Red Vs Yellow Water Melon:Find Out Diffrence Between These Two

You will be amazed that there are 1200 varieties of watermelons found in the whole world. Only 200 to 300 among them are growing in present and only 50 of them are popular.

Among these 50 types of watermelons, you will find 5 common types of watermelons in both local markets and supermarkets. They are

  • Red Watermelon
  • Yellow Watermelon
  • Seeded Watermelon
  • Seedless Watermelon
  • Mini Watermelon

Among these 5 types of watermelons The Red Watermelon and the Yellow Watermelon are most popular. Here in this article, I will tell about these two varieties of watermelons and the difference between them.

Exterior and Availability of Both Red and Yellow Watermelons

Both the watermelons are very popular whole over the world.Both are tasty and almost same in exterior color.Both are smooth, glossy and have the green striped rind.

Green colors can range from light to dark in some watermelons.Though not in all cases, but you may find yellow watermelons are always with a striped exterior, patterned in two shades.

In red watermelon, you will find both striped and plain dark green exterior.So sometimes it is difficult to choose a particular color without cutting the watermelon.

Among both, the red watermelon is most popular and available all where.But you can find the yellow ones only in supermarkets, agricultural co-ops and in organic food stores.

Yellow watermelon is expensive than red watermelons.People who have tasted it have a view that yellow one is sweeter than the red one. It has a honey-like taste and flavor.

As per NIH, according to archaeologists the seeds of Red watermelon were found before 5000 years ago whereas seeds of yellow watermelon are found 4000 years ago.

Yellow watermelons were 1st found in deserts and were cultivated too. That’s why they are well known as the Desert Kings.

Now both the varieties are cultivated whole over in the world. 

Reason Behind the Colour Difference in Both

Reason Behind the Colour Difference in Both

  • There is a phytonutrient known as Lycopene which is a red pigment gives the watermelons red color. This also gives the same red color to tomatoes. 1 cup serving of the red watermelon has 1.5 times the Lycopene as a raw tomato.
  • Yellow watermelon has a bright lemon looking yellow color because of the absence of this Lycopene. It is a natural mutation of the flesh turning yellow. This is the main difference between these two types of watermelons.

Nutritional Facts in Both

Basically, both the watermelons have the same nutritional benefits.


Each bite of red watermelon contains high levels of different vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C.

It contains a modest amount of potassium.Two cups serving of red watermelon contain up to 20 milligrams of Lycopene which protects you from bone problems and prostate cancer.

It provides a good health to your cardiovascular system and to the immune system also.It leads to significant improvements in blood pressure and cardiac stress in obese study participants.

Red watermelon contains an amino acid: Citrulline that converts into Arginine, another amino acid in your kidneys which is great for blood flow.It also prevents erectile dysfunction but you have to take them in tons to get this benefit.

It protects you from muscle pain and muscle sores.You have to take fully ripe watermelons to maximize the Lycopene intake.


Yellow watermelons contain the Vitamin A and Vitamin C with several B Vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus which are also great benefits to the heart.

They help you to make your immune system strong.They fight free radicals that damage cells and cause cancer.These watermelons are a good source of beta-carotene.

It is a yellow /orange pigment which gives the crimson yellow color to the watermelons.Beta-carotene is also known as pro-vitamin A.

It is a carotenoid which protects you from free radicals, heart disease, cancellations and lung cancer.1 cup of serving contains 12 grams of carbon and 1 gram of protein.So yellow watermelon is a good choice to lose weight.

Its low-calorie goodness helps you to feel full and reduce your overall calorie intake.

18% of vitamin A and 21% of vitamin C present in 1 cup of serving helps to repair your skin and blood vessels.It also helps in healing of wounds in your body.It supports your eye and immune health.

Recipes of Both the Watermelons

Both are very delicious to eat in any form.You can make delicious and nutritional juices from both.Due to their vibrant colors, you can add both the watermelons in creative cocktails and sorbets.

The sweet flavor of yellow watermelon matches well with tequila and citrus.Red watermelon is very delicious to eat after sprinkling some black salt and black peppers over the cube – cuts.

The Cooks use both of them in soups, kebabs, salads, salad dressings, salsa and cakes.Some add this to smoothies, cocktails and in other drinks too.

You can intake both as sliced, cubed, juiced or blended.Don’t throw away the rinds. You can make delicious pickles and tasty relishes.You can roast the seeds and use them.

How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon Of Both the Varieties

  • Look at the color on top of the watermelons. If it is well – ripen, you will find that there is little contrast between the stripes.
  • A raw watermelon carries a white bottom while a ripe watermelon carries a cream or yellow colored bottom.
  • If the watermelon sounds hollow after thumping it then it is a ripe one.


As per the researchers, all types of watermelons are the rich source of Carotenoid  Phytonutrient. All are renowned for their ability to maintain good cardiovascular health along with other health benefits.

They are a great source of electrolytes to tame tropical summer temperature. People live in hot areas should eat plenty of them to keep themselves hydrated.