How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair At Home?

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair
How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair

Discover few amazing home remedies which can be used to get rid of stomach hair.

Okay so how about the time you plan to wear your favourite dress and realise you cannot flaunt your perfectly toned stomach just because you missed that parlour appointment? Hurts, right?

So now you might as well go precautions now and go for methods which will help you fight these awkward encounters with the little moustache that your belly button sports every month!

Before you set your goals right, I just want to suggest analysing the nature of the hair on your stomach. A light growth should be preferably bleached while coarser hair needs to be removed. Here are a few methods which you may opt according to your convenience :

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair

Cut off it

Most often abdominal hair is hard and strong. So it’s satisfactory if you’d like to cut it off with a blade. Some might say that that could make the hair harder but then it is also very rapid and you can take action frequently; even daily. Moreover, if you ask coconut oil to your stomach after shaving it which should make softer it up. It’ll furthermore delay hair development.


Some women are lucky to get almost no hair on their abdomens. For those lucky women bleaching is just a better solution as are against to treatment. You should use any of the delicate bleaches accessible thus conceal the stomach’s elastic hair. It should not become a problem, so is it not specifically noticeable.

Use a Hair exclusion product

The concept is to keep your time and energy and moreover do a certain thing properly best for the skin. You can use the numerous hair removal products which might be accessible in the market as of late for body hair removal.

These skin hair exclusion creams now a days aren’t as tough or hurtful because they were previously within the last ten years so it is alright to utilize them. You merely need to make sure you chose a model your skin is not sensitive to.

Nowadays there are lots of hair removal creams which are readily available in the marketplace. Before utilizing a hair removal treatment does a patch test.

Then choose one that fits you the best and utilize it in your stomach hair. Hair removal products are easy as they can take away the unwanted hairs within seconds to use.

Wax at home

It is nothing like you have to proceed the restaurant everytime you need a feel. Able to use wax slender items are actually accessible in supermarkets in order to use them. Simply remove them use and to heat. For your little area location of the abdomen, this is a choice even when it is not for your legs and arms.

A very important thing about removing the stomach hair by waxing is rather than visiting each time to the studio that you are able to do it by yourself. It is simple to purchase prepared to use thin wax pieces from the store. It’s very easy to use. Apply a strip of the section of your stomach hair, wipe it then take it reverse the course of hair growth and voila! Out come the hairs.

When you remove the belly hair through waxing you will be hair–free for at least three weeks. Also, with repeated waxing with time, the stomach hairs that will grow back will be much thinner and less rough than earlier versions.

If you’re one of those privileged women who has hardly any fine hairs on their belly area then bleaching your belly hair can be a better choice for you. Only utilize a mild bleach about the location which means your hair is not visible and light.

To learn more about lightening some other normal alternatives, and the stomach hair using bleach, you might want to take a look at our other post on lightening belly hair. For women who have little hair however the locks are not quite short and visible, bleaching isn’t a great option.


The hairs growing in stomach region are not as strong as these expanding on our hands and legs. So, they could be quickly plucked using tweezers. Also, utilizing the tweezers you can remove some stray hairs which had kept even with using different hair removal methods.

To minimize the pain caused while plucking hairs you should use anti-inflammatory solution or ice cubes.

Sometimes the hair might as weak as generally growing areas. Therefore, it is best recommended to use tweezer that was excellent to shape the sparse areas. No need of spending money or time on getting complicated hair removal tools. Use this beauty resource for eliminating the hair.

For subsiding, the pain caused you may also use ice cubes and lotions which have active anti-inflammatory agents.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a lasting but expensive option to eliminate the unwanted stomach hair. If you have excess body hair laser hair removal is a great solution for you. Laser removal is best suited for those people who have light skin tone and black hair.

But before you go through the laser hair removal process its best to consult with a respected physician as this system requires some challenges like bruises, burns, scarring, pigmentation and pain.

Natural Uptans

You can combine or water and it. These easy body care methods can fix the body hair exclusion troubles in the home.

• Mix gram flour, turmeric powder, and water.Ensure it is substance and implement about face or the body. Allow it to dry and apply it carefully. It removes unwanted facial and good body hair.

While doing bath

• Use Pumice stone often.It acts like a polish and removes fine hair to the body. While taking the bath, clean the legs and hands this dispose of unwanted hair on-body.
• Follow a balanced diet. For those who have minimal bodyweight and bodyfat, you can see a rise in body hair. Correct preserving the diet, including of milk, veggies, and healthy fats may show results.

