e to spread the priceless teachings of Ayurveda. He has received Atreya international & charaka international award for excellence in Ayurveda.