How Not To Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night?

There is a lovely quote on sleeping by William Blake that “Think in the morning.Act in the noon.Eat in the evening and sleep in the night .”

From the above quote, we can understand that sleep is also as necessary as the other activities of the human body.

Sleep is that golden chain which ties health and our bodies together. That’s why sleep is called as our best friend.

But not all the people are so lucky to be gifted by a good night sleep.Most of us do wake up in the middle of the night for various reasons which became a nightmare for us if it does continue in long term.

This sleeplessness is known as Insomnia or sleep disorders.In this situation people face difficulties to fell asleep or to take a full night sleep which causes physical and mental idleness, disinterest to do any work,feeling sleepy the whole day, laziness etc.

Causes Behind Waking Up In Middle Of The Night

Basically, sleeplessness is a problem which causes because of another problem which may be mental,physical or financial. Let’s discuss some major reasons.

1.Unhealthy lifestyle

Sleeping in the daytime, taking imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, lack of hard work,idleness etc

2.Due to certain diseases

Cronic pain, hyperthyroidism, restless leg syndrome, menopause in ladies etc. Long term hospitalization and long-term medication etc.

3.Due to some environmental situations

Sleeping in a bright or noisy room, a dirty bed working in night shifts etc.

4.Due to Anxiety which is a feeling of nervousness

and fear before attending a quiz, test or examination. worry about a loved one etc.

5.Unhealthy food habits

Taking caffeine, chocolate , sweeteners, high protein foods, spicy foods, alcohol etc. before going to bed which take longer for the body to digest. For what it can not power down and causes sleeplessness.

How To Prevent Waking Up At Middle Of Night

How To Prevent Waking Up At Middle Of Night

How To Prevent Waking Up At Middle Of Night


We Al know that it is a tough stuff to do but believe, it is the most tested therapy for the best sleep. Because it can help you to put aside your weird thoughts from the day.


Step away from your cell phone if you want a sound sleep at night. Because the blue wave light does engage and stimulate the mind which interposed to take a good night sleep.


It is proved that an intercourse releases some hormone during or gas which causes to feel sleepy which is a good recipe for a good night sleep.


Try to avoid to do any office work when you are at home in the evening. Try to give some time to yourself which will relax you and definitely it will gift you a whole night sleep.

Simple Home Remedies Which Will Ensure That You Will Now Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

You can follow some home remedies which are nearer to your hand and easily available.

1.A full glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey is a very good remedy.

2.Take a banana before going to bed. It will stimulate your mind to have a sleep.

3.A drop of lavender oil or jasmine oil on both wrists just before heading to bed helps to sleep tight.

4.An aromatic bath or a warm bath before going to bed helps a lot for a sound sleep.

5.Do morning walks at morning though you have not slept well last night.It will provide you a whole night sleep.

6.Try to take water before one hour of sleeping. You will not feel to urinate in the middle of the night.

7.Don’t take any spicy or heavy food after 7:00 PM.It will not let you sleep the whole night.

8.Though it is very essential for some people to work in a night shift, but try your best to avoid it.

9.Arrange your bedroom in such a way that when you will enter the room it will give you a soothing feeling to be there.It will definitely help you to gift a whole night sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

10.In worst cases, we will advise you to consult a doctor and follow her/his instructions.


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