Raw Papaya Therapy

Raw Papaya Therapy

Raw Papaya Therapy

Papaya is capable of breaking stop hair growth and the hair follicles.

It exfoliates the skin to offer a smooth texture and creates the hair around the belly less noticeable. Natural papaya can be utilized to get rid of unwanted hair permanently in the following ways—
Make a substance of fresh papaya and mix turmeric powder inside. Rub it on the belly and leave it for 20 minutes before washing.

Mix ground raw papaya, mustard gas, turmeric Aloe Vera gel and g flour and produce a thick paste. Use this paste to the belly in a reverse direction of hair growth. Keep for 20 minutes and clean off it.

Some oil or treatment dries and use. Not simply this makes your great hair less noticeable nonetheless it also naturally exfoliate the skin to offer it an improved consistency. Thus, use organic papaya in one of those two methods for getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently.

Understand this:

• Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
Do this:
• Produce papaya paste by running and peeling raw papaya pieces.
• Mix turmeric powder with this particular fresh papaya paste.
• Massage that person with this substance for about 15 minutes.
• Wash off with water.
• Do this a few times per week.

Understand this:

• Quarter tablespoon of powdered papaya or a tablespoon of Papaya paste
• Turmeric powder- ¼ tablespoon
• Mustard oil- 2 tablespoons
• acrylic (optional- rose or some other)- 2 drops

Do this:

• blend well to acquire a thick paste and Combine all of the ingredients.
• Apply this stick for your body part in other direction of hair growth.
• Leave till it dries off or it for 15-20 minutes.
• Take a clean material and wipe within the opposite direction of hair growth.

When the paste all has been removed in this way •, wash off with water and pat dry.
• Take the skin with this to a few drops of rub and olive oil, lotion or baby oil.
• proceed for at the least 3 months and continue this thrice weekly.

Turmeric Remedy

Turmeric Remedy

Turmeric Remedy

This can be a simple approach to remove hair on the stomach. Make a thick substance of milk and turmeric. Use it about the abdomen. Leave it to dry then wash with heated water.

When the development of hair is dense then add gram flour to this mixture. Turmeric has been employed for ages in India for a healthy clean glowing skin.

This can be a simple solution where turmeric may you should be combined with milk or water while turmeric is used with many ingredients to get rid of unwanted hair.

Get this:
• Turmeric- 1-2 tsp (or enough to cover the human body area with hair)

Do this:
• Soak turmeric powder in water or milk to make a stick that is not too tight but which can stay on your face.
• Use this for your face.
• Leave till it dries up or for 15-20 minutes.

This treatment is for many who have hardly any hair on other or experience body parts. Turmeric needs to be used with a few other ingredients like ground oatmeal or g flour, rice flour along with milk for those who have denser hair.

Sugar & Fruit Juice Combination

Sugar blended with orange juice and water can help. The fruit juice used will help in lightening the colour of the stomach hair. These three components combine to help effectively remove hair from other areas of your body . It’s advisable never to use

These three components combine to help effectively remove hair from other areas of your body . It’s advisable never to use these elements on sensitive components.

Sugar and lemon create a great exfoliate the hair is bleached by Lemon and make them look lighter. Mix sugar, orange juice and water and implement it about the abdominal region in the way of the hair growth.

Leave it for fifteen minutes while rubbing it lightly once you combine sugar with water, it works as an excellent exfoliate because granular structure then washes it. Fruit juice within this mix acts as an astringent. Lemon juice can also be a pure bleach which brightens the colour of your facial hair.

Get this:
• Fresh lemon juice- 2 teaspoons

Do this:
• Mix fruit juice, sugar, and water.
• Sugar will dissolve, though not entirely, in the water. You will see a granular effect of sugar.
• Apply this for your experience while in the course of hair growth.
• Leave on for a few minutes.
• Wash off with water while rubbing.
• thrice or try this twice a week. After few weeks, you will notice noticeable lowering of hair in your experience

Sugar-Orange-Honey Mix Remedy

A mask of honey and lemon juice will stick to your skin like glue and can also assist when peeled off from your own skin in eliminating unwanted hair growth.

