How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odour ?

How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odour
How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odour

Are you embarrassed because of your body odour? Do you feel alienated due to body odour? But don’t worry! This summer we will help you remain fresh and clean!

By using the below-mentioned home remedies and preventive measure you can get rid of underarm odour.

Underarm odour is caused due to a breakdown of sweat into acids by bacteria. Some say it is the smell of the bacteria growing on the skin but it is the breakdown of proteins into acids that cause the foul smell.

It is evident in people who have reached puberty and are not maintaining hygiene, people who eat spicy foods regularly, obese people etc.

What Causes Underarm Odour?

What causes Underarm odour
What causes Underarm odour

It is a myth that sweating causes underarm odour. Let me tell you that it isn’t true. It is scientifically proven that sweat is odourless. When there is the rapid growth of bacteria along with excessive sweating, then this causes the foul smell.

The presence of two acids, Propanoic acid and Isovaleric acid, causes underarm odour. Besides underarms, it is also found in feet, groin, pubic region etc.

It is said that humans have 3-4 million sweat glands in our body. They are basically classified into two types:

  • Eccrine Glands

These glands are responsible for maintaining our body’s temperature. So, they are present near the skin.

  • Apocrine Glands

They are also known as ‘scent glands’ because they have a typical odour of their own. These glands are located near breasts, genital area, ears and eyelids.

Scientifically, the sweat produced by Apocrine gland is rich in protein. This can be easily broken down into acids by bacteria. So, this gland is responsible for body odour. The sweat produced by Eccrine gland is rich in salt, which can’t be broken into acids by bacteria.

Home Remedies For Underarm Odor

Home Remedies For Underarm Odor
Home Remedies For Underarm Odor

Given above were some habits you need to maintain to prevent underarm odour. If you still don’t get rid of it, then following are some home remedies for treating body odour:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacterial growth.This is the best replacement considered for deodorants.

How to use:

Dip some apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Dip cotton in it and wipe your underarms using it and see the magic.

  • Baking Soda

It is considered one of the best remedies for underarm odour.

How to use:

Take equal amount of lemon juice and baking soda. Mix them well and apply it to underarms. Let it be dry and then clean it with water. This will immediately cure Underarm odour.

  • Alcohol

Though consuming alcohol is not good for underarm odour, applying it to underarms helps to block the smell as it blocks the pores.

How to use:

Take some alcohol in a mug of water and rinse underarms with it.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

This kills the bacteria that produce the odour, thereby reducing underarm odour.

How to use:

Prepare a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (one tbsp) with water. Apply it to underarms using the cotton ball.

  • Lemon

Lemon will kill the bacteria and also lighten your skin. The acidic properties of lemon make it useful in killing the bacteria.

How to use:

Slice a lemon. Rub it gently on your underarms.

  • Turnip

For longer hours of protection from underarm odour, this is considered one of the best remedies.

How to use:

Grate a turnip make prepare its juice. Apply it to the underarms. This helps in preventing underarm odour for almost ten hours.

  • Rose Water

The pleasant smell of rose water helps to deodorise the underarm skin.

How to use:

Use rose water while bathing or apply it after the bath.

  • Radish

You can use radish as a natural deodorant.

How to use:

Make the juice of radish and add glycerin to it. Spray it on your underarms. You can also store it in a refrigerator.

  • Crystal Rock

This is utilised as a natural antiperspirant. It blocks the sweat glands which help to reduce sweating.

How to use:

Apply it as a deodorant on underarms and see the wonders it does.

  • Tomato

Tomato pulp is widely helpful for underarm odour reduction.

How to use:

Apply the pulp of tomato to underarms and let it be for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with clean water.

  • Alum

This is a chemical compound that works as a natural deodorant. It is widely used.

How to use:

Pour water on Alum Rock and rub it gently on your underarms. Let it dry by itself and experience the magic!

  • Sandalwood Powder

We all are aware of the soothing smell sandalwood powder has. It is this smell that helps to prevent body odour.

