How To Kill Bed Bugs Using Home Remedies

How To Kill Bed Bugs Using Home Remedies
How To Kill Bed Bugs Using Home Remedies

Bed bugs are insects which live under your bed and infest upon you while you are sleeping.It sounds creepy.You don’t have to worry.Discover some of amazing natural home remedies to kill bed bugs and get rid of them permanently.

A person needs to have 7-8 hours of good sleep for healthy living.Some of us strain ourselves due to work pressures and stay up till midnight.

Do you know?

When we are awake or rather asleep, we share common space with insects too. Not just Mosquitoes. Insects such as Bed bugs creep under our bed and suck our bed.

Let’s see how we can kill these bugs using simple home remedies.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny creatures which multiply at a faster rate. They inhabit your bed and feed on blood. Mostly, they are found in warm temperatures and at night. During the day, bed bugs infest on your desks, clothing, mattress, etc.

You might be unaware of its sting as the bed bug pierces the skin of warm blood individuals when they are asleep. It feeds on for about five minutes. These tiny creatures leave behind allergic reactions, swelling and itchy rashes.

What are Bed Bugs
What are Bed Bugs

They are of two sizes. Mostly like a flat oval disk of 3/4th of their adult size. Let’s see how we can have a good night’s sleep without these nightmares.

What Causes Bed Bugs?

There are many ways by which bed bugs get into your living space. Mostly they come from the neighboring areas. Bedbugs can survive a long time without food. They like the smell of human blood and stay away from small sized animals like goats, rabbits.

The bed bugs are unnoticed and are easily transported from one place to another. They would like to hide from bright daylight. For this, they get into places where there is no light but minimal heat. Home appliances must be checked to avoid bedbugs infestation from one place to another.

Parasites like bed bugs can hide in clothing though they don’t bite through the clothes. Check clothes when buying them and dust them when you get up from a seat. This is likely to keep bed bugs away.

Furniture brought from the showroom are rarely checked. The bed bugs spread through cracks and surface of the furniture. It is essential to check the inside part of new or old furniture before buying them.

The following are some home remedies which could control the bed bugs population at home. These are effective in preventing you from negative effects these insects cause. It is advisable that you consult a doctor if you are allergic to any of the remedies or increase the skin problems.

28 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Bed-Bugs Naturally:

28 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Bed-Bugs Naturally
28 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Bed-Bugs Naturally


Rubbing Alcohol is a natural pesticide. The smell eliminates bugs. It has to be added in proper quantity as over dosage is poisonous.

How To Use Alcohol As A Remedy?

Spray a bottle of rubbing alcohol on beddings, mattresses, wooden articles, clothing and frames. It gets rid of bed bugs infestation in a larger phase.

Bed bugs get dehydrated and eventually die. Give a coating of walls and furniture with alcohol to keep bed bugs at bay.By using alcohol get rid of bed bugs in a mattress easily.

2.Baking Soda:

Dries moisture from bed bugs. It’s the safest organic pesticide.

How to Use Baking Soda As a Remedy?

Spread baking soda on cracks or wherever you find bed bugs. Clean the place and repeat the process twice a week.

3.Boric Acid Powder:

It’s highly toxic to insects. They step on the powder and ingest the toxins.

How to use Boric Acid Powder as a remedy?

Bed bugs may be hiding in your clothes, mattress, kitchen, bathroom. Spray this remedy in such places to help get rid of them.

4.Bleaching Powder:

It’s a disinfectant and anti – oxidizing agent.

How to use Bleaching powder as a remedy?

This pesticide helps to wash your clothes, furniture and floors of your house and deprive you of bed bugs.

5.Diatomaceous Earth:

It destroys bed bugs as it dehydrates them.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth as a remedy?

A handful of Diatomaceous Earth spread around your house is helpful

5.Cayenne Pepper:

The smell of the solution has a long lasting effect and drives the bed bugs away.

How to use Cayenne Pepper as a remedy?

Boil a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper, oregano and grated ginger in water. Strain the solution and spray the same on places where there are bed bugs.Cayenne pepper is teh best home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

6.Double Sided Tape:

The tiny creatures fall prey to double – sided tapes. This method is an age-old effective one to check bed bugs.