The fruit juice has exfoliating and cleansing qualities and can clear the skin. in securing the skin pores and can aid as it has bleaching properties in lightening the hair on the face along with other areas of the body orange juice will even help.

Both these ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can aid in avoiding skin irritation.this is a kind of waxing done with natural products to eliminate hair from the stomach.

Make this product by heating honey orange and sugar to your smooth paste. Use the hot mixture around the stomach having the spatula or a knife within the direction of hair growth push it to stick around the paste and Immediately cover it using a towel or waxing strip. Now move in the other direction of the hair growth.

It’s a slightly painful procedure but is a normal and powerful way to remove hair. Although sugar and lemon juice blended with water could become a great fix for stomach hair removal, the same sugar, and fruit juice when combined with honey could behave as an excellent homemade wax like element to remove unwanted hair from your own other areas of the body like arms and legs.

However, this can be a bit uncomfortable process much like waxing done because sugar blended with honey acts being a sticky substance that is applied to pluck the hair in a shop.

Get this:

• Lemon juice- 1 tsp
• Boat (to heat)- 1
• Waxing spatula or a butter knife
• Water (optional)- if required to make the paste a little thinner

Try this:

• Add honey and fruit juice with sugar and put them in the boat.
• Heat the mixture to get a smooth paste.

Utilize a little water too • If you note that the paste is getting too thick.
• Now let the mixture cool down to a temperature where it’s still a little hot.
• Dust the body component having unwanted hair with some cornstarch or plain flour.
• Use a spatula or knife made for waxing purposes and spread a thin layer of the comfortable blend on your own body part. Spread wax in the direction of the hair growth.
• media to stick it to the paste, Now quickly, protect the location with all the cloth strip or waxing strip and move in the other direction of the hair growth.

It is a painful procedure to get rid of unwanted hair but can be a normal one. Use chickpea flour remedy for removing hair, provided in this essay if you would like painless therapy.

Egg Mask Remedy

Egg Mask Remedy

Egg Mask Remedy

Egg cornstarch and white sugar mixed together and employed around the stomach forms a mask when dry and sticks to the body. The mask can be taken out gently about it with hair. When it comes to stickiness, egg white is a competitor of the honey but that is exactly what makes it stick to your face.

Egg white branches for your face and also dries off and this mask can come up with hair on your experience when you pull it.

Get this:
• Egg white- of 1 egg

How to get there!
• Mix cornflour and sugar with a suitable quantity of the egg white.
• Beat into a smooth paste.
• Use allow it dry and this egg mask for your face.
• Once dried, it’ll develop into a thin mask attached to that person.
• Take this egg mask with firm-hand so the hair too comes off with it.Watch nevertheless, pulling strongly doesn’t mean hurting yourself!

Potato-Lentil Ayurveda Remedy

Potatoes, when coupled with yellow lentil, will help in properly removing unwanted hair. Oranges have pure bleach properties included. The mixture of those two objects may help for making the hair color lighter.

It’s an Ayurvedic method to remove the hair to the experience along with other parts of the body.Potato is a natural bleaching agent. When blended with moon dal potato juice dried lentil paste and makes the hair light-in-color help in pulling out the hair. Get this paste by placing moong dal overnight and gridding it into a substance.

Extract the juice of apples by squeezing and grating them. Add it towards the dal paste together with baby and lemon juice. Apply this leaves it to dry and stick around the belly. Wipe with fingers then and when it’s dry wash off it.Potato is a natural bleaching agent.

Potato is a natural bleaching agent.When blended with yellow lentil as it is called in India or moong daal, potato juice not merely makes your hair light in color but works with dried lentil paste in taking a hair off the face. This is a natural Ayurvedic method of removing unwanted hair from hands, legs and face.

Understand this:

• Yellow lentil – 1 bowl
• Honey- 1 tbsp
• 1 thin or sieve material to filter juice

Do this:
• Soak the yellow lentil in water.
• each morning, soil the lentil to have its substance.
• Take the crushed and peeled potatoes and area onto the sieve.Press with even a spoon or arms to extract its juice. You can even use a material to extract potato juice.
• Add honey, orange, and potato juice to orange lentil paste and mix.
• Use this stick on experience, fingers, and thighs, wherever you need your own hair to disappear.
• Keep it for 15-20 minutes or until the time it dries off.

Eliminate the paste by rubbing it with hands, • When it dries.The dry lentil paste may pull off the hair with it.

