In this article discover how you can reduce body heat naturally.

Does it get hard for you during the summers? Does your body feel exhausted and tired very quickly in the heat? Do you feel frequent cramps and dehydration?

Do you witness yourself frequently panting and fatigued? If so then you must realize it before it is too late that you have major body heat issues. Now you must be thinking what does this term mean.

Body heat refers to the thermal energy that is generated in every human being apart from other creatures due to the metabolism in their body. This heat is the exact reason that enables you to stay alive in hot and cold environmental conditions.

But it is to be understood that excess production of body heat can yield you many disorders and abnormalities that can ultimately turn out to be even fatal. Thus, it is very important that you know what causes this issue and how can you fight it.

In this article, you will witness the causes and remedies of excessive body heat. Also, you will discover some of the ways to prevent the problem, plus, when to see a doctor in extreme cases.

Causes Of Body Heat

Causes Of Body Heat
Causes Of Body Heat

I just told you, what does body heat mean? Now you also may wish to know how this condition arises and what the basic reasons behind body heat are. Well, let me tell you some of the causes of body heat:

  • Abnormalities in the proper functioning of the body can lead to body heat issues
  • If your thyroid is not under check and it tends to show unusual behavior, then you are likely to have body heat problems occurring. This is because the when the activity of your thyroid increases, it also accentuates your metabolic rate. Thus, it results in producing more body heat
  • If you happen to have neurological issues, then your body can also get heated up even when you are doing nothing but sleeping completely.
  • Many medical conditions also can be a reason of excess body heat. Many skin issues may also end you up having body heat disorders. Also, many such drugs and combinations may not suit your body type and turn out to be a cause of body heat.
  • Fever and infections can also call for body heat disorders
  • If you are obese then remember that you are also prone to body heat problems
  • Hectic and hard workout and over exposure to the sun may also bring you body heat problems.
  • Apart from these, lack of adequate greens and fruits in your diet, plus drinking less water can also be one of the prime causes of body heat
  • Not having an ample sleep can also bring down your system balance and seed your body heat issues.

Side Effects Of Excess Body Heat

Side effects Of Excess Body Heat
Side Effects Of Excess Body Heat

Well, you just witnessed a few of the reasons that might yield you body heat. But it is very important to know what are the flaws and disadvantages of any particular problem.

Thus, let me tell you about the side effects of body heat and also when you should seek some medical help.

To cut down a long story, I would simply say that body heat seeds to heat illnesses. Heat illness has a broad spectrum although and is plainly explained as any mishap or disturbance that occurs due to excessive heat in your body.

One of them is the heat stroke, which acts as the most dangerous effect of the body heat; this is because it can also turn up to be fatal. Let us see what all can be the result of excessive body heat:

  • Heat rashes: Heat rashes are the minute bumps that appear on your skin that look like tiny pimples with burning and itching sensation, accompanied by redness of the skin.
  • Heat swelling: You may also end up having swelling hands and feet if you have immoderate body heat.
  • Heat syncope: This is when a person blacks out or faints due to immense body heat in him/her.
  • Heat cramps and heat exhaustion: This is the condition that gives you body cramps on various parts of your body.
  • Heat strokes: Strokes that are cropped due to abnormal body heat.

You see, these types of illnesses occur at different stages or strata of body heat. You are more likely to have heat cramps and exhaustion which can be followed by heat strokes.

Thus, it is very crucial for you to know when to seek medical help.

When To Consult A Doctor?

As I already mentioned it to you, your body is likely to witness exhaustion due to excess body heat. Usually, it happens that your body itself controls the excess heat by sweating. It keeps your body cool.

Thus, it is extremely important that you keep your body well hydrated so that the body fluids can regulate your body temperature without any hindrance. Sometimes it happens that our body is not able to take care of its welfare.

For example, when you are exposed to extreme heat like under the sun and do not hydrate your body well, there will be more production of heat in comparison to the release, and it will lead you to extreme heat illnesses.

Thus, it is critical that you attend to such heat problems before it terminates into a heat stroke. For better understanding let us see what all symptoms can notify us about these body heat issues.

Usually, heat cramps mark the very onset of heat illnesses. Apart from this, the following symptoms can help you understand that your body is getting affected due to the production of excess heat.

  • Abnormal sweating which is not usual.
  • Pale, damp and cold skin.
  • All time fatigue and tiring feel.
  • Abnormal pulse count.
  • Nausea and headache with dizziness.
  • Frequent fits and fainting tendencies.
  • Seizures
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Dark-colored urine.
  • Nose bleeding.
When To Consult A Doctor
When To Consult A Doctor

The above-mentioned symptoms can give you a hint that your body is slowly getting affected due to heat.

But, in case, you witness symptoms like no sweating at all with an extremely high temperature that will lead to dry red skin with an immense pounding headache in someone, then, he/she is sure to receive a heat stroke.

