Does Jogging Helps In Increasing Height ?

Does Jogging Helps In Increasing Height
Does Jogging Helps In Increasing Height

As you know, there are various fitness programs all over the world which claims to increase your height.

They may or may not be effective depending on person to person.

In these fitness programs, one important aspect is exercise.

This gives rise to several questions in one’s mind, and one of such questions is, can jogging help us in increasing our height?

Is this one of the same question in your mind? If so, then keep on reading as you will all your answers here itself.

Can Jogging Help You Grow Taller?

can jogging help you grow taller
can jogging help you grow taller

Yes, it is true that jogging helps in improving your fitness and aids you in keeping your body fit. But this doesn’t mean that it will help you increasing your height specifically.

For any body growth HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is required in particular.

This is generated naturally by doing a lot of physical activities like yoga,exercises, gymnasium and more.

But only by jogging there would be hardly any generation of HGH which could contribute to body growth.

But yes you must keep in mind that jogging helps in building and strengthening the leg bones so it may result in tiny height increase but nothing substantial.

Meanwhile, you should do other activities in parallel like swimming, meditation, cycling, hanging, playing basketball, stretching, yoga and more which would help in generating HGH in your body.

You will be surprised to know drinking milk can also help to grow taller and healthy.

Apart from all these proper balanced and nutritional diets is a must for you if you desire to increase your height. Only jogging will not help you in this regard.

Dr. Hitesh Sharma was instrumental in managing various capacties of Wellness/integrative medicine/Diagnostics & pathology for years together. After proving his skills and abilities in the Wellness domain, he then diversified into the Spa and Wellness domain working as an Ayurveda and Lifestyle Consultant.He is currently a Wellness Leader, Head of Body Sciences and manages the Wellness and Spa center at The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT @ Saint Lucia, North America