Manjakani Herb Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Nutrients

Manjakani or Oak is gall is very much popular in India and Malaysia. It is known as “Masikai” in Tamil and “Mazhupal “ in Hindi. In Tamil Nadu, You will find it in all homes where there is a newborn baby. It has been used for natural vaginal tightening since ages.

It is kind of interesting the way it is formed. The oak is created when the leaves of the oak tree is attacked by an insect called stinging wasps.

This attack causes a chemical reaction in the leaves which produce a round shaped hard ball around the wasps known as “Oak Gall”.

It has a small protrusion. The insect leaves from it after 5 to 6 months. Then it is dried and sold all over the world.

Manjakani Herb

Manjakani Herb

Researcher has found that it is rich in vitamin A, C, tannins and gallic acid, proteins. It also has anti microbes, anti-inflammatory properties.

Health Benefits Manjakani

1. For Vaginal Tightening

Extracts from Manjakani tighten vaginal muscles. It also helps in reduce the discharge of liquid.

Manjakani Herb Tightens Vagina and Firms Breast

Manjakani Herb Tightens Vagina and Firms Breast

Take Manjakani and crush it. Boil it in water till the water colour changes. Cool the water and use it wash the vagina.

Start using it after pregnancy along with Yoga to get optimum results. Now a days Manjakani gel is there on the market. You can use that too.

2. For Mouth ulcers

Manjakani has been used to treat mouth ulcer because of its astringent properties.

It heals mouth ulcers instantly. You can apply the paste  of Manjakani on your ulcer. It is completely safe to be used in case ulcer. Even this can be used on a child.

Soak oak gall in water for the while then rub it on the hard surface or stone with little water. It will form a paste and use it on the affected areas for instant relief.

3. Oak Gall For Babies

Manjakani extract has been used since ages for treating babies in India.Form paste by rubbing it along with other herbs like Haritaki, nutmeg and Isamu(it is burnt to get paste from it).In Tamil, people call it as Urai Marundhu. It helps boosting the immune of the child and keeps them healthy.

4. Oak Gall Mouth Wash

You can use the powder of Manjakani as mouthwash. As you already know that it treats mouth ulcers. It has antiseptic properties. Boil the powder Manjakani. Use Luke that warm water as mouthwash. It is very helpful in treating cavities and removes bad odor.

5. Manjakani Antiseptic Wash

This can be used as an antiseptic liquid in case of cuts and wounds. It kills the bacteria and heals them faster.

6. Look Young

This an awesome herb for skin tightening. Be it facial or vaginal. It is rich in antioxidants which help in reduce the process of aging.

7. Prevents Diabetes

Manjakani has Gallic Acid which helps in preventing Asthma and Diabetes. You can prepare Manjakani tea and drink it.

8. Prevents Breast and Cervix Cancer

The rich anti-oxidants found in Oak Gall can prevent cervix and breast cancer.

9. Removes Unpleasant Odor From Private Parts

Manjakani kills bacteria and fungal infection in the private area. It removes any unpleasant odor and itching from the private parts.

11. Makes Skin Firmer and Smoother

Astringent in Manjakani helps for a smoother skin and also prevents acne.

12. Helps Maintain Healthy Eye

Astringent can improve the eyesight due to its properties in shrinking the tissues in our eyes.

13. Sagging Breast Treatment

It’s been used as breast tightening herb since ages. Drinking Manajakani can tighten sagging breast.

14. Oily Skin

As it is rich in astringents, it removes excess oil from the skin.

15. Reduce Large Pores

It can reduce large pores on face. Apply the Manjakani paste on skin and wash it off after 5 minutes.

Side Effects & Precautions

1. You should begin using it at small dosage then you can increase it accordingly.

2. Don’t use it during pregnancy as it might cause miscarriage.

3. If there are any side effects discontinue using it.

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    hello sir, i’m from Malaysia. yes our women really take this manjakani herb to maintain the beauty of their body inner and outer self. for vagina tightening yes it is really works and our woman are crazy over this ‘purpose’ as we want to perpetually have great intimate love with our partner (husband). i’m also a seller of manjakani capsules which is safe to has approval from ministry of health malaysia. i’m seeking for opportunities to bring this product outside and let the people know how valuable is this herb for women. Anyone interested can emailed me. thank you.

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