Terra Chips
Terra Chips

Terra, a unique name with the unique production of unique chips made from varieties of unique vegetables of unique natural colors. It is the brand which makes SPECIAL SNACKS FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE.

Yes, it has the specialty to make its customers as special as it’s snacking.

History Of Terra Chips

Terra brand was established in February 1990. It was the brainchild of two New York-based chefs named as Dana Sinkler  and Alex Dzieduszyckj. To start a catering business both of them left their job at four – starred Manhattan Restaurant. Due to their effort, Terra brand is now serving his customers for over 2 decades.

 Vegetables Terra Uses

Terra uses varieties of root vegetables such as Batata,  Beet, Candy Stripped beet, Carrot, Kabocha, Parsnip, Naturally Blue Potatoes, Purple Sweet Potatoes,  Ruby Dipped Vegetables,  Sweet Potatoes, Taro, Yuca, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Apple, Coconut, and Plantain.

Ingredients Terra Uses

They use canola oil and/or Safflower oil and/or Sunflower oil to fry the vegetables for making chips. Each packet of Terra homemade root vegetable chips contains a seasonal mix of root vegetables such as Batata,Taro, Yuca, sweet potato, Parsnip. It contains no added salt , no go and beet juice concentrate for color. No doubt, they are expensive but really good, natural, delicious  and healthier with exotic flavors.

Nutritional Value

Per serving of 14 chips Terra contain

  • 150mg of calories
  • Total 9g of fat
  • 1g of saturated fat
  • 0g of trans fat
  • 3g of sugars
  • 3g of added sugars
  • 16g of carbohydrates
  • 50mg of sodium
  • 3g of dietary fiber
  • 1g of protein
  • 400Iu of Vitamin A
  • 4.8mg of Vitamin C
  • 20mg of calcium
  • 0.36mg of Iron

According to nutritionists, you can prefer the Terra Chips to any other kind of chips due to the nutritional value it contains.

Texture Of Terra Chips

They are “natural” “real” and “nothing artificial” in them. They are fresh, crispy, delicious and have exotic flavors. You can serve them to your guests as a very good appetizer. You can use them as delicacies also. They contain natural colors. Therefore they are richly colorful.

Specialty Of Terra Chips

Terra chooses the finest vegetables to make chips. It’s the way they made the chips of exceptional great taste. They use quality natural ingredients which not only offers a great taste but also a lighter eat for daily snacking.

Terra understands the importance of food upon the health of its customers. Therefore nothing can replace the Terra Chips as a healthy snack.

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