How to use:

Prepare a paste of it by mixing it with water. Apply it to underarms and let it dry. Then, wash it with clean water and enjoy its smell!

  • Walnut Leaves

This is very effective in reducing underarm odour.

How to use:

Crush walnut leaves and prepares its paste with eucalyptus. Apply this to underarm.

  • Lettuce

Lettuce makes you feel refreshed. This property helps it to prevent odour.

How to use:

Crush lettuce leaves and rubs them gently on the underarm. This will prevent underarm odour to the great extent.

  • Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is an antibacterial herb, so it prevents a growth of bacteria on the skin.

How to use:

Apply rosemary oil on underarms.

  • Lavender Oil

The lavender oil is used extensively for many skin problems Here, it helps to get rid of underarm odour.

How to use:

Spray some lavender oil on underarms to prevent odour.

  • Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural steriliser.

How to use:

Wipe your underarms with witch hazel to reduce odour.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil will kill bacteria as it has anti-bacterial properties.

How to use:

Mix some amount of tea tree oil in water and regularly use it as a deodorant.

  • Peppermint Oil

This oil is known to reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

How to use:

Gently rub few drops of this oil onto underarms. This will help you reduce odour.

  • Sage

Sage helps in controlling excessive sweating.

How to use:

Prepare sage tea and apply it on underarms with a washcloth. Let it dry and again repeat the process.

  • Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll that helps to prevent foul smell.

How to use:

Soak some wheatgrass in water and prepare its juice. Drink it every morning and see how underarm odour vanishes.

These are some home remedies you can try to prevent underarm odour. Try them and stay fresh!

Is There A Way We Can Prevent Underarm Odour?

Is There A Way We Can Prevent Underarm Odour
Is There A Way We Can Prevent Underarm Odour

The answer to this question is ‘YES’. There are many ways in which we can prevent underarm odour. Following are some habits you can develop so as to prevent underarm odour:

  • Shower daily

This is one of the best ways to prevent underarm odour. It even makes you feel fresh. If you sweat excessively, try taking the shower twice a day.

  • Use Antibacterial Soaps

While you take a bath, use antibacterial soaps to prevent a growth of bacteria.

  • Deodorants And Antiperspirants

Deodorants don’t reduce sweating. It only masks the smell produced by bacteria on the skin. Antiperspirants tend to reduce the amount of sweating.  Use deodorants and antiperspirants to reduce underarm odour.

  • Natural Fibre Clothes

Wearing natural fibre clothes like cotton can help reduce sweating, and thereby underarm odour.

  • Shave Your Armpits

Hair provides breeding grounds for bacteria. Shaving your armpits can help you keep them clean.

  • Exfoliating Your Underarms

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, which are in a way responsible for foul smell. Using a loofah and shower gel to exfoliate can help you prevent underarm odour.

  • Relax Your Mind

Many people sweat due to stress. They constantly think about something and get stressed, resulting in excessive sweating. Try relaxing your mind by practising yoga, meditation etc. This will help you reduce stress.

  • Say NO To Alcohol And Caffeinated Drinks

Consumption of alcohol and coffee in excess amount can be responsible for producing the foul smell.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drink 3-4 litres of water daily. This will help to remove all the toxins out of a body.

  • Avoid Specific Foods

Food items like garlic, onion, fish, spicy food, pepper should be avoided so as to prevent Underarm odour.

  • Maintain Healthy Diet

Consuming a balanced and healthy diet can help in preventing body odour.

Make changes in your daily routine by adding these habits and see how you get rid of Underarm odour!

Do You Need To Consult A Doctor For Underarm Odour?

At first, this is not so serious issue. You can try changing your habits and home remedies given above to control sweating and underarm odour.

Even after trying these things, if you can’t see any significant improvements, then you need to consult a doctor. The doctor may prescribe some medicine or in some cases, even surgery.

Hope you will try these remedies given and get rid of underarm odour this summer!

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