If It’s About Size- Bigger Is Not Always Better!If you are breast are large and it makes you feel uncomfortable then you must be thinking of reducing its size.

Surgical methods are there to do the same but I ‘ll suggest look for a natural alternative.Yes,you can reduce the size of the breast and make them small naturally.Methods mentioned in this article are best to get smaller boobs.

Women are adorned not only for giving birth but also proving nutrition in its basic form from a very delicate part of their body- Breasts. Boobs/ Breasts have been represented since ages in various manners through education, art, sculpture, and photography.

Fascination about large boobs separates one from reality on facing the difficulties in dealing with them. Yes, large ones are not always desirable and there are various remedies of getting smaller ones!

Hazards Of Large Breasts

  1. Humiliation-

People land up either Staring at them or making Fun and some too very concerned ones land up posting queries about ‘Breast Reduction’. It acts as nothing more than Stressors and reduces one’s Self-Image and also Self-Esteem.

  1. Bras-

Bras are not about pretty inner wears but a support system that firms and maintains the shape of the boobs without hindering with the blood circulation system. Too large boobs may have difficulty in pairing with the perfect bra. Bra’s are worn not only to prevent breast sagging but also to make ones appearance and attire look presentable and appealing.

  1. Clothing-

Not all kinds of clothes can be worn with ease by all women with big boobs in particular. Jackets, Blazers, Designer and Branded clothes with deep neck & Button-up Shirts or Strapless Dresses and Kurtis without Dupatta fall on the shortage list.

  1. Health-

Back pain, pain in the Shoulders, difficulty in maintaining body balance if obese and walking with poise, stretch marks, and rashes are quite an issue.

Plan Of Action: How to get Smaller Boobs?

For teenagers and youngsters, adolescence is a period of storm and brine. On attaining puberty breasts start growing.

Due to genetic inheritance or changes in hormonal levels or due to other medical conditions a girl may develop large breasts which can cause inconvenience, while for adults, pregnancy and mothering and breastfeeding do lead to an increase in boob’s size unwillingly.

Some may be lucky to have a normal growth but to prevent unnecessary growth the following steps can be given a food of thought-

How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally

How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally
How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally

1. Aerobic Exercises:

It is contradictory to the word anaerobic which means without oxygen. The exercises includes Brisk walking, Jogging, Climbing the stairs, Cycling, and even Swimming that helps burn body fat and increases Oxygen supply in your body along with an increased metabolism.

It also involves exercises requiring lifting (such as kickboxing) and quick actions where muscles flex and increases blood circulation.

Overall it reduces unnecessary fat but you must be careful because overdoing it can cause sagging of Breasts and anorexia too.Any of the above must be done every day for at least 20-30 minutes.

2. Gymming :

Gymming is the new trend. Cardiovascular exercises are to be carried out under Proper Guidance in a good gym. For women who rush with time Chest exercises such as Push-ups along with Squats, and Twisting can be done hassle free at home.

Push-ups are one of the best chest exercises which strengthen the muscles near the areas of chest, shoulders, abdomen and even toes.

Squats & Twisting focus more on the lower torso and hips but it must be kept in mind that there needs to be a balance maintained between our Breasts and Hips. Anyone too large or too small may not be a pleasure for the eyes.

3. Eat Healthily:

Consuming junk food, oily, and fatty food coated with high levels of cholesterol and sugar does not lead to the development of small breasts obviously but to obesity with may add to the development of large breasts in the developing period.

So, Reduce the intake of fast food. If you have large breasts, Avoid fast food. Consume more Healthy food such as lentils rich in protein, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and green tea.

A balanced diet may indirectly have an effect on this sensitive growing part of your body and it is also required to enhance your beauty and control hormonal imbalance. Consume more Nuts and Fruits too.

Remember “Exercise & Sports compliments to your dietary habits helping maintain the shape and hence smaller and desirable boobs!

4. Visit a Doctor:

If the problem is too huge visit a Doctor for a Breast surgery. However, it is not very economical with respect to both health and money.

Consult a Cosmetic Surgeon for breast surgery.  Discuss in great details as to What the procedure will be, How much of the breast tissue you want to be removed and What should be your Dietary Plan in that course of time?  Do seek HELP for an Emotional Support & Empathy from a Psychologist.

5. Wear Proper Bra According To The Size OF Your Breast:

A well fitting wireless bra with proper shoulder straps and just the required size cup that gives a comfortable feeling when worn is the first must in the list. Seek for help from the saleswoman/ man in the lingerie shop.

They are there to sell so why feel shy? Avoid plastic straps and wired push up bras and those that don’t provide proper coverage. For youngsters, it is a growing period, wearing too tight or loose fitted bras can be a reason for distress in mere future.

And, when doing any kind of an exercise do wear a proper Sports Bra!

6. Cover it up in Style:

Wear dark colour clothes, use a Scarf and jewellery such as long necklaces (it also makes a good Fashion statement), DO NOT wear high neck tops and skinny shirts. These may change your appearance and make your boobs look smaller.

Also, make sure you are wearing just the right bra for the correct kind of clothing. Avoid Cotton Bras for t-shirts and dresses. Go for the light padded ones that make your bosom glow.

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