Why You Shoudn’t Be Wearing Skin Tight Clothes?

Why You Shoudn't Be Wearing Skin Tight Clothes
Why You Shoudn't Be Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

Skin tight clothes have always been a topic of discussion among people of all age groups. From corsets in the Victorian times or skinny jeans in the modern age, the fashion to be thin has been incomparable.

This trend is not specially addressed to one category of people. Both genders are equally captivated with this growing trend.

Sometimes these styles fit people well and draw attention to their looks, and other times it’s a disaster.

Nowadays wearing skinny clothes is the most in-trend fashion, but it may come with a heavy price tag – for our own health.

Men and women who force themselves into skinny clothes, fight to button their pants or knot their neckties too tightly might unknowingly experience nerve damage, digestive problems, and even deadly blood clots.

tight clothes disadvantages
tight clothes disadvantages

Clothing is not designed to give us a look that we don’t have, and that’s where people move away from the right idea.

Our body signals when our clothing and accessory is too tight even if we claim on not trusting our eyes and mirrors.

Sometimes tight clothing looks unappealing, and wearing them might also be put your health in danger. Take a look to know how tight clothes effects health.

Side Effects Of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

1. Candida Yeast Infection

Candida Yeast Infection is one of the most recurrent skin infections. This infection occurs in particular areas of our body, especially on the areas which are kept moist and warm.

This results in itching and scratchy feeling on our skin which is often painful and distressing.

One of the main reasons for this infection is due to skinny pants, as it prevents air to cross through and results in the increase of yeast production.

This happens particularly in the case of pubic areas. When one’s pubic areas are kept constantly under the tights, the area becomes warm and moist making it a constant breeding place for bacteria and, thus, can cause yeast infections.

When one’s pubic areas are kept constantly under the tights, the area becomes warm and moist making it a constant breeding place for bacteria and, thus, can cause yeast infections.

2. Tingling Thigh Syndrome

Tingling thigh syndrome is also known by the medical term Meralgia Paresthetica. This is one of the most recurrent nerve disorders and is caused when we wear skinny jeans.

A sensory nerve that starts from the pelvis called the femoral cutaneous nerve induces sensation to our thigh and parts of it.

People who are regular skinny jean wearers sometimes feel a numbness or sensation going all the way to the bottom of their leg because of the nerve constriction.

Skinny jeans compress the nerves on the thighs which causes a tingling or burning sensation.

The thigh then goes numb, and when we stand back up, it feels as if the foot isn’t under us. This syndrome isn’t alarming, but a constant and recurrent pain can cause permanent damage.

3. Back Pain

When pants are too skin tight, and low rising at the waist, they can lead to nerve compression in the back, which leads to severe back pain. These low waist skinny jeans compress our back muscles, curb our hip bone movements and puts extreme pressure on your spine.

Thus wearing tight clothes makes the muscles overloaded, causing the vertebrae to strive more than necessary.

4. Breathing Problems

These days’ youngsters prefer slim fits as a regular casual wear. Constricting clothing can curb our power to completely expand our lungs making our breathing slow, decreasing our oxygen intake capacity.

Thus, the proper exchange of gases does not efficiently take place and the body begins to store more carbon dioxide, which hastens the oxidation of cells and fosters ageing.

Wearing tight outfits too often can create suffocation and can lead to breathing problems as well as severe sweating. Due to this, one might feel dizzy and finally, end up fainting.

The most common type of clothing that causes such problems are corsets. When the corset strings are pulled to produce a slimming result they constrict the rib cage, thus limiting the full extension of the lungs.

5. Abdominal Pain

Often we wear dresses which are too tight that they are body hugging. These dresses put stress on our stomach, leading to a pressure build-up on the stomach and results in an agonising pain.

It causes acid reflux, also known by the medical term Gastroesophageal reflux disease which cause acid to go back into our oesophagus, often identified as heartburn.

The tight outfits slow down the rate of the digestion process. So, one should always make sure not to wear dresses and belts which put too much pressure on our abdominal area.

6. Headaches/Blurred Vision

Wearing shirts that are too tight in the collar or wearing ties that are tied too tightly can reduce circulation to the brain and head.

One can experience headaches, blurred vision or tingling sensation in the head. Buying shirts a neck size larger and wearing loose ties can help reduce the feeling.

7. Particular Effects On Woman

  • Women who wear tight clothes during their pregnancy can feel a lot of pain in some areas of the body. They may also experience itching. This includes the abdomen, chest, thighs, private parts, and arms. Tight-fitting bras can cause discomfort in the breasts, under the arms and the back area. When a woman nears labour, the breasts may be even more prone to complications from tight-fitting bras. This is due to the breasts being in the process of lactation. Putting pressure on the breast can cause the milk ducts to become clogged. The result can be pain, redness and tenderness.
  • Tight clothing can also result in infertility in women. Tight clothing is not designed to protect the body from the cold. Too cold conditions can create a dangerous environment for the uterus if not kept warm enough.
  • According to another scientific research skinny clothing worn by women in the excessive sunlight for a long time, for prolonged years may lead to malignant cancer melanoma at an early age.
  • In addition to the above, wearing tight clothing may elevate the effects of another menace women face: cellulite. Wearing tight clothing is not the actual cause of “orange peel” skin, but wearing them doesn’t help either, making the cellulite even harder to get rid of. This is why women who have experience with cellulite in certain parts of the body, should keep away from constricting it with clothing’s that are too tight-fitting by picking up a size up instead.

8. Particular Effects On Men

  • The issue with wearing skinny jeans is that it can result in a testicular twisting, where one testicle gets twisted or turned on itself. If not treated on time and correctly, the twist can result in reduced circulation and cause the testicle to die. Normally the ailment is so excruciating that people seek a doctor help immediately.
  • Also, the regular usage of tight briefs by men can overheat the testes several degrees above the temperature they should be at leading to inefficiency in producing enough sperm, resulting in a low sperm count.

9. Other Effects Of Tight Clothing

  • The regular use of skin tight clothing can also hinder the body movement that can result in blood clots in the blood vessels as they swell the muscles, reducing the blood flow, causing varicose veins.
  • Tight clothing in the long run with prolonged usage results in bad body shape and leads to a damaged spine.
  • Tights don’t absorb sweat easily. This sweat piles around various areas can often result in problems such as the birth of fungus, vaginal discharge, and itching.
  • Tight pants can put pressure on the calves especially when it’s warm outside and a lot of the time is spent standing or sitting down. The weather condition along with the continuous standing can lead to leg swelling and pressure build-up.
  • Tight clothes are also the reason to cause folliculitis. Folliculitis is the syndrome that happens when hair follicles become swollen because they are either impaired or jammed.

The USA recently celebrated a new holiday titled No Pants Day, in the start of May. The holiday not only gives the residents a rather fun day to celebrate a new kind of freedom but also an emphasis on the necessity to let your body breathe in a rather subtle way by making people let go of their habit of regularly wearing pants, or anything skinny.

To conclude, do not dress to death. Be particular about how you dress now and always because some clothes don’t suit well and cause problems in the longevity. One should treat skinny clothes the same way they treat their stilettos, keeping them for only for special occasions.

The result is if something is not comfy it’s not healthy. So, next time you are enticed to buy a piece of clothing that is a bit on the tighter side thinks twice. You might be putting yourself in danger!