Banana Oatmeal Remedy

Banana is beneficial in removing hair from the dry skin. A combination of ripe banana and oatmeal should be used together to remove hair. Strawberry is one of the finest ingredients that may be used for removing hair for you if your skin is dry. Strawberry leaves your skin soft and flexible. But the only strawberry is not enough for removing hair.

You must combine it with something which is just a little difficult on skin to exfoliate it. However, this roughness should not harm your sensitive skin. Oatmeal is the ideal thing to use.

It’s also a terrific natural solution for skin. Banana can be a natural substance that may be used to get rid of unwanted hair from the body when mixed with a roughening component in exfoliating the skin, like oatmeal that will help. The strawberry will help in making your skin smooth and supple and oatmeal will become the solution for your skin. Both combine to offer special and effective results.

Get this:

• Oatmeal- 1-2 tsp

Try this:

• Mash the banana.
• Use this substance to handle rubbing in circular motion.
• try this for approximately fifteen minutes.
• continue this twice per week.

Sugar-Molasses Remedy

Mixing sugar with corn syrup or molasses will give you the exact same result you will get when mixing honey sugar and fruit together. Magnesium can be a principal portion noticed in controlling the hormones in molasses that can help. It is very effective in giving constant and slow rest from unwanted hair.

Combining the sugar with corn syrup or molasses can make the molasses turn into a depilatory wax that one may use on feet and your arms to remove unwanted hair.Sugar, orange, and molasses are just a perfect depilatory wax for removing unwanted hair on the stomach.

Location sugar in the stove and leading it with dark corn syrup or molasses.
Allow it to remain for some minutes after which microwave it until the sugar dissolves. Add lemon juice and stir. Use it comfortable about the stomach and let it dry.

Grab to the opposite side of hair growth. You have seen earlier that sugar along with honey and fruit can be utilized for removing unwanted hair to make a depilatory wax. Sugar may also be used with molasses or black corn syrup for that same purpose.

Understand this:

• Sugar- 1 cup
• molasses – enough to cover the sugar.
• Fruit juice- from half of a lemon

Do this:

• Place sugar in a microwave safe bowl or a boat.
• Top this with a drizzle of dark corn syrup or molasses, anything you are using.
• allow it to sit for a number of minutes.
• Stove for 2-3 minutes or heat it up to reduce the sugar.

Add the mixture and the orange juice. Stir.

• If you see the mixture must combine heat, stove or more for another 2-3 minute.
• allow it cool for sometime. Ensure the temperature of the
• Use the hot mix for your hair on-hands and legs. Utilize a strip of waxing or textile strip to pull off the hair.

Chickpea Flour Mask for Unwanted Hair Removal

Chickpea Flour Mask for Unwanted Hair Removal
Chickpea Flour Mask for Unwanted Hair Removal

Chickpea flour referred to as gram flour , has been used traditionally in the Indian subcontinent for stopping and removing progress of unwanted body hair.

Moms use gram flour blended with turmeric and water or milk on small babies’ experience, fingers, and feet so that their skin stays clear gentle and hair free. You may also try this remedy for eliminating your unwanted hair.

Get this:

• Half bowl of chickpea flour
• Turmeric powder- 1 tsp
• Fresh cream- 1 teaspoon (omit this for those who have oily skin)

Do this:

• Get the chickpea flour in a bowl.
• blend well to create a smooth paste and Add fresh and turmeric, dairy product to this.
• Implement this substance on your own experience while in the way of the hair growth.
• Ensure you have all of your hair covered.
• Leave it for about around 30 minutes.
• After thirty minutes, start rubbing the flour mask with gentle submit the contrary direction of the hair growth.

You could wet your fingertips just a little to rub that person If a whole lot has dried.
Afterwards, wash your face with warm water off.

Alum-Rosewater Remedy for Removing Unwanted Hair

Here’s something is typically used by the women of India and Pakistan to solve the nuisance of unwanted hair. That is alum and rosewater. Alum can be found like a stone of alum or in powdered form.

You can also ground rock alum to obtain this powder. Rose-water can be a cleansing agent and will help in cleaning the skin. When both these components are combined, then your mix helps to clean almost any skin, from vulnerable to acne prone skin to rough skin as well as will help in removing unwanted hair.