Thus, it is wise to consult a doctor immediately one notices any of the above symptoms because if left unattended then it can turn fatal.

People who are more prone towards heat strokes or heat illnesses are:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Aged individuals.
  • Small children.
  • Ones with chronic diseases.
  • Individuals with cardiovascular and hypertension disorders.
  • People suffering from asthma.
  • Alcoholics.

How To Reduce Body Heat Naturally

Now that you are well aware of all the symptoms that one can face when he/she is affected by excessive body heat, it will not be a big deal to recognize the disorder.

You can simply take effective measures towards the causes so as to avoid the problems at the very initial phase.

Also, you can treat the body heat of the following points if you are still at ground zero or safe side and will not need medical help as the only alternative remedy.

Things that you can eat and drink to reduce body heat


  • Drinking ample cool water helps your body to flush out that excess heat and keep it regulated. You must drink an adequate amount of water so as to keep yourself away from any heat related issues.
  • You can also immerse your feet in a tub of chilled water to help your body release that extra unwanted heat.
  • You may also enjoy a cool and relaxing bath. This also helps your body to cool down and maintain the decent temperature of your body.

Coconut water

Coconut water
Coconut water
  • Coconut water can also act as one of the alternatives of plain drinking water. This also has many effective nutrients that can help your body stay energetic and fresh.
  • Try to make a habit of having 1-2 glasses of coconut water every day. You will feel the effects on your own.


  •  Citrus fruits like lemon and oranges are abundant in Vitamin C. This Vitamin C can help you stay regulated and can also lower your body temperature in case it tends to rise. It helps your body stay hydrated, energized and refreshed during summer.
  • You can simply squeeze a lemon in cool water and add some sugar or salt to it and savor the delicious drink. You can also have it with some honey if you are on a strict diet. Try having it regularly to keep your body immune towards the heat.


  • Watermelon supports the reduction of body heat and helps in proper circulation of the heat by maintaining the adequate water level in your body.

You may eat this tasty fruit during summers to keep a check on the excess heat production of your body. This will help you stay hydrated by adding an extra punch of deliciousness to it.


  • Buttermilk is a useful home remedy that can fetch you effective results against extreme body heat. It also helps in digestion and keeps your body cool.
  • You may drink 1-2 glasses of cool buttermilk every day during your meals or as a light snack to see the results.

Basil seeds

Basil seeds
Basil seeds
  • Basil seeds are used widely to cure body heat. You may add basil seeds to cold milk, lemonade or only some cool water and have it throughout the day.

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry
Indian gooseberry
  • Like lemons and oranges, the Indian gooseberry, which is called ‘Amla’ possess a great percentage of vitamin C in it. Thus, it helps your body to regulate the heat. You may eat them raw or dry them up and add some salt and chili to make a delicious savor.


  • Peppermint is well known for its cooling effects. You may use dried up or fresh peppermint leaves and have them accordingly.
  • You may boil some peppermint leaves in a vessel of water, cool it and then have it or bathe with it. It readily gives you a cooling sensation and is proven very effective in fighting body heat.
  • You may also have peppermint tea or use some peppermint oil for massaging your forehead or head and feel the coolness seep into your system.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice
  • Pomegranate juice is also beneficial for curing heat problems. Try to have a glass of fresh pomegranate juice regularly to see the difference.

Fenugreek seeds

  • Fenugreek seeds can serve you as an effective cooling agent. Soak some fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and have the water the next morning while still fasting.

Poppy seeds

  • Poppy seeds are famous for their cooling effect. You may grind some of them and add the powder to a glass of water with sugar to taste and have it during summers.
  • Please make a note that you must not take these poppy seeds in large quantities and also these are not at all suitable for kids.


  • Cardamom can help your body release that excess heat and thus, keeps your body cool. You may use cardamom in various forms, like – in cooking, in milk and tea, in sweets and many such savory dishes.

Fruits like peaches, apricots, bananas and honeydew melons

  • Peaches and apricots can also relieve you from the excessive heat and thus, produce that cooling sensation.
  • Bananas help in digestion and easy bowel flow. Thus, it helps in maintaining the natural heat circulation of the body.
  • Honeydew melons are also an effective alternative while beating that excess heat.


  • Cucumber is filled with water abundantly. It can cool your system in no time and also takes care of the healthy flow of your body heat. Cucumbers are best for summers as they help in restoring the lost water content from the body.


  • Radish is filled with bountiful quantities of water and vitamin c. Thus, radish helps in healthy circulation of the body heat and maintains the temperature from within.

It can help in fighting heat stress and also heat strokes. Thus, radishes are a must in the summers.

