In this article, I am going to tell you how to look younger by getting rid gray or white hair by using some natural homemade hair dye.

If someone asks you, as a human being, what is that one thing which you hate about yourself as you get older?

If your answer is grey or white hair, then you are are absolutely at the right place.

If you think we are going to discuss regarding the dyes having chemicals, then it is not true. The Dye can be prepared at your home with simple homemade recipes.

You can get the colour of your choice whether black, red or brown. The solution or the dye which you will obtain will be purely natural.

So be convinced that no harmful chemicals are being used in this preparation of Dye.

What Is A Dye?

In simple terms, a dye is a colouring agent. It may be natural or synthetic. Whenever there is a discussion of the word dye, it means to add colour on something.

In this piece of writing, we are going to discuss regarding the use of dye on hair. Generally, people, who start getting gray or white hair, use it to ensure that they don’t look old, and they maintain a good personality.

In the market, there are numbers of hair dye available. In all those products, the element of risk is always there because of the presence of chemicals in it.

We can prepare this hair dye at the home itself, which when applied to it will give color to the hair.By using this, the risk of harmful chemical is eliminated. Let us discuss more homemade hair dye.

Homemade Natural Hair Dye

By using natural herbs given as a gift by nature to all us, you can make your dye in your home. This will be totally safe and natural. Whether you want blonde hair, Black, red or brown hair, you can prepare the solution.

Following are some basic procedures of making natural hair dyes.

  • We all know herbs can be used to prepare a tea. Make a strong herbal tea and rinse it on your hair. This will act as a dye on your hair.
  • You can also use a chopped or mashed herbal material. The purpose of chopping is that the smaller the material, more the surface area exposed to the hair, thus making a stronger and darker dye.
  • If you are making a paste, then make it with hot water. While making the paste, always add a small amount of hot water at a time till a thicker paste is extracted. The purpose of hot water is that it will open the pores of the herb allowing the release of more color.
  • If you are making tea, then use a lot of herbs, say a ½ cup of herbs to 2 cups of water. Steep the water as long as possible. Keep the solution (after straining) in a squirt bottle.

Important Tips

  • If you are using herbal tea as a dye, then squirt it onto the scalp and hair, till it penetrates deep inside and spreads everywhere. Cover your head with a shower cap or a damp towel.
  • If you are using a paste then apply it properly on the roots and then cover the head with a shower cap or a damp towel.
  • After application of the dye, try to dry your hair under the sun. It shall give more natural highlights.

This is the basics of how to prepare a natural dye. Different herbs give different color and by using them, you can get the desired color. Whether in tea form or paste form, all are equally effective.

Depending upon the strength, longevity needed by you and also considering properties of the herb you use, you shall decide whether you shall prepare a tea or a paste.

Different Herbs For The Preparation Of The Dye

Following are the different herbs that can be used for preparing dye for various colors. Read it carefully.

1. For Blonde Hair

Natural Dye For Blonde Hair
Natural Dye For Blonde Hair

If you want a blonde hair color, then lemon can be very useful for you. The juice from lemon works well for light blonde and some darker ones even.

For more colored blonde hair, tea made from calendula and chamomile will be very effective. If you want a golden honey tone, then tea made from Rhubarb root should be the best choice. Other herbs like sunflower petals, marigold flowers, mullein flowers, catnip, and honey, will also be beneficial in this regard.

How To Use?

  1. To prepare the solution of calendula and chamomile, you need to prepare calendula and chamomile tea individually and then mix it with lemon.
  2. Make a pure and strong tea by mixing ½ cup of chamomile in 2 cups of water and boil it. With the similar ratio make ½ cup of calendula tea, pure and strong of course.
  3. Mix them together along with ½ cup of lemon water. The solution which you will obtain will be one of the best to obtain blonde hair.
  4. Put them in a spray bottle and shake well before use. It works best when applied directly on hair and exposed to the sun.
  5. Leave it for 1-2 hours before rinsing your hair.