Get this:

• rosewater- 2-3 tablespoon
• Cotton ball
• Olive oil or sesame oil- few drops

Do that:

• Dip the cotton ball in a mixture of rosewater and swim it in this water.
• Use this rosewater mixed with alum powder with unwanted hair about the areas of the body.
• when it dries off, use again and allow it sit there.
• continue doing this for approximately 50-60 minutes. However, if the skin is vulnerable, don’t take action over 15 minutes.
• Clean off and pat some coconut oil or sesame oil to moisturize the area.
• continue doing this 2-4 times weekly.

Onion Remedy

Onion Remedy
Onion Remedy

Did you know that onion not just makes your recipes delicious but also can eliminate your unwanted hair when used with basil leaves! However, you should do a little exercise and discover the thin transparent walls that lie between the layers of an onion.

Get this:

• Ten to twelve Basil leaves
• two small onions

How to get ready

• sign up for the thin transparent filters from involving the onion layers.
• Now break the basil leaves combined with onion filters to acquire a substance.
• Apply this substance on your unwanted hair.
• Wash off with water.
• continue doing this 3-4 times a week to get an a short while to remove your unwanted hair.

Have Spearmint Tea to Avoid Unwanted Hair Growth

The appearance of unwanted hair could be, often, a result of an excessive generation of the hormone androgen. This is called ’ which describes having excessive hair to the face, ‘Hirsutism , especially in women.

It is the consequence of hormonal imbalance which occurs due to improved degree of androgens and testosterone, the male hormones, or as a result of over-awareness of hair follicles to androgens. Spearmint plant is known to manage hormones.

So, you could consider having spearmint tea to bring your androgens along to optimum levels.The unwanted hair in your skin occurs because of excessive production of Hirsutism. This is due primarily to the hormonal imbalance that occurs within your body as a result of elevated androgens and testosterone hormones.

It might also be because of the over-sensitivity of the hair roots to androgen hormones. Drinking spearmint tea will help in bringing down the androgen levels within your body and thus assist in eliminating unwanted hair.

Understand this:

• Fresh spearmint leaves- 5-6 OR Dry spearmint- 1 tsp
• Boiling water- 1 cup

Try this:

• Area spearmint leaves or the dried plant in a container.
• Pour hot water slowly and stir to the temperature of drinking.

Blackstrap Molasses to Prevent Expansion of Unwanted Hair

Women can always see the deficiency of vital minerals within their body. This may bring about the other or some issue like losing hair in the scalp or having hair in unwanted sites. Blackstrap molasses is one which also has all the appropriate minerals that may decrease the development of hair in unwanted places and is full of minerals, iron.

It will also aid in gradually ending hair’s advancement in unwanted areas. This means you could shed hair around the head or have unwanted hair on various areas of the body. Blackstrap molasses is high in metal and minerals that can help you are doing away together with the insufficient vitamins that are necessary.

This, in turn, means that the expansion slowly stopover time and of hair at unwanted locations will first decrease. Even though you don’t have PCOS, everyday may try getting two heaped teaspoons of blackstrap molasses to remove your unwanted hair.

Provision: If you are diabetic or are experiencing recommended iron products, its simpler to speak to your physician before you begin molasses.

While male hormones testosterone increase in girls and androgens, the female hormone oestrogen level may go down. Insurance firms such ingredients which might be rich in phytoestrogen you can counteract this result.

Phytoestrogen can be a plant hormone similar to the individual female hormone, oestrogen. Thus, foods high on phytoestrogen may help reduce unwanted hair growth.

List of foods full of phytoestrogen
• Soy and soy products like soy milk and tofu.
• Flaxseed
• Fennel seeds and herb
• Alfalfa
• Licorice

Thus, include these meals in your daily menu. You might have herbal teas manufactured from the aforementioned herbs like fennel, licorice, and Brahmi.

The estrogen levels within your body will come along if you have elevated degrees of androgens and male hormones in your body. This will end in the hormonal imbalance that may cause hair to cultivate in unwanted areas.

Then you can certainly slow this influence dramatically if you take ingredients that are abundant with phytoestrogens in removing unwanted hair growth and hence you will help. Phytoestrogen is just a plant hormone that’s quite similar to estrogen hormone.

Include foods rich in phytoestrogen in your daily diet and be sure that you employ all its supplement types also within your daily cooking.

I hope these tips help you sport your best beautiful this summer!


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