Things That You Can Apply


  • Sandalwood possesses effective cooling traits that can help you endure heat issues. You can use sandalwood in multiple methods.
  • You can use sandalwood oil for massaging your head and several other body parts as well. This will help you receive that cooling sensation in no time.
  • You may also use the sandalwood oil as an effective healer to cure rashes or skin irritations.
  • You can make a paste and apply it on your skin by adding it to some cold raw milk and rose water.
  • Sandalwood powder can also help you obtain that cool sensation if applied after a bath.

Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera acts an instant coolant. You can apply some aloe vera gel directly on your skin to receive immediate cooling sensation.

Yoga For Reducing Body Heat

Yoga For Reducing Body Heat
Yoga For Reducing Body Heat

Yogasana is the ancient secret of Mother India for almost any mishap on this planet. Yoga has deep healing abilities as it can reach deep down to our souls and minds and fetch us the desired results without any side effects at all.

Yoga can also play a major role in preventing the production of excess body heat. Let me tell you about some of the Yogasnas that can help you beat the excess body heat.

  • The ‘Jal mudra.’

The ‘Jalmudra’ is effective in reducing the heat inside our bodies as it helps the body to maintain and rather increase the water levels. It is also seen to fight against dryness and body dehydration.

All you have to do is touch the tip of your little finger and your thumb together and hold on. You may do this activity like meditation or while doing other works as well. It is easy and requires no physical exhaustion.

  • The ‘Prithvi mudra.’

This mudra helps your body to retain the moisture content in your body. Hence, this Mudra is beneficial for treating the heat issues of the body. It can also help your body to fight against tiredness and fatigue.

For obtaining the position, you need to touch the tips of your ring finger with your thumb and hold on. Similar to the ‘jal mudra’ the ‘prihvi mudra’ is also extremely simple and effortless.

  • The ‘Shankh mudra.’

This mudra helps to cool down and keeps a check on the heating conditions of the body. This is also effective in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

  • The ‘Praan mudra.’

The ‘Praan mudra’ helps in maintaining your anger and heat levels. It can also fetch you effective results for insomnia.

You need to touch the tips of both your ring and little fingers with your thumb and hold on. This is also a very easy mudra and can be down effortlessly for long.

  • The ‘Apaan mudra.’

This asana can help can dehydration and constipation and again is a very simple asana that can be done without much efforts and hindrance.

In this case, you need to touch the tips of your ring and middle fingers with your thumb for a  long duration. Now, this is simple, and you can do this anytime you wish to.

Apart from these, you can also do some asanas that can help you in maintaining the healthy flow of the body heat by directing the brain the correct method to do so. Following are the names of few of such asanas:

  • Anahatasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Sahaja Ardha Malasana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana
  • Ustrasana
  • Matsyasana

Also, to all such mudras and asanas you should also remember few of the Yoga hacks that can help you obtain the needful. The following points are few of them:

  • Keep a hold on your breath. Learn to breathe deeply and slowly. This will help the metabolic rate of your body to stay smooth and healthy.
  • Try to hold on to each and every Yoga mudra and asana you perform. This will help your body to get acquainted with the goodness of Yoga and slowly train your mind and body to regulate the heat evenly.
  • You must have a command over your nerves. Try to exercise your breadth as it will also help you to have a well managed nervous system.

How To Prevent It?

How To Prevent It
How To Prevent It

Body heat conditions can be cured both by medical and Ayurvedic help. We also witnessed how yoga can help us in maintaining a healthy body heat decorum.

But, I will like to add on a few more points further that can help you in preventing body heat disorders.

This is because it has always been a wise decision to prevent the case from a condition where you have to cure it.

  • Try not to stay exposed to excessive heat.
  • Drink fresh and cool drinking water in abundance.
  • Try wearing loose pastel colored clothes.
  • Always eat and drink healthy and fresh.
  • Eat lots of greens and fruits filled with antioxidants
  • Stay away from alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  • Try to take a walk every morning or evening.
  • Stay away from unhygienic junk and spicy food.
  • Try not to take a lot of caffeine.
  • Regular exercising in can trains your body to work properly and stay healthy. Thus, try to add this to your lifestyle.
  • Avoid eating food which can accentuate the heat production in your body.
  • Adapt a low sodium diet.
  • Stick to more of vegetables and fruits and being a non-vegetarian can harm your body.

Well, today I told you almost everything that you need to know about the body heat related issue.

You must keep this mind that the excess body heat disorders do can also occur overnight, and you may also end up having one of the body heat disorders in the long run.

What is important to know is this that, you can keep a command over your health, and it is very crucial to know that such conditions can turn out to be havoc if not kept under control.

Hope you will take a note of some of the points I made in the article and stay away from the body heat issues.

Wish you a healthy lifestyle!


Dr Shekhar Annambhotla,is an Ayurvedic specialist who was trained in India and has been practicing and teaching ayurveda worldwide since 1988. DrShekhar believe that due to the open nature of Ayurveda and its timeless principles, it is a boon to those of us living in the modern, stressful world. Shekhar’s mission is to educate and help people live healthier lives with ayurveda.