Similarly, you can prepare herbal tea for all other items stated above by mixing the ½ cup of the herb on 2 cups of water and boil it well. The method of usage will also be the same. Put it for 1-2 hours before rinse and expose your hair to sunlight after applying the dye.

2. For Brown Hair

For Brown Hair

For Brown Hair

If you want brown hair, then the best solution is a strong coffee or strong black tea.

You can also use rosemary, nettle and sage to make tea and use it as a dye. A paste of henna powder, prepared with the help of lemon and water is also another effective dye, which can be used to obtain brown hair.

Herbs like comfrey root, cloves, cherry tree bark and cinnamon are also effective in preparing a dye for brown hair colour.

How To Use?

1. Homemade Hair Dye With Coffee & Strong Black Tea
  • The method to prepare the herbal tea is the same as mentioned above in the blonde hair dye section. Only the herbs will change. It is needless to mention how to prepare coffee and black tea as all of us do it in our kitchen.
  • Keep it on your hair after applying it for around 1-2 hours before rinsing and expose to sunlight if possible.
  • One must take a note that the coffee shall be prepared with water and not milk.
2. Henna Paste

To prepare a henna paste, the method is very simple.

  • All you need to do is take some henna powder, add boiling water gradually with a wooden or plastic spoon till you get a creamy consistency.
  • Using this method make the paste in the quantity as desired.
  • You can add lemon, yoghurt to it if you have a dry hair.
  • Apply it your hair carefully and do not forget to wear gloves before using it. Keep it for a ½-1 hour for a lighter color and little more for darker hair.

3. For Red Hair

To give your red hair color naturally, nothing can beat tomato juice. It is the simplest and the best way to the red color.

How To Use?

  • Gently massage tomato juice on your hair and squeeze out any excess of it lightly. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag and leave it for at least 30 minutes.
  • You can also use calendula and hibiscus flowers to make tea and use it as a dye.
  • Pureed Beets can also give your hair reddish purple tone.
  • If you rinse your hair with Vinegar then all red tones of hair will pick up highlights.
  • Other herbs which can be used to obtain red colour are Marigold, Rose Hips, Red Rose Petals, Red Clover flower, Rooibos tea and carrots.

You can prepare tea with all these herbs. The recipe for the preparation of the paste and tea is the same. Take the desired herb in 1:4 ratio with water and steep it well for tea. Keep the dye for around 1-2 hours before rinsing the hair. Expose it to sunlight for better results.

4. Homemade Black Hair Dye

Homemade Black Hair Dye
Homemade Black Hair Dye

True or natural black hair is something which is tough to obtain. You can use black walnut powder which can give you dark, almost black hair. Indigo is used for blue-black hair. But indigo shall be used with or after the henna treatment.

How To Use?

  • It is told earlier how to prepare a henna paste. To it, if you simply add some indigo, you can get desired results. With the black walnut powder, you can prepare the paste by adding some boiling water to it till it becomes creamy. Add more water if the paste becomes thick.
  • Also, if you keep the tea or paste you have prepared to obtain brown colour for a longer period of time then the same paste will give somewhat black colour. Black tea and coffee are the best examples of such dyes.


To be very frank, using natural and homemade dye is safe. But still, there are few precautions you need to take to avoid any wrong doings. They are:

  • Always make use of gloves to apply these dyes to protect your hands from the color.
  • For People suffering from thyroid problems should never use black Walnut powder.
  • Always use your solution or dye in a cool state. Using it in a hot state can injure your scalp.
  • Don’t allow the dye to enter your eyes or mouth.

There is no doubt in saying that for a good personality and to look young, healthy and Black hair (not grey or white) is a necessity.

Some people start getting white or gray hair at the early stage of life. For those people using natural dye will not be a bad option. You need to repeat the process of applying dye in a week or month if you wish to maintain the colored hair. This is because with time, new hair will grow and old color may fade away.

You can also follow the remedies to prevent grey hair naturally.

Feel free to write in your suggestions or comments in the comment section below.