How to use Double sided tape as a remedy?

When the double-sided tapes are stuck to the bottom of your beds, bed bugs get stranded when trying to climb to your bed.

7.Steam Treatment:

Bed bugs don’t survive at this temperature. Steam permeates these materials and kills bed bugs even before hatching.

How to use Steam Treatment as a remedy?

Steam your carpets, mattress, cushions above 50-150°F.

8.Scented Dryer Sheets:

It’s protection against bed bugs due to the odor.

How to use Scented Dryer Sheets as a remedy?

It can be spread over furniture, so bed bugs stay away from your furniture. Place these sheets in between cushions, mattresses, inside pillow cases, etc.

9.Vacuum Cleaner:

The suction wand removes bed bugs from all possible areas. It’s essential to vacuum your house twice a week.

How to use a vacuum cleaner as a remedy?

Baseboards, box spring, sleeping quarters, mattress, carpets must be cleaned regularly. Do wash the attachments in hot water no matter where you use.

10.Hair Dryer:

Warms the mattress like it does your hair. Bed bugs die or get washed away when you turn it on near affected area.

How to use Hair dryer as a remedy?

Set the dryer on its highest mode and seam it over infested area for about an hour. Bed bugs hidden in your mattress are killed along with their eggs. Later on the vacuum and remove the bug’s traces and clean the vacuum filter too.

11.Silica Gel:

It’s a dehydrating agent which kills bugs easily.

How to use Silica Gel as a remedy?

Grind silica gel and apply it all over your house including your bed spreads, mattress. Bed bugs do not notice it and so gets stuck in it and die.


Caulk can be used in cold temperatures.

How to use Caulk as a remedy?

Seal gaps in between walls, cabins, baseboards and cracks using caulk. Rubber caulking can also be used. This technique leaves no space for bugs and destroys them completely.

13.Talcum Powder:

It is a heat resistant and a chemical agent.

How to use Talcum Powder as a remedy?

Sprinkle baby powder and talcum powder over your bedspread. This suffocates bed bugs and eventually kills them. Do not sleep in these areas.

14.Stiff Brush:

Can hold it easily. It brushes aside the bugs. Clean the corners too.

How to use a stiff brush as a remedy?

Mattress, Cushions, Bedspreads must be scrubbed with a stiff brush to remove bed bugs eggs.

15.Bean leaves:

Trichomes present in the leaves kills the insects.

How to use bean leaves as a remedy?

It gets into the bedbug’s feet and destroys them.

Spread bean leaves wherever there are bed bugs.


Bed bugs can be killed in large quantities when a thyme stick is burned near the place.

How to use Thyme as a remedy?

Tie a cotton cloth to a thyme stick and burn it near the place where bed bugs have set their breeding grounds.

Put some thyme leaves in net bags and leave them near mattress, cushions, cupboards, etc.

Once in three days replace these bags with fresh leaves. It is a slow but permanent solution.

17.Tea Tree Oil:

It is known for its anti- microbial effects. Helps to eradicate bacteria, fungi and viruses.

How to use Tea Tree Oil as a remedy?

Clean your home with this oil. Add some tea tree oil to your clothing and where there are bed bugs.Sprinkle a solution from the mixture of lukewarm water and tea tree oil all over the house. Repeat this procedure once a week to get completely rid of the microbes.

18.Sweet Flag:

It has another name called Calamus. This herb has a lot of anti- microbial properties.

How to use Sweet Flag as a remedy?

Buy a calamus packet and prepare the solution as per the instruction on the packet. Spray the solution on bed bugs eggs.

19.Indian Lilac:

It has anti- microbial properties. The smell of the leaves destroys bed bugs.

How to use Indian Lilac as a remedy?

Crush a handful of leaves and spread the area where there are bed bugs.

Bath with solution strained from boiling lilac leaves. It keeps bed bugs away from you and is an excellent treatment for infected skin.

20.Mint leaves:

Prevent bed bugs from entering your house.

How To Use Mint Leaves As A Remedy?

