Surya Mudra/Prithvi Shaamak For Weight Loss

Surya mudra or also known as Prithvi Shaamak mudra is defined in our ancient yoga sutra. This mudra or form can do wonders in boosting our metabolism.

By practising this simple technique, you can help you lose weight.

A human body is comprised of totally five elements, air, water, earth, fire and sky. Mudras can be defined as the poses that enhance circulation in the body.

These mudras have been long followed from the times of yogis and gurus. This mudra is performed to submerge the pure earth element and rage the fire element of the body.

These mudras can be differentiated on the mode of their working.

Surya Mudra is usually performed for eye issues and for increasing metabolism.

Thus, it can also be called as the mudra for eye or the mudra for metabolism.

Surya Mudra For Weight loss:

Weight loss is the main concern for a majority of people. With more and more 9 to 8 jobs coming into existence, people hardly find any time for physical exercise.

Prithvi Shaamak Mudra Helps In Weight Loss

Prithvi Shaamak Mudra Helps In Weight Loss

Stress level is increasing and so is obesity. It increases metabolism. With the increase in metabolism, the human body stabilises their weight concerns.

The Mudra helps in regulating the cholesterol levels of the body. Thus, it is very useful for people with obesity concerns.

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Surya Mudra For Thyroid

This mudra is very helpful in case of thyroid.As you already know it helps in boosting metabolism.It’ll make sure that you will accumulate extra pounds because of the thyroid.

The function of the thyroid gland is very underactive, which results in a slow metabolism. This mudra helps in regulating the function of the thyroid gland.

How To Do A Prithvi Shamaak Mudra?

 How To Do Surya Mudra

How To Do Surya Mudra

You can do it in standing or sitting position.

I’ll suggest you to do it in sitting position & keep your back straight.

Gently place the tip of your thumb to the middle of your ring finger.

The tip of your ring finger may then support the base of your thumb.

What Are The Effects & Benefits of The Prithvi Shamaak Mudra?

• This mudra has been practised by ages to subdue that earth element. The fire element of the body engulfs the body. Thus, this mudra results in the rise of metabolism. The body temperature also increases.

• Vision can be improved by the regular practice of this mudra. Hence, all the eye problems can be kept at bay.

• Performing this mudra can regulate abnormally low body temperatures. It increases the heat of the body.

• Coldness of limbs such as hands and legs can be easily removed.

• People suffering from obesity can savor a normal life by regular practice of this mudra.

• Any abdominal issue such as constipation etc. can be efficiently eliminated by the practice of this Mudra.

Perform this Mudra around 30 to 45 minutes each day, as over performance may result in unusual heating of the body.

Comment your experiences below after practising this.