How To Loose Your Belly Fat After Pregnancy At Home?

Yes, you can lose your belly fat after pregnancy at home. Your baby has finally come, and he\she is the cutest baby in the world.

However, you are worried about how to lose your belly fat that you have gained since the time of your pregnancy.

Many women find it very tough to get back the same toned up look which they had before pregnancy.

Especially women who have got their baby delivered by undergoing the Caesarean technique find it tough to get back their toned look and lose the lower belly fat.

We provide you with some of the effective ways to lose your belly fat after pregnancy.

Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy While Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is good for the baby. It also helps to burn ample amount of body fat. If you keep on breastfeeding your child, then you can lose 500 calories and above every day and then, you are capable of losing weight much quicker than ever.

You will want to eat more when you, are breastfeeding, hence go for drinking as much water as you can before each meal so that it makes you feel full, and do not eat as much as you do.

Water Helps A Lot:

You should drink a minimum of 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. This helps you in boosting your metabolism and also helps you in suppressing your appetite.

Go for juices and sodas and stop consuming sugary beverages as they only add to your weight.

Drinking water has got many more benefits like better skin, the better complexion, and better digestive system. Water helps a lot in an effective blood flow.


You can begin exercising after some days of your delivery if you have given birth vaginally or after certain weeks if you have given birth via cesarean.

Pilates or Yoga is well known to elongate the tummy muscles and then make them very lean. Abdominal crunches are highly effective in burning the fat in the lower belly.

Before you start any exercise always consult your doctor, as your doctor will be able to guide on the implications of the exercise on your body. Don’t be aggressive while doing exercise. Do as you are instructed or guided.

Balanced Diet:

While you are continuing to breastfeed your baby, never opt for dieting. However, take ought most care of your diet and have balanced meals.

Instead of consuming 3 large meals, consume 5 small meals. As a result, you will not feel much hungry.


You might feel frustrated when you do not witness any instant results and then you might give up your efforts.

Don’t get disheartened as it will take some months to lose your lower belly fat. You need to be consistent, to lose the belly fat.

Get Rid of The Junk Food:

Strictly say no to junk food or any such type of food that will make you gain weight. Go on for a cleaning procedure and don’t keep any such food in the refrigerator.

Tips on exercising:

There has been no substitute for hard work. So it’s a high time that you start to work out in the gym to shed some weight. Here are the tips that you need to follow for your exercising procedure.

Keep It Simple

  • There are lots of tummy exercises after pregnancy that will help you flatten the flab. Crunches are the most basic exercise, but they work.

  • Don’t try to push yourself too hard. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and kept your feet on the floor.

The Real Deal

  • Ready for real crunches? Put your back and feet on the floor, bent your knees, and place your hands behind your neck so that it can provide some support to your head.

  • After that, go for pressing your lower back, into the floor. When you are done with it, lift your head and shoulders off the ground. You need to repeat it at least 10–15 times.

Recruit an Exercise Buddy

  • If you like; you can get your baby into the act, too! Lie down with legs bent and feet flat on the floor, so that your baby is resting on your belly.
  • Now you need to inhale and lift your baby skyward, and then pull in and contract your abs at the same time; after that exhale and lower your baby. Go about doing as many repetitions as you can.

Stay on the Ball

  • An exercise ball is another great tool for tummy exercises after pregnancy. It’s good that the ball crunches work like regular crunches only having a difference of adding an extra element of balance making your moves a little bit more challenging.


  • Walking is one of the easiest ways to ease into a fitness routine after giving birth. A leisurely stroll or a pumped-up power walk; everything can do wonders for you and your body.
  • Bringing up your baby along with you will increase the overall weight and help in burning some more calories. Be careful while walking as you are carrying your child.

Shoulder lifts and head lift

  • These two movements help strengthen back muscles. Most importantly, they can tone the tummy and Abs and help burn more calories.

How To Lose Your Belly Fat After Pregnancy At Home- Watch This Video:


  1. Lie on your back with arms along your sides.
  2. Keeping your lower back flush to the floor; you need to bend your knees so that the bottoms of your feet touch the floor.
  3. Relax your belly as you inhale.
  4. As you exhale, slowly lift your head and neck off the floor.
  5. Inhale as you lower your head back down.
  6. When you can do 10 head lifts with ease go ahead and add shoulder lifts.
  7. Get back to the same position you did for head lifts.
  8. Inhale and relax your belly.
  9. As you exhale the air; slowly, lift your head and shoulders off the floor, and try to reach your bent knees with your arms and hands. If this strains your neck, then go ahead and fold both hands behind your head.
  10. Inhale as you lower your head and shoulders back down.
  11. Then curl up.
  12. To maximize the benefits, you get from the shoulder and head lifts, you need to start from the same position on the floor.
  13. Here, instead of just lifting your head and shoulders, you need to lift your torso until it’s about halfway between your knees and the floor behind you.
  14. Go ahead and then use your arms to reach toward your knees and hold for a count of between two and five.
  15. You need to lower your torso slowly and yes, don’t forget to breathe. You need to exhale when you exert and inhale when you relax.
  16. 12. Kneeling pelvic tilt
  17. Kneel down on all fours toes touching the floor behind you. Keep your arms straight down at your shoulder line and make your palms touch the floor. Keep your back relaxed and straight.
  18. As you start to inhale make sure that you pull your buttocks forward and tilt your pelvis and rotate your pubic bone upward. You need to hold on to this position for at least 3 seconds and then release.