Crush mint leaves and sprinkle in the sleeping area and underneath cradles. Dried mint leaves packet can be put between mattress and linen closets.

21.Essential oil:

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Tea Tree Oil, Oregano, Cedar oil are all essential oil.

How to use essential oil as a remedy?

Take three drops of any three oil and mix with a cup of water. Spray this solution wherever you find bed bugs. It completely cleans the place and leaves no trace of bed bugs.

22.Black Walnut Tea:

It can be used as an insecticide as well as a repellent against bed bugs. It has a lot of anti- fungal, anti- bacterial properties.

How to use Black Walnut Tea as a remedy?

Place the tea bags or simply sprinkle them in your room, sleeping area, closets.

Preparation of herbal sachet can be done by mixing lavender, black walnut, mint, sweet flag, thyme. It helps in bringing out the bed bugs from their hiding spot and destroys them completely.


It increases acidic condition inside the bed bugs.

 They cannot bear the odor and get killed along with their eggs.

How to use lemon grass as a remedy?

Plant it amongst your garden. Place it near sofas or table corners.

24.Bed Posts:

They are a barrier between floor and bed for the bed bugs. This is efficient and costs much lower.


It has a pungent smell which the bed bugs are allergic to.

How to use clove as a remedy?

Expose your beddings, mattress, etc. and spaces where you find bed bugs population to clove oil.

26.Beauveria Bassiana:

This fungus is a natural insecticide. It is a parasite for the bugs.

How to use Beauveria Bassiana as a remedy?

They survive for three to five days when this fungus is spread on them. It’s  pre-lethal effects disables movement and feeding of bugs.It kiils bed bugs naturally.


It’s an extract from Coccineum and Chrysanthemum. It is a natural insecticide which acts as a toxin to the bed bugs and attacks their nervous system.Use pyrethrum to kills bed bugs instantly.

How to use Pyrethrum To Get Rid Of Bugs Instantly?

Mix Pyrethrum and Canola oil and spray this insecticide around your house. It is safe for children, pets.


Usage of lavender oil, soap, powder keeps bed bugs away from you. Lavender leaves keep the breeding of bed bugs in a low state.Lavender oil is a scent to nauseate bed bugs and destroy them in large numbers.


  1. Cover your mattress, beddings, spring box, with a plastic sheet or cover.
  2. Check the corners of the rooms, mattress, frames regularly.
  3. Wash clothes, bed sheets, towels or other material which were infested with bed bugs in the hot
  4. Dispose of the affected things as there are chances that the bed bugs might multiply.
  5. Keep children, pets away from insecticides.
  6. If you are allergic to insecticides, get help from corporation people.
  7. Do remove clutter from your bedroom.
  8. Consult a doctor for proper medication for bed bugs bites.
  9. Though you can’t stop yourself from going to public places, be a bit conscious.


  1. Do not spray insecticides on cribs or toys.
  2. Don’t move affected things from one place to another.
  3. Do not sleep, neglecting the bite marks. They may develop instantly.
  4. Clean blood stains, fecal spots to avoid more infestation.

Peculiar Bed Bug Bites:

Bite marks of bedbugs are a tube with grooves. Analgesics in the bed bugs, when spread on the skin, do not hurt or starts itching immediately. Mostly women and children become victims.

Bite marks can be found on face, neck, arms, legs. There will be reddish skin and several bite marks with swelling in these areas. When the bugs are in a larvae state, they bite almost every day for their growth.

Symptoms of bed bug bite may vary from person to person. Some people do not have bite marks at all. Whereas some do. The bite marks usually disappear within 10-12 hours. Those who are allergic and if the bite marks start itching, it will stay on for 2-3 days.

Instant Relief for Bed Bug Bites:

There isn’t any particular treatment for bed bugs bites.

Just apply Benadryl cream or take antihistamine pill if you develop itching around the bitten area.

Hot wash cloth can be put on the affected area directly for instant relief.

Do not scratch the skin. There might be skin breakdown or skin infection if you scratch.

Thus, it’s better to clean your house regularly and stay away from bed bugs. Remember, even a small bug can destroy the castle.


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